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What’s Happening at NJNA 12/18/21


This week we had our first hybrid meeting !! There may have been a few glitches and a learning curve but over all it worked. Now you can come join our group in the way that suits you best – you have to be in it to enjoy it so we would love to have some new members. This meeting was also our end of year party. Though a bit different from other years we still had the “Yankee Swap” – too much fun was had by the people that participated. All the gifts were definitely unique and well thought out – no one went home disappointed.

As part of the meeting we also got a quick glimpse into the line up of activities for next year – you will want to join us !!! The first meeting in January will be via zoom and Susan Hoekstra will be speaking on color theory. She is always an interesting person to have as a guest and a wonderful national teacher. A can’t miss evening.

Cathryn C. is also looking for information from those planning to join us for the Bargello project. She needs to know the dimensions of canvas you need if NJNA is providing that for you. She is also keeping track of who is doing what Bargello project so drop her a quick email. This is going to be so interesting to watch the progress of so many different patterns.

January will also be the start for all those that signed up for “A Dusting of Snow” by Gail Stafford. Materials will be arriving shortly after Christmas.

We are a busy group !!

So the anticipation is mounting as it is now a week from Santa’s arrival. Will you get what you were hoping for??? The best gift of all! – a gift certificate to your favorite LNS !!!! Who knows best what you really need or want – but you. Here are a few items to think about:

Kreinik makes something called “Iron On Thread”. You use a craft iron or your regular iron with a cloth in between and the thread will adhere to the material.

Kreinik also makes something called a “Komas”, it’s like having a third hand. It holds your thread while your trying to couch it down. Being square they stay in place as you work.

Are you one of those unfortunate people that find themselves ripping out stitches often??? It’s a job ! Here is something to help make it easier – Dental Tools !! For under $10 you can get a 6 pack kit of dental tools from Amazon. They have to be helpful when the stitch is tightly on that canvas. Even my dentist agreed with me !!

From Stitch By Stitch – an excellent idea – an acrylic napkin holder. An easy stitch on a 5 inch canvas and you have a wonderful hostess gift or for your own table.

If you have and love the System 4 – anything – then check out the “Pointing It Out” Podcast with Melissa of The Wool and the Floss as she talks with Jennifer from System 4. I not only learned several things but she goes into new items they are working on. Thank you Jane of Chilly Hollow !!

The Flying Needles shop is having a Monthly Club you can sign up for – Dianne’s Seaside Series which is put out by The Plum Stitchery. So cute !!

How pretty are they???

Check out for new Pepperberry kits. They just make you smile!

Seaside Needlepoint is having their Annual Pillow Talk Contest – send in a saying to put on a pillow and the winner gets a painted canvas with the saying and $100 – what would you say on a pillow???? Seaside Needlepoint

Kathy Rees Fans – There will be no mystery design for 2022 ! For many reasons she is taking a break and hopes to do another mystery class in 2023 -BUT- she is having a sale on all 10 past mystery projects with 15% off any of them thru 1/1/2022. Use coupon code “mystery” when you check out on her web site.

This week’s tip comes from Kreinik:

Famous Needlepoint Stitchers:

Last time I am willing to bet most of you knew the 2 people pictured – Burt Reynolds (and he wasn’t even wearing panty hose for that picture) and Grace Kelly !!

This time the 2 famous stitcher’s might be a challenge – do you know who they are ???

SOTM – November 2021


I’m a bit late writing about progress made in November on the SOTM projects. My excuse is that I was at the Christmas in Williamsburg retreat for the past week. Stitching and classes/lectures took priority over blogging! The retreat was wonderful and our weather couldn’t have been better so a good time was had by all. I even won the first door prize at the Friday night Banquet!

This is the beautiful tree outside the main building of the Kingsmill Resort, the retreat venue.

SOTM projects are winding down and just about everyone expects to finish in December. The Thanksgiving holiday took precedence over stitching time as this has been the first time in two years that many of us have been able to spend time with our family and friends. But no one is complaining.

