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Jill's inspiration is inspiration to me. I love the pictures and her color choices. I didn't have a copy of the Needlepointers as a guide, and I took the Barbara Davis piece last night, so I think I will postpone sudoku, but not skip it. Jill's colors will not let me skip this project. Thanks, Jill, for the inspiration.

Back in New Jersey


Diane and I were up at 5:30. She left at six. Then I got my packing together and handed in our evaluation sheets. I had fifteen minutes before the pick-up to the airport, and I had my project safe in my carry-on, so I eliminated the tail for New Mexico before I left. At the airport, once I got to the gate I had 45 minutes, so I eliminated the tails for Idaho and California. The airport was crazy with several flights delayed, gate changes, mechanical problems, and even a cancellation. My flight was delayed for 70 minutes, but I didn't want to take out my project in the unpredictable confusion. I am home and have started eliminating my Arizona tail while I watch Project Runway. I look forward to reading the blogs of those that are still there and taking more classes. Boy will my bed feel good tonight! It was a great time in Chicago.

An Unstitched Day


Today Diane and I took a day off from stitching to enjoy Chicago before we leave tomorrow. We went on the Chicago Architectural Foundation's “Frank Lloyd Wright by Bus”. It was a four hour tour in Oak Park. first we toured his home and studio and then took a walking tour in the gracious suburb that included six FLW designed homes amongst Queen Ann Victorians. What exquisite visuals. The walking tour ended at the Universalist temple that he also designed. We were back in the Loop by 1:30. We walked back to the hotel through Grant Park and particularly Millenium Park with the big reflective bean sculpture. Then we headed off to walk to Navy Pier and back. It was a lovely day for walking. When back at the hotel, I found out I won at the silent auction. This is what I got.

My Winnings

The canvas was five dollars and can probably fit in the leather bag insert. I'll bring it to our Sept meeting to show it off better. It a wonderful project bag.

Seems Like More than Fifty!

Rosie, Diane and I had an excellent dinner at Seasons 52. Then it was on to the Expo where I spent too much money. I bought Kathy Rees' Colorways, which I will take to Florida to stitch there. I did not stitch at all today but I did take a picture of my bagging of all the threads by states. I put the picture above instead of below. Sorry.

As Diane and I packed to leave for NJ tomorrow Diane realized the fireworks were going off over the lake at Navy Pier. We were too tired to walk it again, so we watched from our window. Diane took a shot of what we saw. Look to the right of the tall building in the middle of the picture to see the fireworks.

Red Fireworks

Diane's pedometer recorded over 18,000 steps for us today. I've had a great time these last six days. So long Chicago, hello New Jersey!


Day Four of American Mosaic


I should write this tomorrow when I am not so exhausted. But I just spent an hour getting my threads under control and into labeled baggies. My piece is a work in progress if you are optimistic. At best it is ready and waiting to be straighten out and understood, but I am a negligent parent throwing up my arms. I know I will enjoy many happy hours of stitching on this piece,once I get home to my stitching chair and light. I learned and laughed in this class. I look forward to working on it and I was given clear instructions on what we didn't cover, such as the doodad stitch for Hawaii. We did cover all but three states, which we can figure out. I relaxed with dinner out with the gals. Tomorrow I have the Frank Lloyd Wright tour, which should be fun. Here is a picture of my messy canvas so far.

My Lovely Mess


Day Three of American Mosaic


Today was a productive day. We covered eleven more states, so we have done 35 states in three days. I suspect tomorrow will be a lot of verbal instructions to send us home to finish. I have really enjoyed this class, but I am exhausted. My family doesn't get it, but it's a happy exhaustion.

I stayed in tonight and tackled my tails. I only have one from today unstitched, but yesterday's are still there. I guess that will be a September project, in a more familiar stitching location

Diane and I took our lunch time to check out the exhibits and next year's seminar offerings in Myrtle Beach. There are several potential options. I need to finish my time here before planning next year. Diane and I also went to an officers meeting this evening which gave us some useful information. Then I went off to stitch!



Day Two of American Mosaic


We covered eleven states today, so we are behind a state. But I'm not worried. The stitches are so wonderful that it will be a joy to savor each state as I finish it. Of course the state of my canvas doesn't reflect my joy since there are more tails and tape than stitches. But I will happily attack some of them tonight before I go to brd. Diane is out for a run while I am sitting with a G and T and my canvas. It is such a pleasure sharing a room with Diane. Dee showed us her canvas from her two day class and it is spectacular. Here is a picture of my mess.

My Joyful Mess


Day One of American Mosaic


Well, I have returned from six hours of stitching, feeling exhausted,. Gail Sirna is an excellent teacher, but she is trying to cover 12.3 states a day. We have Delaware for homework to make it our 13th state. I have only completed five of the twelve that she taught today. So I have extra homework tonight.

As My Canvas Looked Like at The End of the Day