What’s Happening at NJNA 3/25/23


This month’s meeting started our journey into understanding how to pick the right stitch for various places on your painted canvas. Cathryn and Jacki discussed many of the books people buy to get ideas for stitches in various places in the picture painted on the canvas. We even have homework !!! Don’t forget to have ready 3 stitches for the sky area and 3 stitches for clouds. Next month the Blue Ridge canvases that were ordered will be distributed and the discussion on picking stitches as well as threads will continue.

Going along with the theme of choosing a painted canvas and picking stitches and threads, be sure to watch the Kelly Starke video on how to finish the piece when you are done. You can go to KellyStarkeDesigns.com and get lots of information. Later in the year Kelly Starke will be doing a class that you will be able to sign up for and attend. Give it a try – the wait time for finishing keeps getting longer and longer – you have nothing to loose.

Welcome to our happy group of stitcher’s Julianne – you are our 61st member. Hope you enjoy all the things we do together.

Our group again had a wonderful showing of talent at the 60th Annual Woodlawn Needlework Show. There were 699 pieces to compete with and our contribution was 31 pieces. Again our Barbara L got a top prize – the Judge’s Choice Award – First Place. Linda, Rosie, Diane and Melita all were winners as well. Everyone that submitted deserves recognition for such beautiful entries.

New Books !!! Whimsical Stitches Vol.4 is coming out in June. This book is all about small stitches. It’s perfect for a new stitcher who is looking to start out with ornaments and smaller canvases. (Hmmmm a theme is evolving) It has close to 200 stitches. It also has a section on planning and picking stitches for the small area. Also, Ruth Schmuff has revised the book “Threads, A Needle Necessity” for the 3rd time and it’s now called “Inspired by Threads”. It’s a reference of threads on the market right now. It’s packed with information on each thread and is in a handy 5.5 X 8.5 inch book – easy to take along in your bag. https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/2023/03/coming-soon-2/?utm_source=mailpoet&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=the-last-newslettertotal-posts-from-our-blog-1

Are you a Trish Vine junkie??? I know a lot of people that can’t wait to see what new and different things she is stitching up these days. She will be doing a Pop Up Trunk Show at the Edwardian Needle on May 23rd from 12 to 3 pm. Mark your calendars and get there early before it’s all gone !

Are you having needlepoint friends over for a get together??? Everyone likes to be neat so look at these napkins from the Needlepoint Clubhouse. They have other fun items like note pads and tea towels – great for a gift !! https://www.needlepointclubhouse.com/products/stitching-cocktail-napkins?_pos=1&_psq=napkins&_ss=e&_v=1.0

Do you know about Oli Magnets? Great item to keep you needles on your canvas. They have previewed a new designer line and they come in several sizes. https://www.etsy.com/shop/oliblock/?etsrc=sdt

To get your finishing back these days you better be a young chippie because your going to have a long wait !! This means you need to find “self finishing” items to get things quickly. KC Needlepoint has a new one – cuff links ! What a great gift for a wedding party or for someone having a special occasion. https://www.kcneedlepoint.com/products/cufflinks?_pos=1&_sid=302d97207&_ss=r&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+Cufflinks+%28641279ce255b91001b24a129%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend&omnisendContactID=61fc368aa1816e00226a532d

While we are shopping KC Needlepoint, they also have easy to finish trays and napkin holders. So different yet easy to finish and adorably exotic looking. Wonderful house warming gift for a Floridian Friend. https://www.kcneedlepoint.com/search?type=product,article,page&q=tray%20kits*

Hedgehog Designs are those retro airport and destination tags and they have a new batch of them for the Spring Market. They also have partnered with Kangaroo Paw Designs LLC as they have the official licensing for the Greek Sororities and when you put it all together you now have Retro Greek Sorority Tags !! They have just released the first 6. Hedgehog Needlepoint

While we are talking about these colorful tags – I saw a great way of using them on the Absolutely Needlepoint email. Be it for yourself or as a gift it’s a great way to have a conversation starter about travel !! How cute is this bag???? Absolutely Needlepoint – Discover a world of needlepoint and everything that comes with it.

Ok – Ok, you can’t wait any longer for the new things from the Spring Market. Hold on to your wallets – so many wonderful new canvases that I can’t even think of showing them all to you. If there is a particular designer you enjoy working on then check out their web site because they were all VERY BUSY !! These items came from Stitch By Stitch in NY Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

Old World Designs Needlepoint had a different flavor of new canvases – all striking !! Old World Designs Needlepoint Menlo Park Bay Area

Tips and Tricks: From Diversions Needlepoint in CO Diversions Needlepoint | Denver, CO 80113

Who was that Famous Stitcher? That was Melissa Prince. She had a career in media advertising and a friend saw some of her paintings and thought they would be great as needlepoint canvases. She painted a few and took them to a local shop where they all sold immediately – she has designed over 500 canvases and counting !

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is?

What’s Happening At NJNA 3/11/23


This chapter again has award winning members at the Woodlawn Needlework Show. This is their 60th year of presenting all different types of needlework and the theme is “Craft as Comfort: Joy in Needlework” – and don’t we all feel the same way. We again have to applaud Barbara L. for her Judge’s Choice Award for her “Cray Cray Bird” designed by Zecca.

Our other member, Melita G. was also awarded 2nd place for Original Design !! They have not released the entire list of award winners so we all have our fingers crossed that NJNA will have other members recognized for their talented works of art.

Night Owl by Melita G.

Hopefully you have gotten the new issue of Needlepoint Now. Another NJNA member – Holly G. was featured for her “Umbrella Girl” project from Painted Pony and stitch guide by Pam Miller of the Edwardian Needle. The beads on the umbrella alone are impressive. NJNA is a busy group !!! Needlepoint Now – The #1 Consumer Magazine Committed to the Fine Art of Needlepoint

It’s election time at ANG – your voice, your vote. I got an email on 3/9/23 giving you a link to cast your vote. The voting will be open until 3/31/23. Sign in to the ANG website and make your voice heard. American Needlepoint Guild, Inc.

One of the perks of being a member of ANG is their fabulous magazine. The new issue will be in your mail box soon. It’s available online now for those that can’t wait!!

It’s Auction Time !! ANG’s Spring Auction will be starting this Friday 3/17 at 8 AM. Watch your email for a link to their new system which is supposed to be much easier. They have 240 canvases, 20 finished items and 13 books. Good Luck to all the bidders.

