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Background Sampler Workshop – Day 3


Seven members of NJNA met with Cathryn C at Needleworker’s Delight in Metuchen for the third and final day of our Background Sampler workshop. Today would focus on the four corner sections as well as address any questions from the earlier sections.

As usual, Cathryn teased us by doing an easy stitch first in the upper left corner – couched window pane with filler – which went quickly. She then moved us onto a little more challenge with an eyelets pattern in the lower left. After lunch, the real challenge began with the Oriental Octagon stitch in the upper right corner, which is sort of like blackwork! Imagine that David McCaskill’s Background Sampler II has overlapping oriental octagons! Even Kevin commented you could hear a pin drop with the concentration as we all counted! We ended the day with the Diagonal Trellis in the bottom right, another wise move by Cathryn to end on a bit easier stitch!

As always, Kevin and Jimmy from Needlworker’s Delight are outstanding hosts, providing lunch and snacks throughout the day in addition to the excellent lighting in the work space. It’s a wonderful shop that is friendly and welcoming in addition to having an excellent supply of charts, canvas, painted canvas, threads, and needlework tools.

Thanks again to Cathryn and Needleworker’s Delight for providing this opportunity for us. We’ll look forward to our next workshop.


NJNA Workshop!


Hi Everyone —

Twelve of us met this weekend at Needleworker’s Delight in Metuchen for the first two days of our three day workshop of David McCaskill’s “Background Stitches 1” led by our own Cathryn C.  Our hosts at the shop were long on hospitality and we had a wonderful time learning, stitching, shopping, eating, and chatting.


I, for one, have a few new ideas for my Lombard Street canvas!  Now I have lots of stitching to do before the next session in November!

Thanks to Tina for arranging the workshop!

Cheers, Rosie

Two days at the Winter Stitching Retreat


This past week I went up to Sturbridge, Massachusetts to the Winter Stitching Retreat run by Sue Donnelly.  You could sign up for five days of stitching with great meals or less.  As this was my first time, I decided to try two days.  There were two other NJNA members stitching there this week, Ada D. and the mysterious Ellen S.  They both spent all five days stitching.  The retreat is held at the Publick House complex, a very old hotel.

The stitching room with two NJNA members and friends

There were about ten tables of stitchers working on a variety of embroidery related items, some huge, some small, some cross stitch, some needlepoint and other techniques as well.  As you know we are always looking for new tools for our hobby.  One woman was using a bead mat about the size of a 3 X 5 card held onto her canvas by a strong rare earth magnet.  Nancy gave us all the information we need to buy one for ourselves!

Meals were an important part of this retreat!  We had a choice of about three main courses and three desserts for each lunch and dinner which we selected about a week before the event.  I enjoyed everything and heard nothing from others except how good it was.   The fruit offering for dessert at each meal was always fresh and loaded with flavor and there was always a delicious choice from the inn bakery.  The waitstaff was always on top of things and ready to respond to a request for another cup of tea or coffee.  Conversation and laughter flowed at every meal.

Do we look happy?!!!

The accommodations were very good and available in several places at the Publick House, in the main building, next door in a newer building and about a block away in a motel like building.  I stayed in the motel, walked down for breakfast and then drove down for class as we did not want to walk up the hill after evening stitching in the dark.  The weather was beautiful so the walk and distance was not an issue.

Other inducements to come included a lovely reusable gift bag which included several design charts, a spool of Kreinik, a card of Weeks Dyeworks, a sample of lotion, Kreinik thread color chart, a button pin for the event for stitching.  There was even a Victoria Sampler Christmas Cardinal stocking design with the thread/bead pack included.  The hotel kept ice and ice water available at all times.  Cookies were set out daily which I do not even try as I filled up at the meals.  A nearby shop was the vendor with numerous cross stitch designs, a few accessories and a few Nancy’s Needle counted work designs.  The owner would take orders for threads she carried and bring the threads in the following day for those requesting.  Each evening after dinner about ten names were drawn for door prizes that had been donated primarily by companies such as Kreinik and 123stitch.

If you think you might be interested, check the website for Stitchers Hideaway which should have the information posted for next year by mid March.


Alternative Seminar – Class III


As I was writing the previous blogs it dawned on me that I never posted about the third class I started last Fall.  So, here’s progress on another project – Background Sampler I designed by David McCaskill.  The class is being taught by our own Cathryn C at Ridgewood Needlepoint.

