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Illusions — Finished!


Hi, Everyone —

I’ve been racing against a deadline since my Grand-dog is coming to visit today and I can’t have any needlework out while she is around.   Those wooden stretcher bars just remind her too much of a good stick!  My goal was to finish one of my two seminar pieces, Illusions!  So here it is:

This really great piece by Ro Pace was so much fun to stitch because of all the Jean Hilton stitches.  The lacy border is my favorite part!  Another great thing is that the whole piece could be done with no laying of threads!  I changed the thread color a little bit in the center star because I thought the design color was too dark.  I’m happy with the balance in the change.

Feel free to send me any other seminar pieces that you have done and I’ll be happy to put them up here.  Hopefully, we will have our new site up and running soon and then this can just be a faded memory!

Cheers!  Rosie

A FAB Week


Well, we all made it through the week.  I am sure everyone learned as much as I did in their classes.  It is always fun to pick up some little tidbits of info to use on your next stitching project.

I was very thankful to achieve the level of Fellow Teacher in the Master Teacher program last night.  Plus, the added surprise of the Massachusetts Excellence in Teaching scholarship was quite a surprise.  Guess I really will have to pursue the Sr. Master level now!

I have been home for one day and am already thinking about what I will be teaching in Chicago.  Proposals need to be in by March 2013.  No rest for the weary!

It certainly was great week.  I am hopeful everyone had as great of a time as I did.

Thanks for sharing all the photos – they have been alot of fun!


Random Pictures from Final Banquet


Robin’s Progress on “Sho Noshi”!

By the way, for those of you who are only following the e-mail updates on the blog, you might want to go onto the official site to see some of the pictures that were uploaded late and inserted into the blog via edits.

NJNA Table at the Awards Banquet!

NJNA President Susan H with her gift (fox pin) for becoming a Fellow Teacher in ANG. She also won a scholarship toward her pursuit of the next level of Teacher.

Cheers and Happy Labor Day to All!  Rosie

PS — Kudos to Anne Carol for winning an opportunity basket!  See blog post from earlier this week.

Lucky Friday!


Hi, Everyone —

Another fun day of stitching!  We did a few more stitches on Illusions — a great border of which only 1/5 of the design is shown in the picture.  Mostly, we walked through the remaining stitches on the piece and were promised an e-mail if we sent our questions to Ro.

Friday Progress on Illusion

The exciting thing that happened today was that I won a door prize in yesterday’s drawing!  My prize is a small kit from Orna Willis.  It is stitched on metal screen.

Orna Willis’s “TEVA” and Rosie’s Door Prize!!

After the day’s stitching was over, I did my 45 minute swim — five adult lap swimmers in the one lane pool!  A bit crowded to say the least.

So I’ll try to take some pictures at the awards dinner tonight, but I won’t post them until I get home — I don’t want to pay for another day of internet.  Harold will drive down in the morning to pick Sue and I up.  I think we are all ready to get home.  All in all this was a glorious week and I’m already looking forward to Anaheim!

Cheers!  Rosie

Last day


I can’t believe how quickly the week went by and yet last Saturday seems a long time ago. Has anything important happened in the world that we wouldn’t have picked up from USA Today? We haven’t had the TV on since we arrived. (I got the Yankee scores online). Today was a repeat of yesterday for me; just a wonderful class with a great teacher. We did a few of the blocks and reviewed the others. By changing the colors and rotating the canvas, it looks like a greater variety of stitches. The only problem will be to make sure that I am orienting the canvas correctly and using the right stitch and threads for each block.

Butterfly Mosaic at end of Friday!

After class, I needed to stretch out the leg muscles a bit so I walked to the LOVE square park–turned out to be a much shorter walk than I anticipated but I passed a number of interesting buildings.

City of Brotherly Love!

Tonight is the Awards Banquet. The NJNA gals, except Susan H., an award winner, will be sitting together. You can imagine the trouble we will create!
I am looking forward to our September meeting and seeing/showing our projects!

Goldwork Ram


What a great class-I learned so many new techniques. Thursday we started with black work in gold with lots of shading so compensation was required often. At the end of the morning, I was so discouraged at how my piece was starting out especially compared to my classmates, many of whom had taken the gold work lion earlier in Seminar.
Things picked up in the afternoon when we couched the padding for the ram’s horn.
Today we couched pearl purl and began chipping beads to cover the horn. Very interesting techniques having never worked with gold like this.