Store News – The well known store Rittenhouse Needlepoint is for SALE!! Russell and Stephen feel it’s time to move on. If you have never been to their store it is an amazing space in a loft area of a warehouse. Wide open with enough threads to make your head spin. It’s a lot to take in but worth the trip. I am sure we all hope someone steps forward and buys it so it continues to give us lots of options along with a destination for a road trip !! Good luck to Russell and Stephen. My Needlepoint

Threads Too tried something very different for Super Bowl Sunday and it was a big hit – Mah Jong lessons !! They have opened their store to beginners for lessons, snacks and refreshments from 7 pm to 9:30 pm for $65. Of course they have a few canvases to go with the occasion! If your interested, the next night is this Wed. Call Diane: 908-489-8668 or Lauren: 917-744-7107 to see if there is still space left. Threads Too

Have you seen Au Ver A Soie has a metallic line of thread? It’s similar to our favorite Kreinik thread but it’s more loosely woven together and therefore a little softer. I spotted it on K C Needlepoint and with all the difficulty we seem to have getting many threads this may be a new alternative. https://www.kcneedlepoint.com/search?type=product,article,page&q=au%20ver%20a%20soie%20metalic*

Debbie Rowley has an interesting new offering called Circle Dance. What’s different about this is YOU paint your canvas before stitching the design on it. She explains the entire process but in the end if you are still not sure she will paint it for you. She uses 3 different colors of paint and it can be what ever color combo you would like it to be and she will help you with changing the threads. I can see how no 2 canvases would be alike. https://debbeesdesigns.com/product/circle-dance/

DebBee’s Designs also has a new feature to her web site – “On Demand Classes”. You can work at your own speed and access video stitch demonstrations. If your stuck, you can email Debbie herself. She also gives you the choice of a full kit, stitch guide and canvas or stitch guide alone. Her first offering is called Explorations and is a counted piece. I see a bunch of Jean Hilton stitches in this piece – way to much fun to do. https://debbeesdesigns.com/courses/explorations/

Stitch Stash has new Planet Earth kits on their web site. Everything to make a quick charm or key fob and it comes in a cute matching bag – an easy on the go project. Lot’s to choose from including other kits with those great red cups. https://stitch-stash.com/search?page=1&q=KIT%2A&type=product

No matter what kind of craft you are doing Snarky Crafter Deigns has something to make you smile and help with what your doing. From Needle Minders to knitting markers these people have a sense of humor. Collections – Snarky Crafter Designs

For all those dog and cat lovers you will want to check out DogGrin Design. These are self finishing collars for your pets along with a few other items ! They are made of leather and brass hardware with a window containing a hand painted 18 ct canvas. They paint them in a grey scale so you can use any color combo you like. Enjoy their web site & thank you Cathryn. https://www.doggrindesign.com

Needle Orts in Altamonte Springs FL has some really nice classes being given and the next best part is most are done both in person and on zoom! To catch Spring Fever they have a class called Hot Wheels Bunny. There are 2 sessions – one in April and one in May, which ever fits your schedule. When in their web site look ahead to future classes, some great choices. https://www.needleorts.com/

Diversions Needlepoint is having their annual Limerick Contest. Send in your entry and the ladies of the shop will make their determination on who did the best job. The winner gets a $25 gift certificate to the store. Extra consideration will be given to Limerick’s that mention them. http://www.diversionsneedlepoint.com/index.html They give this as an example:

Tips & Tricks: Do you know anything about Penelope Canvas? I knew it existed and that I mostly saw is used for old lady type pictures on a piano bench (age is relative these days). I discovered an article all about it and – how versatile ! The pillow from 1960 used the smaller holes for the ribbon and note and the larger holes for the background – all in the same canvas! The link will give you information about the history and usage of this mostly European used canvas. I was surprised to learn as much as I did. https://www.jenisandberg.com/blog/2021/11/20/a-beginners-guide-to-penelope-canvas-for-needlepoint?goal=0_94f8f95c9c-c6dc461640-471272985&mc_cid=c6dc461640&mc_eid=12872b76d6

Who was that Famous Stitcher? That beauty was Betsy Ross. Though there is no proof that she was the one that created the “Betsy Ross Flag” – No one can disprove the legend told by her family either. She died in 1836 at the age of 84, had 7 children and was married 3 times !!

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is?

What’s Happening at NJNA 2/25/23


We had an interesting meeting this month – so many things coming up! You need to be in it to enjoy it !! Come join us as the coming year should be very enjoyable. Those who were interested in learning some new stitches – you were heard. Cathryn and Jacqui put together and interesting project to satisfy your request. They selected 3 ornaments from Blue Ridge Stitchery that are in stock so there are no issues in getting them. You must let Cathryn know by the end of Feb so they can be ordered at a cost of approx $70. A program will be developed going over possible stitches for these canvases and Jacqui is working on a program about finishing an ornament. There you have it – the process from beginning to end ! I am sure it will be fun and dare I say – educational!! Below are the choices of ornaments. Make sure you let either Cathryn or Jacqui know your choice.

Ellen Johnson – Serendipity Needleworks

For the March meeting, come armed with all your questions on the SOTM. Melita G. will be on hand to answer all your concerns. You should also bring your collection of books on stitches as there will be a talk on small stitches in advance of receiving the above canvases. Cathryn will also have a video on finishing an ornament to get you ready for the workshop Jacqui is preparing for later in the year. We will all be very busy!!

It’s almost time to cast your votes for the 2023 ANG National Elections. Voting starts 3/1/23 and you should be getting an email shortly. If you don’t get the email, make sure you renewed your membership so you don’t miss out on all ANG has to offer over the next year.

The Spring Auction is going to be held from March 17 – 20 this year. It’s a bit late because there is no more Auction Frogs! They have pressed into service another piece of software that is supposed to be more user friendly. You will be getting and email with a link to “School Auction” which was developed especially for ANG. Can’t wait to see what is up for auction this time !!

Check out the ANG Distance Learning that is available. Two projects finish registration on Feb 28 so hurry to register. March 1 the Cyber Workshop has something new – Caribbean Sunset by Robin McVey – the picture is stunning and I’ll bet it’s a challenging project.

The February newsletter from our favorite magazine has announced that they are now offering “digital subscriptions” !! No more wondering if it got lost in the mail or a friend got their copy a week before me !!! A great idea. From the email, this second edition sounds like it’s packed with lot’s of interesting articles. You go girls !! https://www.needlepointnow.com/

The “Squad” is at it again – book #2 is about to hit the stores. M’s Canvas House is taking advance orders for “Master Stitches From The Squad” Vol #2. There is a $48 deposit but no final pricing as of yet. If you can’t live without the new book you can call M’s Canvas House to reserve your copy at 859-253-1302. If your in the area, M’s Canvas House has a few openings in some classes being given in April with Meredith, June for the Bernda Stofft Santa and in July with Tony Minieri.

For those looking to learn new stitches go to the web site for Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont NY. They are doing a decorative stitches class using a Penny Linn Designs canvas. The class filled so fast they are doing a 2nd one starting in Sept. Just love the threads alone !! Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

Needlepoint .Com has a retreat coming up for the fall in South Carolina at Society Hall. Their newest store is in Charleston SC and their retreat is loaded with things to do. You can meet several designers, 6 trunk shows, a dozen classes, demonstrations and more. Check out the web site – https://needlepoint.com/pages/retreat

Bedecked and Bedazzled is also quite busy with a new 2023 Zecca Retreat – one of the all time favorite designers of Ruth Schmuff. This retreat however can be done from the comfort of your home as it will be over Zoom! This years piece is a moth and Ruth says she see’s lot’s of sparkle! https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/product/luna-moth/

Bedecked also has the cutest owl called Ladybug Friends – you just have to smile when you see it. She also has plans to write a guide for a companion piece later in the year – I can’t imagine !!! https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/product/ladybug-friends/

Closer to our area Suzie Vallerie of the Enriched Stitch is also having a retreat in April. It looks like an interesting event with lots to learn with a custom stitch guide for your piece. Retreat | The Enriched Stitch

I had a piece about a replacement for Evertites – well – The Needlepointer put out a notice that they just Restocked Evertite Stretcher Bars !! A must have when working on congress cloth. https://www.theneedlepointer.com/evertite-stretcher-bars/p8501039?cse=nl0219&goal=0_3621358244-3fc826d93a-69343533&mc_cid=3fc826d93a&mc_eid=2e6039e84f

The Needlepointer .com

Evertites tend to be heavy so if you are looking for less weight look to Hanna Bass – they have a version of Q Snaps that will hold the thicker canvas and are probably great for smaller projects. Check out their web site as they have lots of interesting items – I love the maps ! https://hannahbass.com/collections/accessories/products/11x-11-plastic-clip-frame

Family Arts Needlework is supporting one of their customers that is a breast cancer survivor. Her name is Jan Christiansen. She is a 32 year breast cancer survivor and she started an organization called “Pink Things” Their mission is to provide support and hope to cancer patients through their journey to survivorship. They provide one “pink hug” at a time by sending small packages of pink things to nominated patients. To nominate someone, please send and email with the persons name, phone number, address and your name to PinkThingsOrg@ gmail.com.

