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What’s Happening at NJNA 2/27/21


It’s that time of year – time to get ready for the Woodlawn needlework show !! Everything is being done online, just go to the web site: Home | 2021 Woodlawn Needlework Show ( and it will explain it all. NJNA is always a large exhibitor of our talents so come join in and have your work on display.

BEAD ALERT !! Swarovski will no longer be making crystals and beads for our use and others. It’s estimated that shipments will be stopped around Sept of this year. Hopefully another manufacturer will step in with a similar product but if you need any of their beads you better get them now.

A store that has been around for quite some time, Amy’s Golden Strand is going out of business. Amy Bunger is retiring from having a brick and mortar shop and everything as of now is 35% off. Hopefully she will have an online presence in the future.

Inevitably, a discussion always seems to become part of the conversation – What is your floor stand of choice? Is it the Lowery, System 4, K’s Creation … There are always opinions as to which is the better one. What is your choice? Let me know what you can’t live without. Oh, and – FOMO Alert – Lowery has a new toy, a carousel thread organizer !!

Our meeting in March will be a Stitch In. Come join the fun and see what everyone is working on. We will have our March meeting on Zoom in the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to take off your slippers ! You need to be a member for the fun so come join us. Don’t miss the discussion of upcoming chapter projects or make a suggestion. We are always looking for suggestions.

The Shining Needle Society has a new project coming up by Patricia Hartman called Magic Moments. With the colorway they show it looks south western but I can’t imagine the endless possibilities with a change of color. It’s a counted piece with all kinds of stitches like waffle, double sprat’s head, mirrored crescents, triangle Jessica’s and lots more. If you like a counted piece this sounds and looks like a very interesting piece to stitch.

BTW – I was asked if we still have some stretcher bars and the answer is – yes we do. Contact us for the sizes remaining.

What’s Happening at NJNA 2/20/21


The only good thing about snow is it gives you more stitching time !! I need less snow and more sunshine at this point ! Please throw in some warmer weather to top off my wish list !

Big Congratulations to Mally Becker of NJNA – she just had her historical suspense novel published “The Turncoat’s Widow” It’s the story of General Washington’s most reluctant spy, a fiercely independent young woman who races time and traitors to uncover a plot that threatens the new nation. We all wish Mally good luck with her book and hope it makes the best seller list.

It’s finally here – the ANG auction starts tomorrow. I looked thru the endless list of items and was happy to see so many great choices. Lots of Little Shoppe of Needlepoint pastries, Laurel Burch, Kathy Reese, Gay Ann Rogers – it’s dangerous !! AND for those that are Penguin lovers – some of the most adorable designs by Pepperberry and others !!

If you want to just smile, then look on BeStitched’s web site – they have a monthly club by Patti Mann of — Food Trucks !! There are 9 in total and yes – one is an ice cream truck !!!

Who doesn’t like Mary Legallet’s Whimsical Stitches books? She has a 32 page guide to update her 2 books and best of all it’s free. Go to: this link and download it. She is planning on updating more in the future.

I am sure that most of you know about Toni Randall the owner of Whimsy and Grace being forced from her home with the wild fires out west and losing everything. She is getting back on her feet and is having an extended stay trunk show in Chandail Needlework which is in Houston TX. This poor woman can’t catch a break! If you want to help support her you can buy her canvases from them at 20% off.

One of our favorite thread lines, Rainbow Gallery has added 8 new colors to the Fyre Werks line. With names like wild magenta, plum perfect and chocolate kiss I can’t wait to see them in person – bring on the bling!

Our next meeting will be a zoom stitch in – can’t wait to see what everyone is working on!

What’s Happening at NJNA 2/13/21


This Wednesday is our Virtual Monthly Meeting and we have Ann Strite-Kurz with us to talk about Creative Adaptations for Canvas Embroidery. Let’s not forget about the “Show and Tell” portion of the evening – our idea of desert !!

Welcome to Esther our new member from Liberty MO!! Looking forward to meeting you at the Monthly Meeting !!!

Has anyone been to the new needlepoint shop in NJ? Bay Head Needlepoint is on the Jersey Shore and from their web site it looks bright and colorful. When it warms up a bit – sounds like a Road Trip to me !!

When we heard that Tacky Bob was no longer being made many of us were very disappointed. It’s such a handy item for beading. Have no fear, there is something new called The Bead Bed out there so you will not have to experience FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)!! It’s just like the Tacky Bob but also has a magnet inside for your needle. What will they think of next?

See you at the meeting on Wednesday.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day !

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What’s Happening at NJNA 2/5/21


This month we are looking forward to hearing from Ann Strite-Kurz on “Creative Adaptations for Canvas Embroidery” She will be showing us a number of her canvas designs and how she developed them. Also, guidelines for handling color, curves on canvas and more.

Hopefully today the Kreinik Factory has again opened. For the second time they have had to close due to the pandemic. We all love their product and are looking for it in our LNS as fast as they can produce it.

Keep Feb 21 thru 28 on your calendars for the ANG Auction – you never know what you will find that you can’t live without – and the money goes to support the organization we enjoy being members of. Remember – you have to be in it to buy it !

If you liked the first one – for sure you will like the 2nd Mary’s Whimsical Stitches book that is just out. More great stitch combo’s on a single page like the first book. You can read it over and over and still find something you didn’t see the first time. I want to try them all !

Hope to see some new faces on the zoom meetings – always a nice time.

What’s Happening at NJNA 1-30-21


What’s happening is we need to say Welcome to a new member. Melita Glavin, welcome to the party !! Remember – the more the merrier !!!!

So you can get an idea of what our membership is like, just turn to page 39 in the new Jan/Feb issue of Needlepoint Now. The article about Pam’s Parking Lot Pals is us. We weathered the pandemic all summer and fall with more enabling, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), ice cream and laughter – the parking lot in front of The Edwardian Needle will never be the same. Thank you Pam for all you did for us during those hot sticky days and cool fall afternoons. Anyone can come join us to stitch or to just chat, all you need to do is bring a chair. Just know that Roy comes with the ice cream truck on Friday’s ! Magnum Bars all around !!

If you need to increase your stash of lumber we have a large array of stretcher bars being sold for the benefit of the chapter. Contact us for a list of what’s left.

Be sure to watch the SOTM progress, so much to take in as there are 3 different pieces being worked on this year.

FYI Anyone that likes Burmilana Wool thread needs to know that The Needle Works in Austin TX has taken it over. They have all 256 colors available. I saw a piece of Bargello done with it and the depth of the colors was just beautiful.

And, a special thank you to Jane of Chilly Hollow fame for including us in her blog !!

Stay warm and keep stitching !

What’s Happening at NJNA


Last night we had a great meeting. The highlight was a talk given by Toni Gerdes. You may know her from her spectacular projects such as Fire & Ice, Autumn 3 Ways, Golden Ginkgo Kimono, Under a Copper Moon, Abyss and so many more.

Her talk was fascinating. She spoke about newer threads detailing the good the bad and they ugly. She had several tips and tricks that you would not have thought to use to make using certain threads more enjoyable to stitch with. Toni uses many items to create her pieces with and spoke about how she did it. I was blown away by the copper pot scrubber ! Thank you to Toni for such a fun evening.

The woman in charge of work shops made sure to ask her if she would be willing to do a work shop with us. Keep watching to see if that can be arranged.

Next month we are lucky enough to meet Ann Strite-Kurz. She has published 6 books and is a master of open patterning. She will be speaking about how her designs evolved and so much more.

Come join the party at NJNA – we have a full program for the year thanks to Cathryn and the work shop group is busy putting together many group projects for our members.