Brenda is almost finished her Stratigraphy piece that will be placed in her newly-renovated guest bath. The colors are just gorgeous!

Barbara has finished Petite Arabesque and it is now at the framer. Another beautiful piece! Maybe the December blog will have a picture of it framed.

We’re all looking forward to the rest of the pieces in December!

Happy Stitching!


What’s Happening at NJNA 12/4/21


How much fun the Festival of Trees has turned out to be. This is our first time exhibiting a tree at the Environmental Center in Basking Ridge and I think the ladies did a wonderful job. A big thank you to all the members that loaned ornaments for the occasion as we barely got all 50 + on the tree. If you have a chance visit the Environmental Education Center at 190 Lord Stirling Rd. Basking Ridge NJ. It’s open 7 days a week until Dec 29 from 9 AM to 4:30 PM except for Dec 24 & 25. The suggested donation of $5 helps the center and they have a cafe for a hot beverage or sweet treat along with live music on the weekends. Come out and see our tree !!

Nancy B, Cathryn C, Janet, Linda M

It’s December and you know what that means – It’s Time to PARTY !! The holiday party this year is going to be a combination of in person at the library for the first time in many months along with zoom. Several members went to the library to try out using the equipment to bring the party to those on zoom and incorporate those that can come in person. They had success !! Now whether you participate in the Yankee Swap at the library or watch on zoom with your favorite food/cocktail we can party together. Remember, you have to join to participate in the fun and we encourage everyone to come join us for next year’s exciting line up of projects and talks. Yankee Swap – Rules and Gift Ideas

Today is National Cookie Day !!! Who ever thought that up is genius ! What better way to celebrate than with a new canvas !! My Pink Sugar Life on Etsy has some small but cute ideas, after all, with the holidays everyone is rushing and there is little time to stitch. NO – I did not say that ! It just feels that way – sorry !!

And So – What do you want for the holiday??????? Ready for some FOMO?

Fireside Stitchery is having a sale – One Week Only (thru 12/10) on South Beach Buttons & Needleminders (can’t have enough)

Try some new threads in your favorite color – the Needlepointer has a Winter Thread Pack with several colors to choose from and each comes in a matching zipper bag Winter Thread Packs – Assorted Colors – (

Maybe a new way to store your floss, check out The Fox Collection for this beautiful cabinet

Maybe you would like to try sharpening your scissors, this same company has an easy gadget by Fiskars to get that job done.

If you travel with your project (who would leave it behind?) this item is a magnetic keeper from Etsy FiveNineteenFinds and it keeps you from being stabbed Cross stitch supplies by FiveNineteenFinds on Etsy

They also have the cutest small scissors

If you want a quick gift then Poppy Monk has an array of self finishing belt buckles for the Howard Wolowitz in your life

If you have a K’s Creation stand they now have an attachment that holds your tablet

Check out The Needlepointer for this item.

Do you have a darling Doodle Dog or even a Demon Dog?? Check out Canvas & Thread – they have dog canvases , national parks, birds and lots of different choices to look at

Tips and Tricks

Diversions Needlepoint – Denver CO Diversions Needlepoint | Denver, CO 80113

Famous Needlepoint Stitchers:

The last blog I gave 2 famous stitchers and I’m sure many of you got Lucille Ball but the other one was difficult – he is Kaffe Fassett, a designer for Ehrman needlepoint but he has a fascinating career – read more about him:

Can you guess these 2 Famous Stitchers ??

Festival of Trees 2021


After a one-year hiatus due to COVID, the Somerset County Parks Commission is once again hosting the Festival of Trees at the Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge. This event is an indoor exhibit of trees decorated by various community organizations as well as individuals.

NJNA is participating in this event for the first time this year. Our tree, entitled Stitching In The Holidays, is decorated with more than 50 needlework ornaments by our Chapter members. Thank you to those members who lent ornaments to the NJNA tree – Sylvia, Ellen, Nancy B, Diane, Sue C, Jacqui, Cathryn, Melita, Linda M, Janet, Linda P, Meredith, and Nancy W.

