What’s Happening at NJNA 7/30/22


Our meeting this week was all on the submissions we sent to the Woodlawn Needlework Show earlier this year. What an amazing array of subjects that were stitched in numerous color ways that it looked like a rainbow. Wonderful combinations using the same pattern gave such different looks. I think it gave us all pause on the power of our art.

Woodlawn has announced the theme for the 60th Annual Needlework Show and it is “Craft as Comfort: Joy in Needlework”. Hopefully we will be able to send many of our bargello projects and more to the 2023 show.

The 50th Anniversary ANG Auction has started. Check out what they have to offer. Lot’s of canvases by Gay Ann Rogers, Jennifer Riefenberg, Melissa Shirley, Ewe and Eye, Kelly Clark, Tony Minieri, Books like Stitches For Effect and lot’s more. It ends on Monday at 7 pm CDT so don’t miss out. https://ang.afrogs.org/#/browse/onlineItems

Hot off the press and in the stores – Master Stitches from the Squad Volume 1. I was lucky enough to be in a store that got their delivery and got my copy – It’s not your average stitches book. It’s contents are laid out with a lot of thought in mind. Amazing combinations which from these 3 people you have to expect. And part of the uniqueness of this book is the names of the stitches!!! Where else would you find one called “Tied Blue Cheese” or “Your Not Manufactured that Way, My Dear” ?!?!? The back cover is a tease as to what is coming in Volume 2 – I can’t wait !!

Being it’s summer and kids need something to do – how about introducing them to what we love most. The House of Needlepoint in CT is giving children’s classes. It’s a one day class that gives them instruction, a piece of 13 mesh canvas that will be able to be put in a jewelry box or luggage tag, thread, needle and instructions to take with you. House of Needlepoint – Needlework and Stitching Services in Darien, CT

The Needlepoint Club House in St. Louis MO is doing a similar class. You may want to check with a LNS and see if they are also doing one. A great way to start out and enjoy a hobby for life. The Needlepoint Clubhouse

Of course some learn later in life than others. If you have a friend that would like to learn but stitching a small boat on 5 mesh canvas is a turn off then try Hannah Bass  https://hannahbass.com/ This is a site in England and it has some great alternatives. The kits come with needle, wool directions, choice of colorway and 12 mesh canvas. Perfect adult beginner kit and not juvenile !! Check out other things on their web site – some interesting accessories.

Bah Humbug – well maybe not that kind of Humbug! Check out Eye Candy’s Halloween Humbug Pin cushion – too cute and a quick project. She even shows you how to finish it and has matching items to put with it !!!! http://eyecandyneedleart.blogspot.com/search?q=humbug

Ada of EyeCandy has also put on her web site a free pattern that is a companion piece to her Magnet Tree. This time it’s a Spring Summer design. Same size as the last one but she changed it up with a rick rack trim. Great way to realize just how many magnets you have – Yikes !! http://www.eyecandyneedleart.com/EyeCandy_Needleart/Bonus_Charts.html

Are you counting the days to the holidays??? Well, let Chaparral Needlework help you with that. They have calendar’s to stitch and they come in 3 different months/holidays. https://ndlpt.com/search?type=product&q=calendar

Chaparral Needlework

Now that you have the dates it’s time to get ready for that holiday – what else is needed???? Cooking of course. Chaparral also has adorable baking canvases. Of course some of us don’t want to admit they have the last one but – it comes with the house !

At this point I would be needing a good cup of coffee/Latte/Mochachinno/Hot Chocolate… Family Arts is having classes starting in September featuring the Rachel Donley cups. They look good enough to drink. Family Arts Needlework – Family Arts Needlework Shop

The Needlepointer as you know was sold and moved to Sacramento CA. The new owner, Howard has been a busy beaver making changes. As of tomorrow 8/1/22 the website will now do “real time purchases” meaning the price you see is the price you will be charged. No more guess work with discounts, you will be able to see your loyalty points now, you will know if a canvas is “in stock”, one flat shipping amount will show at check out and other features to make shopping the web site better. Howard is also taking the next step – he is opening a showroom and bringing back their signature rainbow thread room. Howard’s motto is – “Being honest is the best way to a peaceful mind.”  You go Howard !! Needlepoint Supply & Accessories Store – The Needlepointer You might want to sign up for their emails – each week on Sunday they have a stitch of the week. This past Sunday was interesting “Crop Signs” – they explain the stitch, suggestions where to use it and threads that work well with it. They also had a canvas that it can be used on.

Tips & Tricks: Whether your going to seminar or just looking for the right stand for your home (or parking lot) Debbie Rowley has on her web site how to choose a “Stitching Stand”. There are a lot of things to look at and each type of stand has their own merits. Read what she has to say and pick the right one for your needs. https://debbeesdesigns.com/2022/05/12/stitching-stands-and-how-to-choose-one/

Who was that Famous Stitcher? Betty Furness – She was a Hollywood Actress in the 1930’s, she sold Westinghouse appliances on TV in the 1950’s “You Can Be Sure if it’s Westinghouse” and in the late 60’s early 70’s she was a consumer advocate on the Today show. For a time she was President Johnson’s special assistant for consumer affair’s.

Can you guess who this Famous Stitcher is?

Today July 30 is World Embroidery Day. It was started in 2011 by a group of Swedish embroider’s – celebrate and stitch a little today !!

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