First Day of Illusions!


Hi, Everyone —

Another great day at seminar!

Today and tomorrow I am enrolled in a Ro Pace class called “Illusions.”  It is called illusions because it acts like an optical illusion with cubes ebbing and flowing into three dimensions.  This piece consists mostly of Jean Hilton stitches and (!) there is no need for thread laying!  This allows the stitching to move along quickly.  I would have said that there were about thirty people in the class, but Sue tells me that the maximum is 24.  All I know is that this is a BIG class.

Unfortunately this piece doesn’t photograph very well, so I will post two pictures — one showing the overall progress and the other a close-up to try to show the vibrant colors.

Day 1 Progress on “Illusions”

Close-up of a section of “Illusions”

(Well, maybe you just have to wait to see it in person!)  It may appear that we do not have much done, but Ro said she wanted to start with the two hardest stitches — a Sprat’s Head and a Walnetto.  It appears that we will start to move at warp speed tomorrow.

After class, I did my 45 minute swim.  Luckily, today there were not many children in the pool and I got most of my swim in without “company”!  I have to say that the daily swim helps to work out the kinks in my back and neck after stitching all day.

By far, the highlight of the day was my daughter Meg’s driving down from Plainsboro, NJ to have dinner with me.

Meg arriving at the hotel — photo credit to Sue C.

Meg had researched restaurants within walking distance of the hotel and made a reservation using the “Open Table” app at a restaurant called “RAW.”  Many of you know that sake is my beverage of choice, so she picked this because it had an extensive sake menu.  We were seated in an outdoor area, that was private and beautifully decorated.  We had a fun meal together despite mediocre (or possibly worse) service.  We did talk the waiter into taking a picture:

Doesn’t that sushi look yummy?

Now I’m off to beddy so that I can be ready for stitching in the morning!

Cheers!  Rosie

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