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What’s Happening at NJNA 1/14/23


If you are on the fence about joining NJNA you should just do it ! I can tell you that we had a wonderful holiday party this past Saturday! Thanks to Cathryn, we had a room in The Grain House in Basking Ridge for the afternoon. The food was wonderful and the place was interesting with all it’s history but the women that gathered together were the best part. We got to talk to people we usually don’t see in person and got to see their beautiful stitching for those that brought show and tell. We were also treated to a quick talk by Melita Glavin on her piece that ANG chose for SOTM. First – those pictures do this project absolutely no justice. She had 5 colorways on display and one was more beautiful than the next one. Her journey to the final design was interesting to listen to AND we will get to have her explain possibly in more detail at this months meeting. We had the best time and I over heard several say that they hope the holiday party is done this way again next year.

I almost forgot – everyone also got a gift !! One of our favorite NJNA friends – Trish Vine, was commissioned by NJNA to make up thread bags. A great item for keeping your threads together and not getting tangled in your project bag. Inside the thread bag was some DMC floss, a little something form Sundance beads, a list of the officers so you know who to get in touch with if need be, and a copy of the pattern to make an NJNA name tag. One more thing – several NJNA business cards were included for you to hand out if someone is interested in having fun with us. Cathryn, Linda and all who worked on the holiday luncheon – great job !!

Thank you Melita for the pic – Trish also put a tag with our name on the inside – good job Trish!

Did everyone get the new issue of Needlepoint Now????? By now you probably know that the magazine was sold and Andrea Santiamo, her daughter Marisa and great friend Karen Sanicola are the new owners. I held my breath to see if the new version was improved and yes it is! The layout is a bit different and there are little tips here and there relating to the project being discussed. Some of the articles are from people that were in the issues before the change over and there are some new people writing articles like Tony Minieri (he always has an interesting take on stitching a piece). There is also a great article by NJNA’s own Barbara L. on “Classroom Charm”. Finally – someone put it out there that taking a class has etiquette to be followed for everyone to have fun and enjoy the teacher and project that you chose to do. Even the stitch guide for the cover project was done by Pam Miller, owner of one of NJNA’s favorite brick and mortar stores – Edwardian Needle. Pick up a copy of the new and improved magazine, well worth it !

As long as we are talking about magazines, the new Needle Pointers from ANG is now available online and should be in your mail box shortly. Just another reason to be doing this fabulous hobby we do. This issue is packed, packed, packed with interesting things. From the front cover with the Jean Hilton stitches to the spectacular back cover and all that is in between. I am going to tease you with the cover front and back and Florentina the gnome just made me smile.

We are again at the beginning of a new year and for many people it’s time to clean out your orts from 2022. Many people throw them as they go. I tend to use the Trish Vine collapsible boxes (I have them all over as I stitch in several places and neatness counts!). I have had too many times that I needed a small piece for a place I missed or a repair. Others take it to a new art form. From the “yes – they make something for any occasion” school of thought – you can buy a decorative ort container. I read that some people put orts in clear ornaments for the Xmas tree and others use them to stuff pincushions. I am not sure that I want to be reminded of all that I ripped out over the last year. Here is a web site for those that enjoy the array of color we all produce from our projects.

Sales – Sales – Sales Everyone is having sales which is a good thing! A bargain for us and room for the new spring items coming. So how many canvases did you buy???? I will admit to 10 – most of them small LOL !! This is also the time of year that clubs are starting. Some new ones about to start are: Barbara’s Needlepoint Elf Club or The Needlepointer is doing a club with the cutest small hoot owls by Eye Candy and they also have “The Crown of the Month” just starting.Crown of the Month Club (Just Launched) | Needlepoint Canvases & Threads | The Needlepointer Store – $119.95 AND -they just put in an Easter Bunny Family. So much to pick from – so little time to finish!!

We are now one month away from Valentine’s Day though I kind of like the unofficial holiday that today is – National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day! Some stores have some beautiful canvases to mark the day of love. Atlantic Blue has some very neat looking small hearts for a quick project.

Flying Needles has a beautiful heart tree and adorable Melissa Shirley Valentine Kids with a stitch guide by Carolyn Hedge Baird

Check out Hannah Bass – they have the cutest needle minders along with a great tool holder.

I was staring at several canvas’s in the Edwardian and after watching them long enough I bought one. In talking to someone in the needlepoint industry I found out that they are by a new designer group called ” Five Chix Designs” and they are from New Jersey. While going thru the new Needlepoint Now magazine I saw an ad by them. I can only conclude that it was sign! (Good thing I bought one!) They don’t have a web site and only sell directly to stores. Check out some of their designs – interesting and different.

This – That – and The Other Thing:

Melissa Shirley will no longer be sending out trunk shows – everything will be online and you order thru the store * Old World Designs in Menlo Park CA just signed a 3 year lease and will be around for what they call “Lots of Hijinx” in 2023 * Stitching Fox in South Carolina has an interesting concept – the “Re Do Day” Tony Minieri will be in that shop at the end of July. They have reserved July 30th for any stitcher’s with Tony stitch guides that need help on any Tony retreat project. * Stitch Stash has a magnet of the month club with 3 options * I am seeing lots of beginner needlepoint class for new stitcher’s – hope it’s a big trend.

On a sad note, the needlepoint world lost 2 wonderful stitcher’s, teachers, designers… Brenda Hart and Janet Burnett. Both passed away at the end of December. Brenda Hart created award winning needlework, published 6 books and loved teaching. Janet Burnett you will remember from Burnett and Bradley which eventually became Kirk & Bradley. She co-owned a store and went on to paint over 3,000 designs. Both women will be missed in the needlepoint world.

Tips and Tricks:

Do you do smaller canvases? If so, a neat way to organize them is with a “Scrapbook”. I had to watch the video myself to understand and it is actually a great idea that I saw on Chilly Hollow. Take a look at how organized you can be ( I may have to roll my eyes on that one).

Who was that famous stitcher? That was Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie. A writer of many popular novels and plays. She was the creator of the famous character Hercule Poirot. He showed up in 33 novels and many short stories. Her favorite color was green!

Do You Know Who This Famous Stitcher Is??