Stitch By Stitch never disappoints – here are some new canvases from the Atlanta Spring Market to look forward to. You can see more on their web site along with all the upcoming events (and there are many!) Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

The last blog I mixed up Rachel’s and wrote the beautiful handbags were by Rachel Donley when they were actually by Rachel Barri !! Both have fabulous pieces to choose from – my apologies ! Here are some of Rachel Barri’s design :Rachel Barri Designs – Rachel Barri Designs Inc.

And here are some wonderful designs from Rachel Donley. You can’t lose no matter which Rachel you choose ! Rachel Donley Needlepoint Designs – stitch-painted canvases

Tips and Tricks: I was stitching the other day and no matter what I did – when I stranded my thread it looked like Albert Einstein’s hair !! The dry air has created so much static electricity it’s difficult to get your thread in place. I looked it up and found that a thread conditioner such as Thread Heaven is the answer. It’s a synthetic silastic polymer not wax based or petroleum based. These 2 items attract dirt and dust not to mention leaving a sticky coating on the thread. Read up more on this product before you try it. How to Use Thread Conditioners (thesprucecrafts.com)

Who was that Famous Stitcher? That was Chottie Alderson ! She was the author of a series of five needlework books “Stitchin With Chottie” She is very famous for Chottie’s Plaid. She taught for many years in America, Canada, England and Australia. Her motto was “If it isn’t fun, it isn’t needlepoint.”

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is?

What’s Happening at NJNA 2/11/23


Our next meeting will be the day after Valentine’s Day and we should all be over the high of Superbowl smorgasbords by then! This months meeting will be about our chapters counted project smorgasbord of designs. Everyone doing a counted project was to email Cathryn C what design they are doing so she can put together a presentation of our lofty goals. Some were not into doing a counted piece and I believe Cathryn just emailed an alternative that she will be discussing. Maybe some will want to be REALLY ambitious and do both ?!?!

Like we can’t get enough – has everyone started Melita’s SOTM? The threads are getting hard to find as so many across the country are looking forward to doing this project. I have yet to get my threads so I am behind already. I have seen the middle stitched and it was no walk in the park but the result was beautiful. Can’t wait to start it.

It’s almost time to register for the ANG seminar in Atlanta. If you are a member you can go online and pick your classes starting February 15th. I did not know that you can also register if you are not an ANG member but you have to wait until March 1 – if there is anything left at that point. Snooze you loose in either case ! ANG 2023 Seminar Class Booklet with Descriptions- 1:17 (fliphtml5.com)

Are you going to a Super Bowl Party this year?? No – not the one with the half time show – a needlepoint one !!!! I have never seen so many shops having Super Bowl events. I have seen email from Family Arts in AZ to Needle Nook in Long Island NY and many in between. Whether you sit and stitch or just go for a sale I think we have the better event !! LOL If you can’t make it to one of these parties and you live in the NJ area there is another event coming up. The EGA Metropolitan Region Chapter is having a Getaway. You do not have to be a member of EGA to come. The event is taking place at the Montvale Courtyard Marriott on March 25 and 26 (Sat & Sun). You can come one or both days. Arrangements have been made for a special room rate if you want to stay. What more can you ask for? Contact the chapter at grayceedm@aol.com for more information or just send in the form with a check to Janice M. I have a feeling this is going to be a snooze you loose event also !!

The new owner of the Needlepoint Now magazine is also doing a Stitch In. According to their web site, their very first will be in Queens NY on April 1st at the North Channel Yacht Club. She is looking to have these stitch in’s all across the nation if this is successful. Just go to the magazines web site for more information and to sign up. www.needlepointnow.com

Did anyone hear about Needlepoint Palooza? Atlantic Blue Canvas was going to be at this “Pop Up” event in Greenville SC. At least 7 designers were going to come together on Feb 3rd. Hope it was a hit so it happens up this way next time.

Are you a fan of Julia Snyder? She is going to be giving a Canvas Embellishment Class at Ridgewood Needlepoint. The class is limited to 12 so this may be another snooze you loose event. Contact the store at 201-612-7770 to sign up. (They too are having a Super Bowl Party!) https://ridgewoodneedlepoint.com/

Edwardian Needle is also having classes with Luis Nunez in March. He will be doing a class with Shibori Ribbon for beginners and then his version of Lady Gaga. If you want something sooner there is a beginner ribbon class being given by Pam on Sunday the 19th – “A Spray of Flowers” Contact the store for more info 973-743-9833

The Needlepointer has a new club coming – Zodiac Fiber Club ! This club spans 12 months and each month you get 15 fibers all themed around the Zodiac. How different is that? They don’t anticipate starting until June so you have time to check it out on the web site – https://www.theneedlepointer.com/needlepoint/clubs?nav_id=345

BeStitched has a new club starting in May – “The Neighborhood Boo-BQ” – canvas by Rebecca Wood Designs. There will be 5 virtual classes. The canvas is 15 X 21 – not for the faint of heart ! https://bestitchedneedlepointshop.com/collections/online-classes/products/neighborhood-boo-bq-class

Are you doing the Needlepoint Now project with all the different leaves being made into a wreath. The magazine has gotten most stores to participate including many in our area. It’s a good stash project but if you don’t have a lot of green in your life go look at Color Compliments web site. They have come up with a kit just for this project. They have such lush deep colors that would stand out in this wreath. Look at her web site to order her kit but be careful, there are a lot of eye catching items there !! https://colourcomplements.com/product-category/custom-thread-kits

Cocktails Anyone?? Did you see the new class from 3 Kittens Needle Arts – I love the martini glasses !! They are giving a class over 3 Sundays in June/July though I’ll bet you can get the kit if it’s only in person. Way to cute and makes a wonderful gift for a needlepoint worthy friend/relative. https://www.3kittensneedlearts.com/classes.htm?categoryId=788889053

Kathy Rees announced that she is doing a new Mystery Class called “LoveStruck” and appropriately it officially starts on Feb 14th, Valentine’s Day. All 3 colorway choices are beautiful. You also have until Feb 13th to order at her old prices as the cost of thread has given her no choice but to raise prices about 10% to 15%. Check out her prior Mysteries on her web site and you can sign up for this new one. Can’t wait to see what she does ! https://needledelights.com/product-category/former-mysteries/

Needle in a Haystack has an exclusive sampler from Hands Across the Sea called “Sarah Rinder 1841”. They are going to do a year long stitch along on their Facebook page starting at the end of March to commemorate their 25th anniversary in business. Check out the threads – great colors. https://www.facebook.com/groups/niahsarahrinder1841/ You can order the project on the web site – https://needlestack.americommerce.com/chart/HATS-SRinder.aspx

