Last day


I can’t believe how quickly the week went by and yet last Saturday seems a long time ago. Has anything important happened in the world that we wouldn’t have picked up from USA Today? We haven’t had the TV on since we arrived. (I got the Yankee scores online). Today was a repeat of yesterday for me; just a wonderful class with a great teacher. We did a few of the blocks and reviewed the others. By changing the colors and rotating the canvas, it looks like a greater variety of stitches. The only problem will be to make sure that I am orienting the canvas correctly and using the right stitch and threads for each block.

Butterfly Mosaic at end of Friday!

After class, I needed to stretch out the leg muscles a bit so I walked to the LOVE square park–turned out to be a much shorter walk than I anticipated but I passed a number of interesting buildings.

City of Brotherly Love!

Tonight is the Awards Banquet. The NJNA gals, except Susan H., an award winner, will be sitting together. You can imagine the trouble we will create!
I am looking forward to our September meeting and seeing/showing our projects!

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