Lucky Friday!


Hi, Everyone —

Another fun day of stitching!  We did a few more stitches on Illusions — a great border of which only 1/5 of the design is shown in the picture.  Mostly, we walked through the remaining stitches on the piece and were promised an e-mail if we sent our questions to Ro.

Friday Progress on Illusion

The exciting thing that happened today was that I won a door prize in yesterday’s drawing!  My prize is a small kit from Orna Willis.  It is stitched on metal screen.

Orna Willis’s “TEVA” and Rosie’s Door Prize!!

After the day’s stitching was over, I did my 45 minute swim — five adult lap swimmers in the one lane pool!  A bit crowded to say the least.

So I’ll try to take some pictures at the awards dinner tonight, but I won’t post them until I get home — I don’t want to pay for another day of internet.  Harold will drive down in the morning to pick Sue and I up.  I think we are all ready to get home.  All in all this was a glorious week and I’m already looking forward to Anaheim!

Cheers!  Rosie

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