I had occasion to go to Gone Stitching the other day. This store is so bright and inviting a good move from their other location. They have a wonderful selection of threads and canvases but what caught my eye was their self finishing items. They have the Rachel Donley handbags in 3 versions. They also had the makeup bag by Penny Linn Designs – you stitch the top and it zips closed. Had I more time I think you need to hunt around for all the treasures they have. On the counter they have a jar and are collecting the used Rainbow Gallery cards for a project, drop off any you have if you pay them a visit. Gone Stitching (and yes – they too have a Superbowl Party)

For those of you looking to learn new stitches – look at KC Needlepoint. They have come up with a beautiful canvas names 23 hearts for 2023 and each heart is a different stitch. The stitch guide is by Jinny McAuliffe and the threads in the kit are all stunning by Pepper Pot and Silk Lame Braid. It’s a manageable 12 by 12 13 ct canvas – perfect for someone new to needlepoint. https://www.kcneedlepoint.com/products/23-hearts-in-2023-kit

Kirk & Bradley have an interesting newer line of canvases – they are printed not painted. They are under the “Needlepoint To Go” collection. The canvases were printed using state of the art printing technology. One is prettier then the next. Go online and look at them all – difficult choice. New Designs | Needlepoint To Go – Kirk & Bradley (kirkandbradley.com)

How would you like to be in the Chicago area in April? Kurdy Biggs and Debbie Rowley are having a pilot retreat so they can “practice” 2 classes each for upcoming seminars. They have set up a web site with all the information if you want to be the first for these classes. https://www.canvascountess.com/

Tips and Tricks – If you need a portable light give the “Harte” a try – IKEA lingo for skinny LED light! You can plug it into the wall or use the USB. It’s light as a feather and the light bends and swivels to get the light right where you need it. Best of all it’s about $20. HÅRTE LED work lamp, white/silver color – IKEA

Who was that Famous Stitcher? That is the famous Juli Poitras, owner of JP Needlepoint. Her mother moved to Carmel CA from TX and opened a needlepoint store – the rest is history. She is one of the most prolific designers in the needlepoint industry.

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is?

Gotta love the cigarette!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Woodlawn Drop-off 2023


On Wednesday, Mr. M and I headed down I-95 to Alexandria to drop off NJNA members’ needlework for the 60th Annual Needlework Show at Woodlawn. This trip was a bit different than those in the past – the weather cooperated (past years have seen us travel through torrential rain and even snow); we didn’t have to stop at the Mt. Laurel Starbucks as Melita was able to drop off her and the other Linda M’s pieces at our holiday luncheon earlier this year; and, we were able to get an appointment on Thursday instead of Saturday since Mr. M is now retired.

We woke up on Wednesday to a bit of snow on the ground, not an auspicious start for the trip. But the weather was dry and we did finally manage to see sun by the time we hit the Maryland border. We stopped in Catonsville at Matthews 1600 for lunch where I enjoyed a deconstructed brie flatbread (a small wheel of brie, cranberry-pear chutney, chopped pecans, and flatbread pieces). Fortunately, we did bring along a cooler bag so the brie will be enjoyed over the weekend.

We arrived at our hotel mid-afternoon with enough time to take a short nap (travel is so exhausting) and get some stitching done before heading out to dinner. We dined at a restaurant we found last year on our way back from the Williamsburg retreat – Old House Cosmopolitan Grill. Mr. M enjoyed Cordon Bleu while I had the Züricher Geschnetzeltes, accompanied by a white wine from Bosnia-Herzegovina. We did save room for dessert – Apfel Kuechle for the gentleman and Pistachio-Raspberry Cheesecake for the lady.

This morning we headed over to Woodlawn to submit the 27 pieces from 15 NJNA members. As always, the volunteers who staff the Exhibit were happy to see us and expressed their appreciation for our continued support of the fundraiser. The needlework filled the trunk of my Mazda 3!

Fortunately, our packaging system, which we’ve implemented over the last few years, proved to be effective in getting the pieces unloaded and ready for logging into the system. The volunteers were well-organized and ready for us – a large table was set aside for the pieces. Since we had so many, we did wind up using a second table.

The staff then carefully examined each piece and noted whether there were any nicks in the frames or any distortion in the canvas/linen. Each piece was then assigned a number, which will be the number you see in the Exhibit listing. Our numbers start at 204.

As we walked around the tables examining and logging the pieces, we did discuss the judging process. I was told that the judges see the pieces exactly as shown in the photos – placed on the tables. The judges do not see the back of the piece at all. They are also instructed to evaluate the stitching only – how the piece is finished, the condition of the finish, and whether the ground material has buckled are not considerations in the judging process. I thought that information was good to know.

We talked about buckling of ground material, whether due to the type of stitch used or some other factor such as humidity. It was recommended that pieces be laced to the mounting board rather than pinned; lacing allows for better control of how well the piece is mounted. I attended a workshop last October at which lacing was demonstrated. The speaker takes her pieces to the framer prior to lacing to select the framing molding. She determines the amount of the overhang for the molding as well as the distance from the edge of the stitching to the framing to calculate the size for her mounting board.

NJNA is known for bringing one piece stitched in various colorways. This year we had the 2021 ANG Stitch-of-the-Month, Stratigraphy by Jennifer Riefenberg. Although we only had three versions, they were all very different with one done in the original grays, one in browns, and one very colorful.

Way back when, our first multiple colorway entry was Michael Boren’s Frankie! which was a 2014 workshop submitted to Woodlawn in 2015. At that time, they were all showcased in one room on a single wall.

Since then, our multiple colorway submissions have been scattered throughout the Exhibit. I was told that the single wall treatment overwhelmed the visitors, and they did not stop to look at the differences in the colorways. Obviously, they were not stitchers! However, scattering the pieces throughout the Exhibit has allowed the organizers to use them as a scavenger hunt for children. The kids are told that there are X number of pieces that are the same and asked if they can find them. It sounds like fun; Mr. M and I always comment when we find similar pieces. This year they are going to try to hang all three Stratigraphy pieces together.

We were complimented on our packaging system and were told they wished other groups adopted the same standards. Whether it’s the best, I don’t dare comment. But we were able to unload the car, unpack the pieces, and have them evaluated/logged in under one hour!

Once we finished with the drop-off we headed over to Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant for a leisurely lunch and some browsing at the shop. Dinner tonight was at a restaurant that Melita and Bill found – The Warehouse. Tomorrow will be a sightseeing day (yes, there are still places in the area we haven’t visited) and we’ll head home on Saturday.

We’re looking forward to visiting the Exhibit in March. It opens on Wednesday, March 1, and runs through March 31. Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day except Tuesdays. Tickets can be purchased at the Woodlawn website. The café will be open for dining this year. We were tortured with the aroma of the cookies baking while we were there this morning!

I hope that you all have a chance to visit the Exhibit to see the fabulous needlework that is submitted. In addition, there are needlework demonstrations and other activities throughout the month of March.

I do want to thank all of the NJNA members who submitted pieces to this wonderful Exhibit. NJNA’s support of this Exhibit is truly appreciated.

Happy Stitching!


