What’s Happening at NJNA 5/6/23


This months meeting is going to be busy. The business of forming a nominating committee for the election of officers is on the agenda. If you would like to stand up and play a part in our organization, please let Linda M know. This is Linda M’s last term as President and there are other open positions as well – most probably can be done remotely.

Please respond to the email sent out by Linda M about the class being held on How To Finish An Ornament with Kelly Starke. A head count is needed to make the arrangements.

Jacqui C. will be teaching us how to make cording. One of those items everyone admires on a finished ornament. And there will be more discussion on how to make thread choices for the ornaments. Don’t forget to send in your Show and Tell to Noelle at her new email address – she does such a great job making everyone envious of so many wonderful finishes.

NEWS FLASH !!! Everyone’s favorite – Trish Vine Designs is going to do a Pop Up at the Edwardian Needle on TUESDAY May 23rd from Noon to 3 PM. The Edwardian is not usually open on Tuesday but Pam is making an exception. Be there early as many of us have encountered the Trish Vine Swarm of followers. Just in case you don’t know about Trish – she is one of the hardest working woman in the Needlepoint World. Everything she does makes us happy! To name a few of her products: Canvas Keepers, Thread Keepers, Project Bags, Ort Holders, Snap Trays, Needle Books and so much more. If she doesn’t have what you need she will make it for you. Don’t be late !!

Classes – Retreats – Classes – Retreats – Lots to choose from !!! Serendipity is having a Virtual Retreat on July 28th and 29th. Ellen has lots of things planned that you will participate in from the comfort of your own home. Check it out: https://www.serendipityneedleworks.com/2023-girlfriends-getaway/

The Enriched Stitch is having a Zoom class on this patriotic canvas on May 20th from 1- 3 PM. Something to do on the beach over the holiday weekend. https://enrichedstitch.myshopify.com/products/usa-complete-kit-and-zoom-class

The Enriched Stitch is also having a summer Stitch In on June 17th. A fun thing to do and better yet – make it a weekend !! https://enrichedstitch.myshopify.com/products/summer-stitch-in

If you want to be closer to home, Pam of Edwardian Needle is giving a class in beginner ribbon work. She creates some of the prettiest things. A nice spring project to learn with. Call the shop to sign up 973-743-9833

Stitched Up Needleworks has a new monthly club – ready for it? – Gnomes Looking for Homes ! It runs for 12 months and starts in June. Call the store or email them.

Today is Coronation Day – King Charles III was crowned today so of course there are canvases to commemorate the event! Wool and Willow have a category on their web site called “All Things British” – some great selections !! https://www.woolandwillow.com/product-category/all-things-british/

Pippin also has a great canvas for the occasion called Gowns and Crowns – for the younger set ! They also have some great new canvases for both summer and winter.

It’s almost here – next weekend is Mother’s Day. What is one of the first thing’s you think of for that holiday ??? Flowers ! You can’t get more variety of flowers than by Jean Smith – here are some of her newest canvases. https://www.jeansmithdesigns.com/copy-of-new-designs-2022

KC Needlepoint has an interesting offer along with a new kit. While it lasts – if you purchase a $75 gift card they will send you a free pair of pretty scissors.https://www.kcneedlepoint.com/products/mothers-day-gift-card-with-scissors?_pos=2&_sid=745e2ff55&_ss=r&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+Get+mom+what+she+wants+for+Mothers+Day+%286451ba7dfce7b514010acc88%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend&omnisendContactID=61fc368aa1816e00226a532d

The new kit is a Spring Bouquet of flowers. There are 5 different flowers and they come with the canvases, threads, stitch guides and free shipping until May 15th. https://www.kcneedlepoint.com/products/needlepoint-spring-bouquet?_pos=10&_sid=f02789c86&_ss=r&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+Flower+Kit+%286449501455bcab52f31dc1be%29&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend&omnisendContactID=61fc368aa1816e00226a532d

To overwhelm you even further with flowers, Needlepoint for Fun is having a sale until May 10th on all flower kits and canvases, 20% off using the code MOTHERSDAY20 at check out. https://needlepoint-for-fun.com/collections/florals

NEWS FLASH Associated Talents along with 2 Sisters have been acquired by Kirk & Bradley. These 2 wonderful companies along with Needlepoint To Go, Kirk & Bradley and Burnett & Bradley will be known as Bradley Needlepoint Company. https://bradleyneedlepoint.com/

TIPS & TRICKS: So your stitching on your deck or in the parking lot and you love using Perle 8. It has a tendency to roll and it gets away from you once to often – do not be frustrated any longer ! You need a “String Thing” !! This handy little can has a magnet on the top so you can park a needle there if need be or it attaches to the can while you put your thread thru the hole in the lid. Now that your Perle 8 is in the can it will not wander away. This nifty company has several size containers including one for a skein of knitting yarn. Check out their web site as they have other items. Gotta love their logo !! Scarlet Today™ — Redwork Plus/Scarlet Today

Who Was That Famous Stitcher? That was Janet Burnett from the famed Burnett & Bradley. She had her own needlepoint shop for 6 years. When it was sold she went on to start her own hand painted needlepoint design and wholesale business. She designed over 3,000 canvases.

Do you know who this famous stitcher is?

It’s an official day – REALLY – and it falls on May 6th:

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