Nancy B, Cathryn, Janet, and Linda M all had fun decorating the tree!

Get in the holiday spirit and visit the Festival of Trees at the Environmental Education Center starting Friday, December 3, through Wednesday, December 29!

Happy Stitching and Happy Holidays!


What’s Happening at NJNA 11/20/21

It’s that time of year !! Larry by Raymond Crawford wants you to eat chicken.

This months meeting was all about the submissions to Woodlawn’s Annual Needlework Show. For one chapter we had quite a few submissions and along with that came quite a few ribbon winners. Due to the pandemic the show was much later than usual but the 2022 show will be from March 2nd thru the 31st. The theme will be “Common Threads – connecting people, families and communities, past and present” They explain on the web site the idea behind this theme. If you have a finished item for the up coming show make sure you enter it and be a part of the needlework community. 2022 Annual Needlework Show Information 2022 — Woodlawn & Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House (

We also got a tease as to what is coming up next year. This may be the year of Bargello stitching !! Have you always wanted to give it a try? Cathryn C is looking to make it part of the upcoming years program. January we will be listening to a wonderful National Teacher/Store Owner/Stitcher and woman of many talents – Susan Hoekstra, but more on that coming up. More important is December’s meeting as it’s time to party !!!

Ooops – wrong picture – they are wearing white after Labor day – Oh Well – time to party anyway. We will be doing a “Yankee Swap” and the gift is to be no more than $25. We will meet in the library like old times – open stitching but no food allowed. More details coming.

Our member, Brenda is doing a pilot program with of all people Susan Hokestra. She is a little more than half way thru the checkerboard and it has some great looking stitches with a boarder that has so much texture and panache. The interesting item is in the finishing. Look where she stores the checkers while not in use. Susan is teaching this piece at the 2022 seminar in Tucson AZ.

Our Brenda is a very busy person – she also has a new book out !! “Stitches with Hart”. It has barely hit the market place yet so you will have to request it from your LNS.

Correction – The author is not the same Brenda as our member – sorry for the error!

Thinking of a possible upcoming Bargello project – Eye Candy has lots of Bejeweled Bargello ornaments for a quick project or to learn with. So colorful and eye popping. What’s New (

Abigail Cecile has the cutest kits – winter hats. They are 3″ X 4.25″ and 18 mesh. The kit comes with everything you need including an alphabet to personalize it – you gotta love the pom pom. PREORDER Pink Pommed Winter Hat – Kit and Stitch Guide – Abigail Cecile

That time of year has come again – Black Friday ! Many stores are having sales. Needleworker’s Delight has 25% off everything, Turtle Bags are giving a nice discount on their totes and cross body bags, in fact most stores have some kind of sale. The following day 11/27 however is Small Business Saturday – please think of your LNS and shop with them so that they are there for us all in the future.


From Melita – While in the store “Needle Me” in Havertown PA, Melita found that the store no longer uses tape on the edge of a canvas !! They simply use a steam iron and iron back the edge. Good for a pinch but I am a fan of tape !!

When stitching a piece with an open background and you have random items to put in like stars in a sky etc. you can put a matching shade of batiste fabric across the back of your piece so you will not see the traveling thread !

And Now For Something New :

We all stitch and probably have for many years (I’m not saying we are old but.. yes we are). Along the way we have all heard of many famous people that also share our passion. For the next several blogs I will give you 2 pictures and see if you can name the famous stitchers. I will put their names in the following blog. Good luck some are not so easy !

This week is Thanksgiving already – everyone have a safe and happy holiday and yes have a slice of pie !

What’s Happening at NJNA 11/6/21


Amazing – the end of the year is in sight!! This months meeting will be a bit more casual as we ease into day light savings. We will be discussing this year’s Woodlawn Submissions and review pictures of all the entries. You are also invited to stitch while the discussion is going on. Next month – PARTY !! November 19th several of us will be at Edwardian Needle to collect ornaments for our tree entry in the Basking Ridge “Festival of Trees”. Stop by around 1 pm to help make our tree look festive !!