What’s Happening at NJNA 1/28/23


The January meeting was a reminder that we are financially ready to start a new year of fun but to be part of that fun it’s time to pay dues ! We are not the only organization with this dreary task at this time of year. Remember to send in your dues for ANG national as well. ANG is also about to email out tax donation letters for 2022 shortly.

We have 2 co-VP’s of membership – Jean J. and Julie V. – welcome aboard. If you have any membership questions they will be glad to answer them, including about dues !!

There is also the house cleaning issue of the Chapter By-Laws. They have been reviewed, cleaned up and approved by national. Shortly they will be mailed to all members to be voted on in March. Please look them over before voting and if you have any questions please direct them to Linda M.

We also had a more in depth talk by Melita Glavin on her stunning creation that was picked by ANG to be the Stitch Of The Month (SOTM). Such a beautiful design – it’s hard to decide on which colorway to choose. Cathryn C. spoke about the guild year long project – stitching a counted piece. She had quite an array of choices to get inspiration from – so many yet so little time !! She would like to know what you will be stitching by the end of the first week in Feb. Can’t wait to see the progress over this year. And how many will you be stitching?????

Is there ever enough color in our lives???? Of course we all need a little yellow in our stitching projects but now Pepper Pot has 29 New Colors ! Check with your LNS for the newest ones or go to Pepper Pot and check them out-Pepper Pot – 29 new Pepper Pot colors added | Planet Earth Fiber

Planet Earth also has a handy looking small snap wallet which can be purchased as a kit. Check your LNS – great for when you are doing quick errands and don’t want to be weighed down.

The Needlepointer’s web site is having a stitch and save for this week only on Planet Earth self finishing items and those ultra light Walker Bags. Hurry for their 15% off savings – today may be the last day. https://www.theneedlepointer.com/needlepoint/stitch-n-save?cse=nl0123&goal=0_3621358244-b874b721d8-69343533&mc_cid=b874b721d8&mc_eid=2e6039e84f

If you like those adorable retro travel tags by Hedgehog – they also have leather tags for self finishing. New to their line is a swivel snap leather clip which can be purchased alone. The regular buckle version can be changed to the snap. They also have a kit version so you can get the canvas you have been wanting along with the leather tag. Look thru their selection – they are always adding new locations and you have to love the one’s that say Mistletoe and North Pole. https://hedgehogneedlepoint.com/

While checking out Hedgehog they also have another way to get a free canvas called “Give A Damn – Canvas For a Good Cause”. If you provide a receipt for a minimum donation of $50 to specific causes you will receive a Give A Damn Retro Travel Tag for free. https://hedgehogneedlepoint.com/collections/singles/products/give-a-damn-retro-travel-tag-stitch-printed%E2%84%A2%EF%B8%8F-needlepoint-canvas

Blue Dogwood’s web site has Cyber Stitch Guide Projects that can be bought as a kit. The one that caught my eye was called Mountain Vista. Great color combination – the purples and greens are lush looking. The interesting part is the thread being used in the kit – it is bamboo. It’s from South Africa and is made and dyed by hand. Vinni Nielson started the company in 2004 and has grown out of her kitchen and finally into a factory building. You go girl! Vinnis | About (vinniscolours.co.za) Read her story and then check out the Blue Dogwood site for interesting gallery items and canvases. https://bluedogwooddesigns.com/

Recently I started a project on Congress Cloth and soon found that it stretches as you work on it. I was told to try Evertite Bars. They were great but are hard to find. Evan Burroughs is either way behind in production or has stopped making them. I came across a possible substitute – “Adjust A Frame”. Ridgewood Needlepoint recently announced that they are carrying them. They may be something to check out in the store to see how they work.

The weather lately is not seasonal – and I am not complaining about that !! This is the time of year however, to start seeing what is new for Spring. Hold on to your wallets, the Nashville needle market is in March. Some sites are already showing new canvases including Atlantic Blue. https://www.atlanticbluecanvas.com/collections/spring-2023?_kx=_6T6ZEqw3FzRTyL6whjCxpBoWNmvx7M7ogeQHpVHlzk%3D.SdsruM They have some really nice lighthouse and golf canvases along with a Florida Lobster that almost looks too real. The unique canvas though is a “Pickle Ball Court” !!

Look what is new from Eye Candy – Ada has been busy !!! New hearts just in time for Valentine’s Day, the adorable Peeky Kitty, Candy Carts and much more to look at. http://www.eyecandyneedleart.com/EyeCandy_Needleart/EyeCandy_Needleart_Catalog/Pages/Whats_New.html

Who was that famous stitcher? That is the very creative Vicky Witterschein. She works in the Edwardian Needle and has an amazing sense of color. Last year she received her NAN certification and has been designing and giving classes.

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is?

What’s Happening at NJNA 1/14/23


If you are on the fence about joining NJNA you should just do it ! I can tell you that we had a wonderful holiday party this past Saturday! Thanks to Cathryn, we had a room in The Grain House in Basking Ridge for the afternoon. The food was wonderful and the place was interesting with all it’s history but the women that gathered together were the best part. We got to talk to people we usually don’t see in person and got to see their beautiful stitching for those that brought show and tell. We were also treated to a quick talk by Melita Glavin on her piece that ANG chose for SOTM. First – those pictures do this project absolutely no justice. She had 5 colorways on display and one was more beautiful than the next one. Her journey to the final design was interesting to listen to AND we will get to have her explain possibly in more detail at this months meeting. We had the best time and I over heard several say that they hope the holiday party is done this way again next year.

I almost forgot – everyone also got a gift !! One of our favorite NJNA friends – Trish Vine, was commissioned by NJNA to make up thread bags. A great item for keeping your threads together and not getting tangled in your project bag. Inside the thread bag was some DMC floss, a little something form Sundance beads, a list of the officers so you know who to get in touch with if need be, and a copy of the pattern to make an NJNA name tag. One more thing – several NJNA business cards were included for you to hand out if someone is interested in having fun with us. Cathryn, Linda and all who worked on the holiday luncheon – great job !!

Thank you Melita for the pic – Trish also put a tag with our name on the inside – good job Trish!

Did everyone get the new issue of Needlepoint Now????? By now you probably know that the magazine was sold and Andrea Santiamo, her daughter Marisa and great friend Karen Sanicola are the new owners. I held my breath to see if the new version was improved and yes it is! The layout is a bit different and there are little tips here and there relating to the project being discussed. Some of the articles are from people that were in the issues before the change over and there are some new people writing articles like Tony Minieri (he always has an interesting take on stitching a piece). There is also a great article by NJNA’s own Barbara L. on “Classroom Charm”. Finally – someone put it out there that taking a class has etiquette to be followed for everyone to have fun and enjoy the teacher and project that you chose to do. Even the stitch guide for the cover project was done by Pam Miller, owner of one of NJNA’s favorite brick and mortar stores – Edwardian Needle. Pick up a copy of the new and improved magazine, well worth it !

As long as we are talking about magazines, the new Needle Pointers from ANG is now available online and should be in your mail box shortly. Just another reason to be doing this fabulous hobby we do. This issue is packed, packed, packed with interesting things. From the front cover with the Jean Hilton stitches to the spectacular back cover and all that is in between. I am going to tease you with the cover front and back and Florentina the gnome just made me smile.

