What’s Happening at NJNA 7/2/22


The next meeting will be interesting – we will be doing a recap of all the submissions we made to Woodlawn this year. We again, sent quite a few pieces in for the exhibition and there were several prizes won by our guild. Cathryn will be coordinating the program and would like a picture of all the submissions. Next year is the 60th Annual Needlework Show so start deciding on what piece you want to send in !!

Happy 4th of July !!

What a fun Patriotic Holiday ! Barbecues, Beaches, Fire Works and Sales !!!! Lot’s of them. I know, you have to many canvases already ya da ya da ya da….. well there are other things out there besides canvases !!!

Ruth Schmuff now has beautiful needle cases to match her colorful laying tools – what great colors. https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/2022/06/matchy-matchy/?mc_cid=0f57f493dc&mc_eid=15cfca0a49

If you were at Needlefest this year you may have bumped into the woman selling Needleminders (though she was overwhelmed by a small crowd which bought most of what she brought with her so she left early) She has loads of inexpensive needleminders and other things to explore.

Serendipity Needle Works has a new Stars and Stripes Stitch Bundle  Stars and Stripes Stitch Bundle 

If your planning a get away the Flying Needles Shop has a neat Tool Kit to pack that should take care of any emergency! theflyingneedles.com

Then again – there is a great looking Patriotic canvas from Eye Candy with 4 interpretations. You need to look close as they are all the same canvas !

The Wool and the Floss has a quick 4th of July Club – 4 ornaments that are Stitch Style Exclusives and the stitch guides are included. https://www.thewoolandthefloss.net/shop/c/p/Fourth-of-July-Club–price-listed-is-deposit-see-notes-below-x63767775.htm

The Needlepointer also has a new club called “Summer Lovin”. It’s a collage by Pippin over a 6 month time period and each section has a stitch guide by a renowned teacher! Meredith Willet, David McCaskill, Laura Taylor, and more. You will be stitching all things summer from camping to mosquitoes ! https://www.theneedlepointer.com/products/summer-six-ii?goal=0_3621358244-a01b6f3604-69343533&mc_cid=a01b6f3604&mc_eid=2e6039e84f

This summer the world has celebrated along with the Brits, Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. Kate Dickerson went a step further and put HRH into Needlepoint just like she did with Iris and RBG. She looks so summery !! Kate Dickerson Hand Painted Needlepoint canvases

Whimsy and Grace update ! Back in September 2020 Toni Randall, owner of Whimsy and Grace lost everything in the Almeda fire in Talent Oregon. There was a huge hug from the needlepoint community to help her get back on her feet. Her iconic and much loved pieces will now be sold thru Chris Lewis Distributing. She joins the other famous designers like Tango and Chocolate, Kathy Molineux, Needle Deeva and many more. Good luck to Toni Randall for the future. Whimsy and grace | Needlepoint Soothes the Soul

Whimsy and Grace scissor case

FOMO Alert ! A new compact scissor that looks like a pen – comes in a bunch of colors – even turquoise! They are available in our favorite shopping venue (Amazon) and are called Twiggy Scissors or Japanese Pen Scissors.

FOMO Alert #2 If you are part of the crazy people stitching in the hot summer weather then you may want to try a Foldaway Fan. It’s light weight and folds down to a tiny hat box size. Has a rechargeable battery that uses a USB so you can also use a portable power source. It extends to almost 4 ft (in case your tall) and puts out a big breeze (having tried it out in the 90 + weather yesterday). Yes – of course it’s on Amazon!!

Tips and Tricks: Have you heard about the app called “ThreadBook” ? It contains a library of over 150 different manufacturers of thread but it does so much more. You can set favorites, keep track of your own threads, find threads by color … A very interesting and handy new tool ! http://www.onlinesewing.com/threadbook.html

Have you bought a Turtle Bag? Jane from Chilly Hollow has great information about putting a canvas in your bag. She talks about finding a canvas that fits along with all the things you need to know to insert it and / or finish the canvas your using. Lot’s of good suggestions – Thanks Jane! https://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com/search?q=insert+canvas+in+turtle+bag

A wonderful story I also saw on the Chilly Hollow Blog was about the 150 volunteers at the Portland Oregon Westminster Presbyterian Church. Talk about stamina! They have been stitching for 32 years to make cushions for the 80 pews in the church !!! Think about that – mind blowing! Each pew is 18 feet long or 1,440 feet of hand stitching with 700 unique patterns. Congratulations to the women that made such a wonderful contribution to the continuation of needlepoint and many comfy parishioners. https://www.oregonlive.com/living/2022/05/portland-church-members-have-been-stitching-needlepoint-pew-cushions-for-32-years-theyre-finally-done.html?utm_campaign=theoregonian_sf&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR3Za6M51Mv02_f5RpJ8ca5hkAvKIRTccJnqHo2kwMLEGiid4nsPkpOygEU

Who was that Famous Stitcher? Martha Dandridge Custis Washington – The 1st, First Lady of the United States of America. (George was her 2nd husband!)

Can you guess who this Famous Stitcher is?

Have a wonderful July 4th Holiday !

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