Let’s all rejoice as November 13th (next Saturday) is Local Needlepoint Store Day !! Another opportunity to add to your stash and keep your local brick and mortar store in business. Check what your store is doing as many are having give away’s, sales, designers stopping by etc. A fun day for all !!

If LNS Day is not enough – it’s also — Virtual Market and Destination Texas Market time !! Needlepoint nirvana !! This weekend all the shop owners are in Texas at the market and they are sending out sneak peaks via social media. From Zecca all the way back to Alice Peterson you will be seeing some very cute things coming up with more being shown everyday such as:


Kelly Clark
Alice Peterson

Stitch By Stitch in NY

Belmead Design avaliable at Stitch By Stitch in NY

Wait till you see what is new from Sew Much Fun – you can’t help but smile !!!! Absolutely Needlepoint in FL got so many requests after their customers saw the stitched display that they are now doing a class – meet Naomi and Normi Absolutley Needlepoint – Discover a world of needlepoint and everything that comes with it. (

The Meredith Collection has an interesting new project – barrels !! Yup – it’s just what you think it is. From Bourbon to Monkeys :

Speaking of Monkeys – Mary Legallet put out a stitch called “Monkey Business”. She has a 3rd book about to come out in Jan 2022 and she has loads of stitch guides you can purchase. Mary’s Whimsical Stitches —

Classes, Classes, Classes – everyone is doing new classes.

If your a beginner you might want to check out the Enriched Stitch in CT, they are starting in January “Needlepoint University” – everything from threading your needle to picking stitches and everything in between.

The Needlepointer is starting a club that will last an entire year and it’s all about color theory, history and expanding your thought process, vision and growth to look at fibers and color in new ways. It’s called “Kaleidoscope of Kolour”

With the chill in the air these days maybe you want to take a trip to Seaside Needlepoint in Vero Beach FL – they are having a class in “Santa’s Beards”. They will be doing 6 different beards, from big and fuzzy to tame and textured !! Seaside Needlepoint

One of the new embellishments people are using on their canvases is Rick Rack. I have seen it on a Danji elephant canvas and it makes such a statement and changes the look. Here is a place to get a wide range of interesting trims, ribbons, rick rack etc.

Did you have to have that clear folding tote for all your needlepoint needs?? The people that brought you that had to have item now have something new – Sassy Clips !! A way to keep your drink off the table (as you should know to do when your stitching so disaster doesn’t happen)! They can also be used to keep notions and other things in close reach. Sullivans Sassy Clip – Clips to any table surface! – Moore’s Sewing (

Sassy Clips

Are your scissors getting dull?? Jo-Ann Fabric has a service for sharpening many kinds of cutting instruments from pizza cutters to lawn mower blades. Worth it if you love a specific pair of scissors.

A great tool to have when deciding on threads and colors for a project is a color card from some of the many thread companies. You have your choice thru Needlepoint Gallery and More. You can order cards with the “REAL THREAD” on them to have as a resource.

I recently saw a demonstration on using buttons to enhance your project. Very easy to do and Patty Paints has a detailed explanation on how to do it on their web site.

Have you thought about making a belt for someone? Do you know how it’s done and how long to make it? House of Needlepoint in CT has tips on what you need to know along with other tips to make your first belt project a success:

Thank you House of Needlepoint for great information.

TRIVIA QUESTION !!!!! Can you guess what famous singer’s mother was a needlepointer?????

NOPE – Try Dolly Parton !! In Gatlinburg TN there is the “Chasing Rainbows Museum” which has an attraction called “Dolly’s Attic” and in there is her mother Avie Lee Parton’s handy work showing all her siblings names and birth dates on display. A piece of needlepoint history !!

