What’s Happening at NJNA 4/22/23


This weeks meeting was all about choosing stitches and we definitely need to give a shout out to the Potomac Chapter of ANG out of Virginia for their help. They did this same project and gave us suggestions and pictures so we could all see how different one stitch can look from another in the same space. The ideas and hints were great for any project. Everyone participating will be getting in the mail a list of everything we went over during the meeting. Should be interesting to see the stitch choices everyone makes on these small pretty ornaments as the stitching of them progresses.

We are up to 61 members and counting! Welcome to the new and soon to be new members. Come get in on our fun and join NJNA – we love what we do and encourage everyone to come be a part of this organization – the more the merrier !!

ANG national raised over $17,000 with the Spring 2023 Auction. The new software was a much more user friendly experience and made it easier to buy those donated items. Let’s see what the next auction brings !

The Needlepoint Now Magazine’s year long project “Layers of Leaves” seems to have swept the nation along with Melita G’s Stitch Of The Month. The difference between the 2 is – there is a LOT OF FINISHING with the Leaves project. With 10 different leaf patterns in each magazine you need to start now. Many shops are giving finishing classes so you can keep up with making all those leaves into the wreath. I am sure most if not all shops dread the thought of people giving all these leaves in to finish – sort of like trying to rake a forest!! The newer California store Stitched Up Needlework’s has a finishing kit you can purchase. The kit gets you thru the first 10 leaves and by that time you will be a pro. Their web site doesn’t seem to be working yet – give the store a call at 669-258-5027

Have you been toying with buying a needlepoint book and the price made you hesitate??? Check out The Needlepointer – they are having 20% off on all books – a bargain!! Stitch N Save: needlepoint, needlepoint canvases, needlepoint canvas gallery, canvas gallery, needlepoint threads, needlepoint fiber | theneedlepointer.com

The new clubs keep coming!! While your on The Needlepointer’s web site check out their new club for Halloween – or should I say “Sparkleween”. Doesn’t everyone need to add some sparkle to their Halloween?? https://www.theneedlepointer.com/sparkleween-clubdiv-idclubsubtitleopen-enrollmentdiv/p8502581

If this is overwhelming then try their other new club of mini’s. They expect to start in June and be over in November. The items are all self finishing – great for gifts ! https://www.theneedlepointer.com/mini-monogramsdiv-idclubsubtitleopen-enrollmentdiv/p8502673?cse=nl0415&goal=0_3621358244-e2d4ccd72c-69343533&mc_cid=e2d4ccd72c&mc_eid=2e6039e84f

Stitched Up Needleworks has a great suggestion for the next 2 holidays – you guessed it – Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Not a lot of time left so their idea is a key fob, pretty, quick and easy. They have numerous canvases for any taste and if you have time they also have belts – all from the Susan Robert’s Trunk Show.

FOMO ALERT! Stitch By Stitch in NY has a great looking magnifier and light. The magnifier is a big square so it gives you plenty to viewing area and the light is a tiny pin point LED light that illuminates a large area of your canvas. Best of all – it’s cordless !! What more does one need???? ViviLux Bright Flexible Light and Magnifier with Clip for Frame | 1_Stitch by Stitch (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

The canvas on the stand above is also one of 2 new classes at Stitch By Stitch. The hearts by Eye Candy begins in June and is 4 sessions. The other class doesn’t start until September but is so pretty it should be a sell out. EVENTS | 1_Stitch by Stitch (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

It’s Baa accckk – The Great Southern Needlepoint Shop Tour. Get your passport and start traveling and shopping. The “Tour” or should we say contest, runs from May 25 until September 8th. The Grand Prize is a basket worth $1,250. You can get details at the Stitching Fox Stitching Fox Clubs, Classes, and Retreats!

If your not looking to go from store to store then try a Weekend Retreat in California at Stitched Up Needleworks. As Jane from Chilly Hollow says – they get the Smart Cookie Award – They have negotiated a special rate with the Courtyard by Marriott which is 3 blocks away for the up coming Susan Portra classes. This way you can make it a weekend event !

RUMOR MILL: A designer has received a “cease and desist” letter from Chanel about using their copyrighted Logo ! Be careful what you buy. Thanks Jane !

Congratulations to Kreinik – They were named the Small Business Administration’s Exporter of the year award for West Virginia and the Mid Atlantic area. They will be recognized at a luncheon May 3rd for the wonderful products they make – but we knew that all along !! U.S. Small Business Administration Announces National 2023 Exporter of the Year (wvbusinesslink.com)

Tips & Tricks: This great idea comes from Stitch Stash

Who Was That Famous Stitcher? That is Lucy – the owner and designer of Mopsey Designs. She started out as an art therapist and when she discovered needlepoint she found the process gave her all the things she believes in – reflection, mindfulness, connection and communication.

Do you know who this famous stitcher is?

Happy Earth Day !!

PS A very big thank you to the owner and staff of Ridgewood Needlepoint for the donation of canvases to the ladies group from the hospital that are learning to needlepoint. AND for thinking of us when someone had a lot of items that they didn’t know what to do with. It is greatly appreciated.

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