Needlework Expo!


Last night was the event that many of the attendees were waiting all week for. In our area a needlework shop is relatively close by. (Maybe not as close as Rosie, but close enough!). Some of the women I have spoken with are hundreds of miles from a needlework shop. Just imagine being able to see so many painted canvases and charts live! There were other things there as well, including beads, jewelry, notions of all types. Susan H. found another vendor for the Needlefest next spring who has some great project bags in vinyl and at a reasonable price. (I bought one so can give you an evaluation by then!).

There were 35 vendors listed in the brochure, but since the printing the list must have grown by half again! Orna Willis was there with all the things that she has been showing on her blog and a beautiful display of her stitched pieces. There was a table of Genny Morrow designs and one of Jean Hilton. There was more magnet bling than I would know what to do with. I bumped into a number of friends–some new from this seminar and some long time.

Rosie, meanwhile was out with Meg so her inspiring writing about the event was left to me without pictures!


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