What’s Happening at NJNA 10/23/21


This week we had our monthly meeting and our speaker was Vicky Wittershein. Her talk was on using Alcohol Markers with canvas and it was wonderful ! We had one of our biggest turn outs and for good reason. Vicky went thru how to use these markers and different situations that they can be used. Her use of video’s for demonstration were very well done and we were all glued to our screens ! Hope she will be back soon with another topic!!

Of course to get to be a part of these great programs you have to be a member ! Cathryn is already lining things up for next year – you have to be in it to enjoy it !! Come join the fun!

Wow – we are headed for November already!! Our next meeting will be a review of the chapter’s showing at the Annual Woodlawn Needlework Show along with a stitch in. Come join us and see the wonderful creations this chapter has stitched.

We are also going to be putting up an exhibit at the Festival of Trees this year in Basking Ridge. We should be hearing more information shortly. If you want to lend us some of your ornaments to go on our tree we will have drop off information shortly.

Can you feel the vibrations in the needlepoint world ??? This weekend is the Virtual Needlepoint Show !!! Yikes – New things to discover – many of which we will absolutely need to have !! Until all that unfolds :

Needlepoint For Fun has moved !! They have crossed the water and come to NJ ! For now they are by appointment only until they get themselves all set up in their new space so you will need to give them a call if you need something. The picture looks like things are now “Open Concept” spacing. Good luck to them !

Needlepoint For Fun

Check out a site called Fiber Pharm – they have numerous selections of fibers that match to canvases. If you can’t get the threads for your project they sell them by the skein, by the collection or for a certain project which they refer to as a “Curated Collection”. If you wanted to do a Hedgehog Travel Tag you go to their site and they have a package made up of threads just for that project. No searching around ! If you want to peruse thru and find a project they also have links to the designer’s web site so you can buy the canvas.

St Lucia Travel Tag by Hedgehog Needlepoint

Do you like stitching with Straw Silk? It has such a different look compared to other threads ! The Needlepointer now sells it in larger quantities called “Ponytails” The colors are so vibrant –

Straw Silk Ponytails

FOMO ALERT !! Sandy Arthur has a new book out – “Tisket, Tasket, Lots and Lots of Baskets” 55 pages of woven stitches for baskets ! For now you can only buy the book at your LNS. She has an Etsy site if your interested in her other books – She also has another book coming – you can pre- order it thru Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont NY

Colour Compliments has a free download for a project called “Summer Sorbet” A good way to get your feet wet with a counted design. They also include individual stitch diagrams. Such fun colors ! Downloadable Summer Stitch Sampler Available | Needlepoint (

Summer Sorbet

Have you ever heard of the Diagonal Chop Sticks stitch ?? Me either ! Susan Roberts has it detailed in her Needlepoint Dictionary of Stitches (yes Amazon!) Needlepaint used it on a new stocking cuffs and it looks great on “Mr. Moose”

Something new from the Needlebug – magnetic Scissor ID Tags. Just insurance that you don’t use the wrong scissor for the job !!

Many new canvases not to mention canvases for the holidays would look great with a tassel as part of the embellishment. Here is a YouTube from that shows you how easy it is to do !!

Tips and Tricks – Want to store your left over thread back in the teeny tiny wrapper so you know what that color and or dye lot is?? Sarah Godfrey posted on Needlepoint Nation an interesting idea – a Bobby Pin !! The picture is worth a thousand words !!

Abigail Cecile has free classes to help new needlepointers (or old ones that need a brush up) how to do our craft. Younger people seem very at home with a computer and will probably appreciate this for help with questions. It’s called Needlepoint 101

The House of Neeedlepoint is having another contest – Design your own Key Fob – you have to be in it to win it !!

