Butterfly Mosaic


Today started with a 10 minute wait for the elevator along with a number of other stitchers. We did make it to class on time. And what a great class it is. Carlene Hardwick is a very relaxed teacher who is constantly on the move around the classroom helping and guiding as needed. We worked primarily on the butterflies today and have a portion of each stitch in one section or another. That will be the first part that I complete when I get home. Several women had trouble finding the correct “body part” to place the new stitch and put it in the wrong section. Instead of removing what was done, she just suggested they exchange places for the stitches. I like someone who can be flexible. I know that I will enjoy the piece!

Close-up of Butterfly Mosaic after Day 1

There was one marking on the diagram that a stitcher asked why it was there and her reply was “George forgot to remove it”.  George is her husband/editor. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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