We are again at the beginning of a new year and for many people it’s time to clean out your orts from 2022. Many people throw them as they go. I tend to use the Trish Vine collapsible boxes (I have them all over as I stitch in several places and neatness counts!). I have had too many times that I needed a small piece for a place I missed or a repair. Others take it to a new art form. From the “yes – they make something for any occasion” school of thought – you can buy a decorative ort container. I read that some people put orts in clear ornaments for the Xmas tree and others use them to stuff pincushions. I am not sure that I want to be reminded of all that I ripped out over the last year. Here is a web site for those that enjoy the array of color we all produce from our projects. https://www.modernhoopla.co/shop/p/flossbox

Sales – Sales – Sales Everyone is having sales which is a good thing! A bargain for us and room for the new spring items coming. So how many canvases did you buy???? I will admit to 10 – most of them small LOL !! This is also the time of year that clubs are starting. Some new ones about to start are: Barbara’s Needlepoint Elf Club https://www.barbarasneedlepoint.com/collections/elf-series?syclid=cevgjfrgulugf77m9o3g or The Needlepointer is doing a club with the cutest small hoot owls by Eye Candy https://www.theneedlepointer.com/hoot-owls-clubbrfont-color78b159-fontsize8pxjust-launchedfont/p8501804 and they also have “The Crown of the Month” just starting.Crown of the Month Club (Just Launched) | Needlepoint Canvases & Threads | The Needlepointer Store – $119.95 AND -they just put in an Easter Bunny Family. So much to pick from – so little time to finish!!

We are now one month away from Valentine’s Day though I kind of like the unofficial holiday that today is – National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day! Some stores have some beautiful canvases to mark the day of love. Atlantic Blue has some very neat looking small hearts for a quick project. https://www.atlanticbluecanvas.com/collections/all

Flying Needles has a beautiful heart tree and adorable Melissa Shirley Valentine Kids with a stitch guide by Carolyn Hedge Baird https://theflyingneedles.com/search?q=heart+tree

Check out Hannah Bass – they have the cutest needle minders along with a great tool holder. https://hannahbass.com/?_kx=fu3RrIDJqF6Kwgrghp5shSo7IfVeZUIk2VGvd680Gdc%3D.R3Ak4A

I was staring at several canvas’s in the Edwardian and after watching them long enough I bought one. In talking to someone in the needlepoint industry I found out that they are by a new designer group called ” Five Chix Designs” and they are from New Jersey. While going thru the new Needlepoint Now magazine I saw an ad by them. I can only conclude that it was sign! (Good thing I bought one!) They don’t have a web site and only sell directly to stores. Check out some of their designs – interesting and different.

This – That – and The Other Thing:

Melissa Shirley will no longer be sending out trunk shows – everything will be online and you order thru the store * Old World Designs in Menlo Park CA just signed a 3 year lease and will be around for what they call “Lots of Hijinx” in 2023 * Stitching Fox in South Carolina has an interesting concept – the “Re Do Day” Tony Minieri will be in that shop at the end of July. They have reserved July 30th for any stitcher’s with Tony stitch guides that need help on any Tony retreat project. * Stitch Stash has a magnet of the month club with 3 options https://stitch-stash.com/collections/monthly-magnet-club-2023 * I am seeing lots of beginner needlepoint class for new stitcher’s – hope it’s a big trend.

On a sad note, the needlepoint world lost 2 wonderful stitcher’s, teachers, designers… Brenda Hart and Janet Burnett. Both passed away at the end of December. Brenda Hart created award winning needlework, published 6 books and loved teaching. Janet Burnett you will remember from Burnett and Bradley which eventually became Kirk & Bradley. She co-owned a store and went on to paint over 3,000 designs. Both women will be missed in the needlepoint world.

Tips and Tricks:

Do you do smaller canvases? If so, a neat way to organize them is with a “Scrapbook”. I had to watch the video myself to understand and it is actually a great idea that I saw on Chilly Hollow. Take a look at how organized you can be ( I may have to roll my eyes on that one). https://www.instagram.com/p/Cm9H2x7O7i3/?next=%2F

Who was that famous stitcher? That was Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie. A writer of many popular novels and plays. She was the creator of the famous character Hercule Poirot. He showed up in 33 novels and many short stories. Her favorite color was green!

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is??

What’s Happening at NJNA 12/17/22


Our next meeting will be this coming week – Wednesday December 21st at 7 PM. What a tough time of year to have a meeting! So many people are heading out for the holidays so it will be another “stress free” meeting with elections along with the usual business meeting and Show and Tell. For the holiday we will have a Trivia Challenge and to start off the New Year, Cathryn will be speaking about the 2023 Counted Canvas Projects.

A reminder that our After the Holiday Luncheon will be on January 7 at the Grain House in Basking Ridge. If you have not paid yet, please do so ASAP. If you have not signed up and want to attend, please contact Cathryn to see if there is room left.

Woodlawn Needlework Show is approaching very quickly. They are celebrating their 60th year and as usual NJNA is a supporter of the event. Please register the pieces you plan to exhibit now that registration is open and bring them to either the Holiday Lunch or the January Chapter meeting on January 18. If you can’t make either of those dates, please contact Linda M to arrange for a meeting place. Let’s see how many ice cream cones we can hang on their walls !!

ANG met their goal !! And then some !!!!

Dues for ANG can be paid now on the web site for 2023. If you need to pay in another form they will have all the information you need. NJNA dues are to be paid during the month of January for the year 2023. We now accept Zelle or you can mail a check to Rosie.

The 2023 Stitch of the month has been revealed and the designer is our own Melita Glavin. She will be talking to us about it at the January 2023 meeting. She will also be coming to our Holiday Luncheon and she promised to bring the finished colorways so we can all see them and decide which one we want to do. It’s so much fun having celebrity designer’s as part of the guild. The first month’s instructions along with the list of threads needed will be released January 2nd on the ANG web site.

So – a couple of blogs back I asked you if you are a member of Cyberpointers ! They have several projects under Meeting Programs I liked and in particular the “Corners and Curves”. I opened the explanation and the leader is Terri Sanders but this is actually a Lorene Salt design. The best part of this one is – it’s free !! You just need to register starting January 15th. They show 3 colorways. I will be first in line !!! CyberPointers – The Internet based chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild

Want something different for the holiday’s??? Ask for a seat at M’s Canvas House in November 2023. The “Squad” is coming back from Nov 2-5 2023. If you always wanted to have a class with either Suzanne, Tony or Meredith here is your opportunity to get 3 for 1. M’s asks that you call the store to sign up at 859-253-1302.