House of Needlepoint CT

The House of Needlepoint also had a great tip for stitching a floral canvas in their current trunk show :

Another FOMO Alert !!! Planet Earth has come out with Eye Glass Cases. They take 2×3 inserts which Danji has many choices – what a quick and easy holiday gift !!! Planet Earth Eyeglass Case – Plum | Stitch by Stitch (

Like we couldn’t see THIS coming !!!! All you Turtle Bag lovers – new colors are coming soon !! They are also having a half price sale on their shell inserts for Halloween and Thanksgiving (in case you couldn’t stitch that fast !). In case you did not know, these bags donate part of their proceeds to the National Save The Turtle Foundation to help with awareness of Florida’s marine ecosystem.

New from Judy Tasch

What’s Happening at NJNA 10/9/21


It’s October which means we are lucky enough to have Vicky Wittershein giving this months talk about using Alcohol markers on canvases and ribbons. She is on a path to become certified by NAN and many of us know her from working at the Edwardian Needle. She has a wonderful sense of color and I was chatting with her about her up coming talk – this is going to be very interesting !! She is very easy going and would love everyone to join in and ask questions.

kit available at Enriched Stitch

It’s that time again !!!! No – not Halloween – Virtual Needlepoint Market time ! Late in October is when it happens and that is when the new temptations will be coming out !

Of course if you stitch seasonally there is plenty out there to choose from:

Seasonal Magnets
And even Strictly Christmas is in on the fun.

Eye Candy has a free pattern and stitch guide on their web site. Bonus Charts (

M’s Canvas house has a bunch of adorable Halloween pumpkins as an online class. Meredith has such wonderful ideas.

You’ll be needing thread to stitch all these great canvases and DMC is having a sale – 38% off.

Abigail Cecile now has a class on how to finish your ornaments – I heard that groan !! You have access to the site forever and she helps you get thru making round ornaments. Shaped ornaments are coming soon. No eye rolling either !!

Turtle Bags are starting to come in again – and go right out the door. Snooze and you lose !! Now they have cross body bags and the opening is exactly the same as with the totes. Mindy has been modifying her designs to fit these bags and I am sure there will be lots of choices from other designers soon. Check out your LNS but you can also order from Turtle Bag themselves. Turtle Bags | Fashionable handbags with changeable patterns. (

FOMO ALERT !!!! You HAVE to go look at this web site. It’s LOADED with amazing embellishments. Way too many to show you so I’m only giving you a peak. It’s the kind of site you can go thru for hours and not see it all. I am giving you a taste of the “Brads” to put on your canvas.

A New Feature – Tips and Tricks

This comes from our own Sue C who learned this in a Toni Gerdes class while in Chicago.

Neon Rays and other threads can be tough to stitch with as they tend to fray easily. Place the end of the thread on top of a glue stick and swipe just then end across the glue.  The glue will dry quickly.  The end with the glue is the end that will go in the needle and stay close to the eye of the needle as you stitch.  When you have finished with that thread, secured it, and cut it, the end with the glue is the small piece that you throw away.  She reminded us that all glue sticks now are made acid free so that eliminates that worry. 

Thank you Sue for the tip and suggestion for Tips and Tricks !! Anyone with a tip let me know !!

Just a reminder that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Too many stitcher’s have been stricken by this disease so we all need to do what we can to be checked and follow up for good health !!

Painted Pony canvas

SOTM – October 2021


We’re closing in on the final months of this year’s project – and progress is being made! I find it hard to believe that we are three-quarters of the way through 2021.

Our members who are stitching the ANG Stitch-of-the-Month project, Stratigraphy, have completed 26 layers using nine different stitches. A little birdie tells me that in October they will be stitching another seven layers of the project! We’re all looking forward to seeing the complete picture.

Brenda – coordinating with her newly remodeled guest bath
Diane – original colorway
Robin – mimicking the Grand Canyon
Rosie – USGS colors

And a couple of us are finally completing our 2015 SOTM Ruby Razzle Dazzle.

Nancy – working on the fourth ribbon!
Linda – FINISHED!!!!

Until next time…

Happy Stitching!


