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A FAB Week


Well, we all made it through the week.  I am sure everyone learned as much as I did in their classes.  It is always fun to pick up some little tidbits of info to use on your next stitching project.

I was very thankful to achieve the level of Fellow Teacher in the Master Teacher program last night.  Plus, the added surprise of the Massachusetts Excellence in Teaching scholarship was quite a surprise.  Guess I really will have to pursue the Sr. Master level now!

I have been home for one day and am already thinking about what I will be teaching in Chicago.  Proposals need to be in by March 2013.  No rest for the weary!

It certainly was great week.  I am hopeful everyone had as great of a time as I did.

Thanks for sharing all the photos – they have been alot of fun!


Almost Time


It is now Tuesday afternoon.  I think I will go blind or batty if I have to look

At instructions for another day.  So I have taken an hour off

to get some reading done.  I was able to go to lunch wih Sue and

Rosie – luckily they invited me.  We met up with Cindy and Pat who

are some of my favorite pilot stitching people.  It was intersting to hear

about the Judging program – Cindy is currently enrolled.

I am now ready to go to the Master Teacher program meeting at 5 pm.

After that I will be ready to have dinner with the NJNA group!

I was very fortunate to hear a presentation on Dresden Lace last

night ( reason I did not make the officers meeting).  It was very

interesting and quite informative.  Always something to learn!

Ok – off to the MTP meeting!  See you all later………

Time at seminar – Sunday


I made it to seminar around 3 pm on Sunday.  Checked in to the hotel,

checked in at the faculty registration and also the class registration.

Made myself official and them it was up to the room to go through

all the paperwork.  Read what needed to be read and tossed the

Extraneous stuff.  The welcome banquet was good.  I did not find the NJNA

ladies So sat with Sue Reed and JONI Stevenson.  Rosie

did manage to find me after the banquet so I was able to make

a connection with them.

Today will be spent going through the exhibit, store and book store

with some local rug hooking friends coming in specifically for the day.

Promises to be a great day!

Pre-Work For Seminar


I, too, have been very busy doing pre-work for seminar.  I just yesterday finished drawimg 29 canvases for the class Ben’s Kites.  One look at the design and you wouldn’t think it was tough to draw.  But, if those kites don’t meet correctly in the middle, your whole canvas is out of whack!  Yikes!  Luckily, I had an epiphany and figured out how to best approach these.  Now they are drawn, packed and ready to go!

I arrive at seminar on Sunday just in time to see everyone for the Welcome Banquet.  It is such a great time to see people you have not seen all year and to make new friends.  It is such a great thing to have all these people around who have a common passion.

See you all in Philly!  Susan