Illusions — Finished!


Hi, Everyone —

I’ve been racing against a deadline since my Grand-dog is coming to visit today and I can’t have any needlework out while she is around.   Those wooden stretcher bars just remind her too much of a good stick!  My goal was to finish one of my two seminar pieces, Illusions!  So here it is:

This really great piece by Ro Pace was so much fun to stitch because of all the Jean Hilton stitches.  The lacy border is my favorite part!  Another great thing is that the whole piece could be done with no laying of threads!  I changed the thread color a little bit in the center star because I thought the design color was too dark.  I’m happy with the balance in the change.

Feel free to send me any other seminar pieces that you have done and I’ll be happy to put them up here.  Hopefully, we will have our new site up and running soon and then this can just be a faded memory!

Cheers!  Rosie

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