What’s Happening at NJNA 9/25/21


This coming Wednesday we will be having Valerie McAleenan speak to us about Appraising Needlework. She holds an ANG certification for appraising needlework along with certifications from other affiliations. She will be speaking on the reasons for an appraisal and how she goes about coming to a value. Personal Property Appraiser – Timeless NeedleArts Appraisals, LLC

If you haven’t filled out the survey that Cathryn sent you via email then please do so. She is trying to gauge what the members would like to do over the coming year so she can plan accordingly !!

NJNA has decided to enter a tree display in the 43rd Annual Festival of Trees which is held by the Somerset County Park Commission. Everyone is encouraged to loan an ornament or two so we can have a well decorated tree for people to view.

FOMO ALERT !! A new store just opened in Tuckahoe NY – Bargello Needlepoint ! It’s owned by 2 women with financial backgrounds and 7 children between them – they needlepoint to relax ! A Road Trip is needed !! And what timing for the cover of the new issue of Needle Pointers Magazine !…/7255-new?fbclid=IwAR1F-_GUgfsp7eYHWlvHFsjQPYpR8VgiValF0dL3-aBvOyVvRdE5kidkMY8

It’s official- we are now in the Fall Season. Besides the new chill in the air and the leaves beginning to turn colors you can tell by every needlepoint email you get !! They are all packed with Halloween canvases, fall color threads and seasonal needleminders. You can’t not be put in the mood with this assault !

Light Switch Plates from Needlepoint For Fun Needlepoint For Fun (
New from Kangaroo Paw
More Kangaroo Paw and I saw last week the “Batty” made into the most wonderful looking pillow !
Bestitched and they have many more to look at BeStitched – BeStitched Needlepoint (

I always thought of canvases from Strictly Christmas as being santa’s and stockings. They have a designer, Ann Hartman, that just put out a new canvas of a rooster entitled “No One Takes Me Seriously” – I dare you to keep a straight face !!

From crazy to cute – Stitch Style has been coming out with her own creations and some are just to cute (check out the cheese bus on her site)

I love Gayla Elliot’s Stitching Girl canvases. I have one and can’t wait to stitch it for my laundry room. Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont has all of them together on their web site so you can have an even harder time trying to choose one. While your perusing their site check out an exclusive they have with Pepperberry. Six snow globe canvases and stitch guides entitled Christmas in NY. Six well known landmarks that can be stitched and finished in so many ways – let your imagination run wild.

The Needlepointer has an interesting project called Woven Ribbons. It comes in several color ways and includes a stitch guide. It was inspired by something a customer, who passed away several years ago, had created – it has lots of different stitches in it to try.

Who doesn’t love The Meredith Collection for her Needle Buddies ?!?! She has a collection of Charlie Harper needle minders that are just wonderful

You also can’t have enough totes for your stash – check out the Needlepointer to convey how your feeling that day !

System 4 has done a redesign !! Their table clamp will now accommodate a larger table to provide a firmer hold on your project. It now opens 4 3/4″ high and 3 3/8″ deep. A great item for travel or classes.

The Royal School of Needlework is launching a Stitch Bank. To celebrate the schools 150 years they are starting with 150 different stitches with more to come. Read their web site about what the future holds – very interesting !!

Choosing your background stitch – The Movie !! Melissa and Megan talk about everything you need to know about how to choose a background stitch in their pod cast. From color to open stitches or not, to shape to shading to color etc.

Thank you Jane !!

I found some interesting 3D finishing ! Needlepaint explains how to finish the canvas but I think most of us are sending ours out to the finisher.

Check out these and ones back from finishing on Absolutely Needlepoint:

I think many needle pointers are all of the same ilk ! We all seem to enjoy searching for new canvases, get excited by a magnet and can’t wait for Needlepoint Now to come out with their newest magazine – among other things in common !! NJNA also has many members born in the month of September (that may explain some things !!) A celebration was held in The Edwardian Needle’s parking lot for several of the September birthday’s – ice cream from Roy for everyone and a good time was had by all !!

Your never too old for a balloon !!