What’s Happening at NJNA 7/16/22


We want to welcome 3 new members to all the fun – Jean J., Julie V. and Susan G. Hope you enjoy all we do here at NJNA. Never hesitate to speak up – we are always looking for suggestions and we have a lot of opinions – it’s how we are !!

This coming week we are going to discuss the Woodlawn submissions from 2022. If you haven’t provided Cathryn a picture please get it to her by Sunday as she has to put the presentation together. While your at it, start to think about what your going to submit for next year – it will be the 60th Annual Needlework Show. They will be announcing the theme in the coming months.

New news in the “Brick and Mortar” needlepoint world ! The Needlepointer has sold their business and the store is no more ! This business is 29 years old and it is now owned by Howard Zhou. He has moved the business to Sacramento CA and online only. The staff has stayed on with Howard but we will no longer be seeing those video’s of the store, their current trunk show and her dog – Awww. Howard sounds like he is going to be a good steward to this legacy. When asked why he wanted to buy the shop he said: “This is a business of wellness and happiness. Needlepoint is something we choose to do with our precious time. It’s not just a hobby, it is therapy, it is art, and it brings joy to many people.” We can’t agree with you more Howard – good luck !

Here we are in July – can it be that more than half the year is gone – ALREADY! That only means one thing – canvases are on sale. Every other email I get is a sale. Chaparral is having their first ever Christmas in July Sale. https://ndlpt.com/collections/christmas-in-july-2022-ornaments?utm_campaign=emailmarketing_123715453067&utm_medium=email&utm_source=shopify_email They are also having a trunk show by Lauren Bloch who has an interesting take on her canvas subjects. – https://ndlpt.com/collections/walkers-trunk-show-july-2022?utm_campaign=emailmarketing_123664826507&utm_medium=email&utm_source=shopify_email

Gone Stitching in Bergenfield NJ is having a sale – 20% off all in stock Christmas and Chanukah canvases. Gone Stitching

There are also lots of new summer things still coming out. Susan Roberts has a great looking new summery canvas called the “Mermaid Parade”

Susan Roberts – Mermaid Parade

Stitch By Stitch in NY has some summery self finishing items!! For those cold cans with the beverage of your choice – they have can Cozi’s. They also carry a wide array of canvases to insert into them. Then they have new self finishing dog collars for all the “Maggie Mom’s” and other be loved pets. Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

In the long run – all this means is – Fall / Winter canvases will showing up soon – oops – they already have!! Stitch By Stitch has something brand new – everyone’s favorite – The Grinch (all though I am partial to Max)

They also have some pretty new Xmas Crackers by Whipstitch!


Stitch Palettes has just released their 2nd book – all Summer color combinations. The difference between this and their fist book (Spring color combos) is that you can now get a spiral bound copy not just a download. They also have other interesting items in their shop to take a peek at. https://stitchpalettes.com/shop/

All you Fiber Fanatics – you have to see the “Monumental Yarn Art” installations that are both indoor and out. This was on the Painted Pony FB page. Amazing displays and so colorful – anyone up for a road trip?? https://mymodernmet.com/hottea-yarn-art-installations/?fbclid=IwAR2lAY620zbUFFCv3Es8GGYSYq5vlnIMNADasuebZklUWdLfUI6m7z7aY58

If you wander around NYC keep a sharp eye out for the “New York Embroidery Studio”. Yup – you can get anything on a truck these days. The truck will offer custom embroidery, heat transfers and heat stamping on the spot. Catch the truck and get your jacket monogrammed or a hat jazzed up – they like inventive ideas. They feel that ” Life is too short to be bland ” https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristenphilipkoski/2022/05/31/new-york-citys-high-fashion-embroidery-studio-is-taking-to-the-streets-with-a-mobile-truck/?inf_contact_key=f68f39dcbfb27ebe53eda15ffa1ec27e680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1&sh=418838da69b3

Tips and Tricks The Needlepointer has brought back the “Sunday Stitch”. This past one was very interesting – the Milanese Pinwheel. So perfect for a star !! Here is their diagram:

Megan from the Needlepoint Club House put on her Instagram account a great tutorial on putting a canvas on stretcher bars. https://www.instagram.com/p/CdVrFEJFv-D/

You can also check the Chilly Hollow blog for information on Evertites. https://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com/2009/11/evertites-review.html – Jane-I like staples too !

Who was that Famous Stitcher?  Ali McGraw – A big Needlepoint Stash means never having to say your sorry !

Can you guess who this Famous Stitcher is?

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