Looking for a more relaxed way to get together and stitch with fellow stitcher’s? Check out Atlantic Blue Canvas. They have a Live Events section on their web site. Earlier in December they had an event in both NYC and Hoboken NJ. If your a snow bird you might want to join the fun on Delray Beach on Dec 29th. The picture alone makes you want to try it out. Products – Atlantic Blue Canvas

One of everyone’s favorite to stitch with is Kreinik and they are discontinuing 2 colors from their holographic line. The numbers are 012L and 026L. If you are using them for a project make sure you have enough as they can no longer get the raw materials needed to make them. Also, those lovely Premax Scissors are going up in price starting 1/1. Look at Kreinik’s web site for all the styles and then ask your LNS to order them if they don’t already have them. http://www.kreinik.com/shops/Premax-R-Scissors/

Can’t get your stitched item finished in time for the holiday – check out Beth Ganz Designs for self finishing items that are different. The web site has not only several interesting options but a video to show you how to do it.Home (bethgantzdesigns.com)

If you own a Turtle Bag you know about how easy it is to put a piece of needlepoint in the opening – no finishing required. Designers are finally catching up on these bags and creating designs that are made for the opening !! Check out Colors of Praise – when you go to the main web page they have Fall 2022 New Designs – there you will find a category for Turtle Bag Inserts. Such colorful designs to choose from. I am sure that other designers will be showing this size canvas very soon. https://colorsofpraiseneedlepoint.com/

It’s definitely a bit late for this year to do an ornament – unless your a turbo stitcher !! Maybe it’s easier to just get a head start on next year. The Needlepointer has a pretty 12 month club called “Mini Baubles”. It doesn’t start until March so you have some time but don’t wait too long or it will be like groundhog day all over again !! Club – Mini Baubles (Limited Seats Available) | Needlepoint Canvases & Threads | The Needlepointer Store – $149.95

If you want to just do some small items and not commit to a club check out Pippin – they have some new small designs and as always they are just too cute. Love the straw hats but I think the crowns fit the bill better !! LOL

Then there is the always wonderful gift card ! Family Needlework is having a deal – Buy $100 gift card and get $120 !! A bargain for sure. https://familyartsneedlework.com/collections/gift-certificate?goal=0_94f8f95c9c-45e83fe987-471272985&mc_cid=45e83fe987&mc_eid=12872b76d6

I was looking thru the Chilly Hollow web site and as usual Jane is on top of things – sadly Wollman Designs is going to retire BUT she says she may move on to something else so we should watch to see what she does !! She is giving ample warning as she is closing down in Nov 2023. If you have never seen her fabulous creations check them out. She takes out dated needlepoint and reuses it to create beautiful one of a kind pumpkins and acorns. smWollman Designs

Tips and Tricks Everything you ever wanted to know about needles by John James company. There is definitely more than I ever thought about. It also gets “Right To The Point” ugh !!! Needles Guide (jjneedles.com)

Who Was That Famous Stitcher? That handsome guy is David McCaskill. He has been designing and teaching needlepoint for more than 30 years. He will be doing a canvas embellishment class in Feb at The Needlepointer in Sacramento CA. Catch an interview with him on You Tube – he is a “stitch” to listen to.

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is??

We are down to the wire for the holidays – Kirk and Bradley has the right idea !
Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday – will be back to blog more on 1/14 Have a Happy New Year!

What’s Happening at NJNA 12/3/22


This month many of the members are busy with family as it will be so close to Christmas. This equates to a stress free meeting of stitching. From the survey Cathryn did, many members enjoy this type of meeting so whether you will be at the meeting on zoom or in person – bring your current project and relax for an evening of stitching and chatting. Let’s not forget that we will also be voting on the officer’s for next year! A reminder that the holiday get together is a luncheon on Jan 7 at the Grain House in Basking Ridge. Please send in your payment to Rosie ASAP by either Zelle or check. Hope to see many of the members there.

The time has come to renew your ANG national dues. 2023 is the first year of dues covering a calendar year. Check your email as they sent a notice on Dec 1st to let you know your membership is up in under 30 days. There is a box to hit that brings you to where you can take care of it online. NJNA dues are also on a calendar year basis and will stay the same amount. Please Zelle or mail your payment to Rosie.

ANG has been running a donation drive to raise extra funds to support new programs. Someone is willing to match up to $10,000 in donations – WELL – our generous member ship exceeded that amount by over $1,000. They have set a new goal of $30,000 since they already have $21,020. The fund raiser ends on Dec. 16th – they are hoping to get the remaining $8,980 by that time. If you would like to make a donation then go to ANG and help them out. https://www.needlepoint.org/donations/Default.asp?_zs=QhCog1&_zl=t7ki8

Do you save your Needlepointers magazines – you know – in case you need to refer back as they have great ideas in the Tale Of Two Stitchers article for a piece you have in your stash. Or you want to go back to the Trade Secrets column and re read David McCaskill’s article on tips when using Watercolours. Well, you don’t have to be a “Library” any longer. ANG now has their magazine from the 1980’s on up online in their Archives. Just go to Membership then Magazine and you can read the magazine and or print a page to take with you for reference. No need to feel like a hoarder any longer !

Since the 2023 NJNA project is going to be a counted piece you might want to check out Debbie Rowley’s web site. She has some beautiful counted designs there. You can also find her in the Shining Needle Society. I am so tempted with her Watermelon design! Look at both her counted canvas and her Glitz and Glamour sections. Store – DebBee’s Designs (debbeesdesigns.com)

Sale – Sale – Sale Everyone has been having sales. For the holidays or Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Small Business Sat – if you can think of a name for a day they seem to have a sale for it. Chaparral is having Alice Peterson for the month of December and everything is 30% off – Not a bad sale! https://ndlpt.com/collections/alice-peterson-trunk-show-2022?syclid=ce5q5o37k04e7na09f7g&utm_campaign=emailmarketing_126969282699&utm_medium=email&utm_source=shopify_email

I have also noticed that many of the stores are having multiple trunk shows each month. Talk about having choices. The Needlepointer for December has – Merry L, Cooper Oaks, Debbie’s Designs and Funda Scully. https://www.theneedlepointer.com/needlepoint/trunk-show?nav_id=403&goal=0_3621358244-cb698ac689-69343533&mc_cid=cb698ac689&mc_eid=2e6039e84f

Closer to our area Stitch By Stitch is having 5 trunk shows in December. Beau Verre needleminders, Paul Brent, Sara Fitz, Lizzie Clark and Kate Nelligan. Some of these designers I had never heard of before. There is so much to see I will give you a taste but I think we could all camp out in the store and still not see it all. Second choice is to look at the web site. If all that is not enough, they are also doing a promotion thru Dec 23rd – they will increase any gift certificate purchased by 10% for nothing. A great gift in my opinion. Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

Remember Dale Lenci from Luv 2 Stitch? He closed his store and is now designing one of a kind needle art to be sold at auction. He is donating 10% of the price to charity and he has announced his first auction. It’s over on December 16th if you are interested !!! https://designsdj.com/product/designer-handbag-by-dale-lenci/

If your visiting friends and relatives in California you might want to check the class at Stitched Up Needle works. They are going to have on Dec 11th a 2 hour class on how to make Mini Bows with Laurie Reisinger. Not only great for your needlework but for packages, hair ties etc. They are still rather new so you need to call the store for more information – 669-258-5027

If you didn’t hear – Ewe and Eye and Friends – Gail and Maggie – are retiring or as they put it – they are ready to go to pasture ! Chris Lewis Distributing has picked up their designs so it’s still possible to buy their cute canvases. Thankfully Maggie aka Maggie Co is not quite ready to put her entire foot into the pasture yet. (You gotta love those older women in bathing suits ). Chris Lewis Distributing

Tis the season for gifts !! Not that I think anyone would have a problem picking out a needlepoint related gift – as gift certificates alone make it easy ! BUT – how about a few suggestions

In the order of the pictures – Stitch Stash hand bags in 3 sizes, canvas by Rachel Donley, a new book out by Janet Perry, wooden tool trays from Needle in a Haystack, snap trays also from Needle in a Haystack, canvas by Mopsey , monogram clutch kit from Two’s Company, canvas by Mopsey

Tips and Tricks: I had no idea how many kinds of scissors there were for embroidery. I just read that there is actually a pair of scissors made to cut your threads that are very close to your stretcher bars – no kidding! They are called Double Curved Embroidery Scissors. Read this article from Serendipity Needleworks about the many kinds of scissors and how to take care of them. https://www.serendipityneedleworks.com/scissors-for-needlepoint/

Who was that Famous Stitcher? That is Rachel Donley and you can tell what her favorite things are by the cute canvases she designs. So many things have pink and green in the designs and she must love gingerbread. Her canvases are always cheery and her “Santa Claus The North Pole” canvas is iconic.

