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The Wright Friends – Finished


Technically I didn’t finish this piece during my holiday vacation; I completed it last night after having time on vacation to stitch.  This is, of course, The Wright Friends, designed and taught by Tony Minieri.  You may recall that I was able to take this two-day workshop through the ANG Central Jersey Chapter (CJCANG).  Many of you have seen the finished piece at NeedleFest or one of our monthly meetings since the original “Wright Friends” are local to our area.

It is a stunning piece and the colors are luscious.  I just love the pinwheel effect.  It’s off to the framer this weekend.  I’m not sure yet what mats will be used – Cathryn C used the turquoise and a hint of purple on her framed piece.  I was thinking of purple with a hint of the chartreuse/green since those are my daughter’s favorite colors (and that’s why it’s oriented that way in the photo).  Tony’s model used all four colors with the pink on top.  I may just have to play a bit when I’m at the framer.


The Wright Friends Part II


I continued to work on The Wright Friends through the past week. I have other classes lined up (more later) so I wanted to get to a good stopping point. I mentioned in my previous post that we worked on the fuchsia window in class. We also started on the center square in the class. I finished that center square and started/completed the lime green window. I’ve declared myself half complete since I still have to fill in some beads on the first two windows as well as stitch the remaining two windows.


The remaining windows are purple and turquoise which I’m planning to complete in the next month but I’m off to start another project. I’m hoping to post about that class later this week.

I usually watch DVDs while I’m stitching – I rarely watch shows when they’re actually on tv and prefer to “binge watch” several episodes at once.  I couldn’t make up my mind what to watch so I listened to an audiobook recommended by a friend:  The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.  It is the story of two sisters in occupied France during WWII and how the choices they make in reaction to the events affect their lives.  I enjoyed the story thoroughly and I thought the narrator, Polly Stone, was excellent. I recommend it highly.

Happy Stitching!

Alternative Seminar – Class 1


I’ve probably mentioned this in the past but  my bucket list includes attending an ANG (and an EGA) National Seminar. I can only imagine the thrill of being able to take a few classes, chat with fellow stitchers, shop, and retire to a room that has been prepared by someone else. It sounds like heaven. Alas, I am resigned to waiting a few more years to experience that pleasure. It just won’t happen with college move-in occurring at the same time as ANG Seminar and having to budget vacation days for all those other college-oriented events. However, I do keep my eyes open for classes offered locally (and those held on weekends are an added bonus) or by mail/on-line.

This weekend I was able to attend a two-day workshop organized by the ANG Central Jersey Chapter: The Wright Friends designed and taught by Tony Minieri. You can read about the piece on Tony’s website. As many of you know I have taken more than a few of his classes and always learn so much.

The workshop was held at the Colts Neck Library and the venue was just amazing. The room was large enough to provide ample room for about 15 stitchers at tables and we were all able to spread out comfortably. Although plenty of extension cords were provided for additional lighting not many of us needed it; the overhead lighting was sufficient for stitching. Additional tables were set up to allow us to enjoy bagels and other goodies before the class as well as our lunches and more goodies during breaks.

Stitching started promptly at 9:30 a.m. and we worked one of the four windows. The windows are stitched alike but with variation on the four colors – fuchsia, turquoise, purple, and lime green. As always, Tony’s designs feature unique stitches as well as familiar stitches used in unique ways. Those of you who attended our August meeting saw Cathryn’s beautifully stitched and finished piece up close.

At the end of the two days my first window was about 95 percent complete, although I do have to admit that I found a few mistakes that needed to be ripped out before I could complete the window. Here is what the fuchsia window looked like at the end of the second day. You’ll note that there are accents of turquoise to the right and lime green to the left –  the adjacent windows will be turquoise and lime green.


I am planning to work on The Wright Friends this week before starting on Class 2, which will be the subject of another post.

Kudos to ANG CJC for organizing a fantastic workshop. I enjoyed stitching with this group and hope to participate in other programs with them.

Happy Stitching!