Goldwork Ram — Progress at End of Class

Not sure how well I will love this piece when it is finished but I will have learned a lot.

Looking forward to the Awards dinner tonight and then it’s all over
Happy with what I learned, sad to leave my wonderful needlepoint friends

At Sanibel


I love reading of each person ‘s progress. I wish I could still be there. So far, I have half my kitchen put back together and had an hour swim this morning. Last night, totally exhausted, I finished a little area on my canvas. Progress is slow, but ever so enjoyable. Have a great farewell dinner tonight.

Needlework Expo!


Last night was the event that many of the attendees were waiting all week for. In our area a needlework shop is relatively close by. (Maybe not as close as Rosie, but close enough!). Some of the women I have spoken with are hundreds of miles from a needlework shop. Just imagine being able to see so many painted canvases and charts live! There were other things there as well, including beads, jewelry, notions of all types. Susan H. found another vendor for the Needlefest next spring who has some great project bags in vinyl and at a reasonable price. (I bought one so can give you an evaluation by then!).

There were 35 vendors listed in the brochure, but since the printing the list must have grown by half again! Orna Willis was there with all the things that she has been showing on her blog and a beautiful display of her stitched pieces. There was a table of Genny Morrow designs and one of Jean Hilton. There was more magnet bling than I would know what to do with. I bumped into a number of friends–some new from this seminar and some long time.

Rosie, meanwhile was out with Meg so her inspiring writing about the event was left to me without pictures!


First Day of Illusions!


Hi, Everyone —

Another great day at seminar!

Today and tomorrow I am enrolled in a Ro Pace class called “Illusions.”  It is called illusions because it acts like an optical illusion with cubes ebbing and flowing into three dimensions.  This piece consists mostly of Jean Hilton stitches and (!) there is no need for thread laying!  This allows the stitching to move along quickly.  I would have said that there were about thirty people in the class, but Sue tells me that the maximum is 24.  All I know is that this is a BIG class.

Unfortunately this piece doesn’t photograph very well, so I will post two pictures — one showing the overall progress and the other a close-up to try to show the vibrant colors.

Day 1 Progress on “Illusions”

Close-up of a section of “Illusions”

(Well, maybe you just have to wait to see it in person!)  It may appear that we do not have much done, but Ro said she wanted to start with the two hardest stitches — a Sprat’s Head and a Walnetto.  It appears that we will start to move at warp speed tomorrow.

After class, I did my 45 minute swim.  Luckily, today there were not many children in the pool and I got most of my swim in without “company”!  I have to say that the daily swim helps to work out the kinks in my back and neck after stitching all day.

By far, the highlight of the day was my daughter Meg’s driving down from Plainsboro, NJ to have dinner with me.

Meg arriving at the hotel — photo credit to Sue C.

Meg had researched restaurants within walking distance of the hotel and made a reservation using the “Open Table” app at a restaurant called “RAW.”  Many of you know that sake is my beverage of choice, so she picked this because it had an extensive sake menu.  We were seated in an outdoor area, that was private and beautifully decorated.  We had a fun meal together despite mediocre (or possibly worse) service.  We did talk the waiter into taking a picture:

Doesn’t that sushi look yummy?

Now I’m off to beddy so that I can be ready for stitching in the morning!

Cheers!  Rosie

Butterfly Mosaic


Today started with a 10 minute wait for the elevator along with a number of other stitchers. We did make it to class on time. And what a great class it is. Carlene Hardwick is a very relaxed teacher who is constantly on the move around the classroom helping and guiding as needed. We worked primarily on the butterflies today and have a portion of each stitch in one section or another. That will be the first part that I complete when I get home. Several women had trouble finding the correct “body part” to place the new stitch and put it in the wrong section. Instead of removing what was done, she just suggested they exchange places for the stitches. I like someone who can be flexible. I know that I will enjoy the piece!

Close-up of Butterfly Mosaic after Day 1

There was one marking on the diagram that a stitcher asked why it was there and her reply was “George forgot to remove it”.  George is her husband/editor. I am looking forward to tomorrow.