Can you guess who this famous stitcher is?

Tomorrow is “National Cookie Day” Make the most of it !!!

What’s Happening at NJNA 11/19/22


This weeks meeting was an overload of information. We are a busy group !!! The most important item was LUNCH!! Please Let Cathryn know if you plan to come to our holiday lunch on Saturday Jan 7th at the Grain House Restaurant. You need to pay in advance and can either send a check to Rosie or Zelle the money. The menu has too many good choices, including desert – tough choice.

In today’s mail was a postcard from Woodlawn. This year is their 60th Annual Needlework Show. We are always a big supporter and they are already accepting submissions starting on Dec 15th. What are you going to send in?

ANG had their annual meeting and if you couldn’t attend via zoom, the entire meeting was recorded and will be on the web site for everyone to check out. Finally, ANG has posted pictures and descriptions of what is being offered at this year’s seminar in Atlanta. Check out the online booklet to see what you want to take: https://online.fliphtml5.com/bjsk/esme/#p=1

Sue C. is still collecting ornaments for the Festival of Trees exhibit. The theme this year is “A tree for all seasons and places” Ornaments of places and holidays all year long would be appreciated !

The December meeting will be exciting as we will be installing all the volunteers for the committees. There are still 2 openings. We are looking for someone to do a summary of the meetings and someone to do the Show and Share. Please consider helping out to make our guild even better. The rest of the meeting will be no stress stitching!! Apparently many enjoy this and we will be incorporating more of it during the coming year.

A reminder that the Edwardian Needle will be open this Wed only until the following week. Make sure you have everything you need for the week she is closed.

So I don’t know about you but when I came home and found the new Needlepoint Now magazine in the mail I ripped it open to read Elizabeth’s Musings. The rumors were true – the magazine has been sold and Elizabeth Bozievich is retiring. So many of us have enjoyed reading her magazine for the last 13 years. I am sure everyone wishes her lots of “unscheduled free time!”

Many of us know the new owner of the magazine – Andrea Santiamo, her daughter Marisa and their close friend Karen Sanicola. For as much as we all loved the magazine I think we are in for a wild new ride, I can’t wait to read the first issue. They have already started with an interesting year long project that is a wreath made up of many leaves all in different stitches and colors. They have partnered with close to 50 LNS and if you don’t have one near by they will help connect you to a virtual club. This is only the start, I am sure they have lots to tease us with in the future – I for one can’t wait. Needlepoint Now Stitch Club – Needlepoint Now

Needlefest – one of the reasons to love Needleworker’s Delight. Of course they have many retreats and Needlefest’s in several locations. They are trying something new with their Christmas in Williamsburg Needlefest – there is a “Virtual” option. For $25 you will be able to chat with the designers at the meet and greet, your automatically entered for the prizes they give away, you can take some of the featured classes and more.

Sale – Sale – Sale It’s that time of year – Tony’s Sale !! Tony Minieri has a sale in his online store once a year and it starts 11/25 thru 12/9. Use the word “Kringle” to get the 25% off. https://www.tonyminieri.com/

Needleworks in Austin TX is having a big sale starting 11/26 thru the end of the year with 30% off – no excuse to not have something to stitch when you have a snow day – it’s a harsh lesson. https://theneedleworks.com/shop/

If you are a lover of Kathy Rees (I myself am a die hard groupie) then you want to check out her web site. In honor of her 50th design in the Color Delights series she is giving 10% off all previous color delights patterns,kits and the Double Delights series for the rest of November – use the code CD 2022 for the discount. She has also warned us that she needs to raise the price on her kits due to the increase in thread cost. She will raise the price during December so you might want to stock up now !! Yes I did ! Needle Delights Originals – Needle Delights Originals

Needlepoint For Fun is having an early Black Friday sale. 25% off English Needlepoint Kits and 50% off the cutest in stock Mini-Mitts – such cute ornaments for grandchildren !!! Or anyone for that matter!https://needlepoint-for-fun.com/search?type=product%2Carticle%2Cpage&q=Mini+Mitts!

Are you a member of Cyberpointers???? You should be !! They have some upcoming projects that are fantastic like Debbie Rowley’s “Fantastic”. If you were drooling over Debbie Rowley’s “Mermaid’s Tail” that was offered at the EGA seminar Broadway Bound then you have the opportunity to now buy the kit and instructions along with other great offerings this coming year. https://www.cyberpointers.org/?p=8649

Don’t think we don’t know that you check out Needlepoint Destashing’s web site (some way more than others!). They are again doing a “Secret Stitcher” – a way to pay it forward and let’s stitchers secretly treat each other to a little surprise. You have an option to buy an ornament size canvas that is then gifted to the order after yours. They will get the surprise in their package along with a note explaining. https://www.needlepointdestashing.com/

Can’t get to a store for a trunk show????? Of course there is a solution – You Tube! Homestead Needle Arts in Michigan is having a Whimsy and Grace trunk show and they have all the canvases on their You Tube Channel. Easy to look at the canvases until you find something and they talk about them as they go along. No need to worry about making store hours !!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTzZ3Amgg3Y30yMhnDPpAcQ

Wool and Willow Needlepoint in Ohio is having an exclusive London series of canvases from Blue Ridge Stitchery. For all those lovers of England and who miss Queen Elizabeth you might want to check this out. From the Corgi to the guard – they are all so pretty. You can buy the canvas or they are selling a kit with not only the threads but a stitch guide by Mary Legallet of Whimsical Stitches. https://www.woolandwillow.com/

In case you missed it – it was snowing last night – yes – already! And we aren’t even near Buffalo !!! To put you in the mood to stitch the season look at Chandail Needlework in TX. They are going to have Kelly Clark teach her beautiful canvas called “Christmas Tea”. The class will be done on Zoom so anyone can sign up. Hurry though as the class will start in early December. https://www.chandailneedlepoint.com/module/class/419227/christmas-tea-taught-by-kelly-clark-december-9-12-2022

Having read the new Needlepoint Now you know this is the year of the Gnome!!! Sew Much Fun is getting in on the action with some new Gnomes (say that 10 times fast) along with some other fun new canvases. Home (sewmuchfun.ca)

Alice Peterson is now doing Scissor Fobs ( an easy gift). Some of the new canvases from the Oct Market are also different from what we expect to see, lots of small ornaments and some great looking doorways. A little something for everyone. 2022 October Archives | Alice Peterson Company

Tips and Tricks: According to Needlepoint.com there are 3 top ways to add texture to your project. 3 Tips Every Stitcher Needs To Add Texture to a Canvas – Needlepoint.Com

Who was that famous stitcher? You will find her blue jean jacket canvas on my Turtle Bag – that is Audrey Wu. A relatively new designer originally from Taiwan that started out designing jewelry. Audrey Wu Needlepoint | Audrey Wu Designs – AudreyWu Designs

Can you guess who this famous stitcher is??