This piece is being stitched in Anchor pearl cotton and floss, with a Threadworx overdye thrown in for some interest.  I am stitching in the gray colorway although there are several other colorways available.

There is a back story to this project.  I had originally seen it on a Facebook post and contacted David about getting the instructions for both samplers, choosing the gray canvas.  I then sort of forgot about it.  Fast forward a month or so – Ridgewood Needlepoint posted that they were offering the class.  I signed up for the class although they did not offer the gray colorway (I chose lavender instead).  A few weeks later I got a call from the shop that my kit was ready for pick-up (had to do some pre-work before class).  Wouldn’t you know – that same day I got home to find a package from David with the instructions and gray canvas for both samplers!

I apologize for the picture; I just couldn’t get a good angle on the lighting so it looks a bit washed-out.  We have our third class on Sunday so I’ll try to get a better photo for next time.


The Wright Friends – Finished


Technically I didn’t finish this piece during my holiday vacation; I completed it last night after having time on vacation to stitch.  This is, of course, The Wright Friends, designed and taught by Tony Minieri.  You may recall that I was able to take this two-day workshop through the ANG Central Jersey Chapter (CJCANG).  Many of you have seen the finished piece at NeedleFest or one of our monthly meetings since the original “Wright Friends” are local to our area.

It is a stunning piece and the colors are luscious.  I just love the pinwheel effect.  It’s off to the framer this weekend.  I’m not sure yet what mats will be used – Cathryn C used the turquoise and a hint of purple on her framed piece.  I was thinking of purple with a hint of the chartreuse/green since those are my daughter’s favorite colors (and that’s why it’s oriented that way in the photo).  Tony’s model used all four colors with the pink on top.  I may just have to play a bit when I’m at the framer.


Thank You Jean Complete


Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I decided to take some time off this week to relax and get caught up on my needlework projects before starting some major projects for next year.

This past weekend I was able to finish Thank You Jean by Karen Garinger, the class I ghosted through the ANG Mt. Rainier Chapter.  I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I think it is just a great piece.  It will be an ANG Cyberclass in 2018 for anyone interested.

Over the rest of my week off I hope to finish a few more pieces that were started this year.

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year – best wishes for 2017!


Alternative Seminar – Class II


This past week I started the second class in what I’m calling my “Alternative Seminar”. I am ghosting a class through the ANG Mt. Rainier Chapter – Thank You Jean, which is a study of Jean Hilton stitches.  The designer is Karen Garinger, a member of that chapter. We have a Facebook page so that we can ask questions, share photos, and get advice from Karen.  She told us that the piece was originally intended as Frank Lloyd Wright-inspried but as the design evolved it was clearly using the stitches devised by Jean.

I originally saw the piece on Facebook and signed up immediately.  I am stitching it on black 18-count canvas although it was also available with red and green canvas.  The threads are all silver/gray.  Interestingly, the project also includes a piece of chiffon which is mounted between the canvas and the stretcher bars.  When we first got the kit (which was beautifully shipped, by the way, and included a project bag), I assumed the chiffon was provided to give the piece some “texture”.  kitHowever, Karen explained that when she stitched the piece she found  some of the threads showed through the canvas and, since there was no way to avoid some dragging, the chiffon provides backing to help hide those threads.  I have heard of stitchers who mount felt or other material behind their canvases so that they don’t have to worry about dragging threads, but have not done so myself before now.

The threads include Shimmer Ribbon , Silk Lame Braid, Kreinik, Neon Rays and DMC rayon floss and perle cotton, and Sulky Metallic. The first step was to complete the outer and inner borders which are stitched in #8 perle cotton in satin stitch. I started stitching last weekend and was able to do only an hour or two a day during the week. It was a very stressful week at work so those few hours in the evening were therapeutic for me. I managed to finish the borders on Thursday night.


Step 2 is to place Waffle Stitches along the long side between the inner and outer borders. The Waffles are stitched in two colors of the Shimmer Ribbon. I did get a few of those done last night and will continue with the Waffles today. Here you can see the placement of the Waffles. These are done in a silver Shimmer Ribbon and the stitches in between will be done in a darker gray Shimmer Ribbon.  border-waffles-093016

I am looking forward to sitting down later today to complete the areas between the borders.  I’ll post progress in a few days.

Happy Stitching!