What’s Happening at NJNA 5/21/22


This week was our monthly meeting and our guest speaker was the renowned Laura Smith. She spoke on the “Seven Ways of Color Contrast”. So much to know to help you design a better looking project. Laura Smith is one of the teachers at the “EGA Broadway Bound” seminar and she spoke on the project being offered there as well as many others that she has used for teaching in the past. Lots of new things to consider the next time you plan out what you are doing on your canvas.

Laura Smith Design

Next month should be VERY interesting – it’s the “Part Two” of the chapter Bargello Project. We will be checking out how everyone is doing — or not ! Seeing all the WIP’s should be an eye opener. Of course like the lottery – you have to be in it to enjoy it. Last look we had 54 members and we would love to have more people to enjoy all the fun we are having. Go to our web page and contact us to be a part of a great community of needlepoint enthusiasts. https://njneedleartists.org/

The new Needle Pointers magazine is being printed and can be viewed online to members. If you thought those Fibonacci Swirls were something (all you Jean Hilton lovers) you will love the new issue. I can’t wait to go thru it !!

May/June Issue

NEEDLEFEST 2022 !!! How much fun was that? It looked like a number of people were not able to make it by the unused name tags on the front table but the ball room and atrium certainly looked well attended. So much to look at, so many people to chat with and if you were not in the right place at the right time to see the feeding frenzy when Trish Vine came in you missed an amazingly controlled yet determined group of women. Trish went home with a lot of empty storage boxes !!! There were also plenty of canvases, hand dyed threads and the other hit of the show was the woman with the magnets – she clearly needs to bring more next year !! Needleworker’s Delight worked tirelessly to make sure everyone had a great time – they did a great job. Next year the event will be held April 15 and 16 (Sat/Sun). Get your tickets and room reservations early!

Did you feel that rumble ??? No, it was not an earthquake – I think it was everyone running to their LNS because they heard that Whimsical Stitches 3 has finally shipped !! If you ordered it way back in the fall of 2021 you should be expecting a call soon that it has arrived.

The Washington DC store “The Point Of It All” is moving. Their doors will close as of May 21 and will reopen on June 1. They are having a moving sale (and who doesn’t like a sale) https://thepointofitallonline.com/collections/sale-canvases – looking doesn’t count !

I’m sure everyone heard that Luv 2 Stitch in CA was closing – not so fast – they are starting a new business called Luv2Stitch Finishing Management. Their long time manager Rhonda Pellegrini will be in charge of getting projects finished. I am sure they will be quite busy.

Another business making changes – The Wool and The Floss, after 60 months in business has decided to stop selling knitting supplies. Another sale to be had as she is liquidating all those items in her store. Not to worry though she is staying in business for needlepoint and both Megan & Melissa are having a “For The Pointing It Out Podcast Retreat”. She is hosting over 60 stitchers from 21 states and Canada.

If you missed out on that retreat than consider the Southern Shop Needlepoint Tour. Grab a “Passport” at any of these 8 stores. Spend at least $40 at each store and they will put a stamp in your Passport book. When you complete your Passport it goes into a drawing for a prize. You have from now until October 1 to hit each store and complete your book. ROAD TRIP !!!

We are a week away from everyone’s favorite holiday Memorial Day – the unofficial start to summer. Many plan to go away for the holiday and if you are one of those lucky ones to be traveling then Stitch By Stitch has Passport Covers by Rachel Barri. There are numerous inserts to choose from and convey your style !

Stitch By Stitch in NY

If your headed to the beach some of the cutest new beach canvases are by Pippin. I want the straw hats !!!

Needlepoint For Fun has Pippin kits with everything you need for a quick stitch or for someone that wants to learn !

Let’s not forget the need for a magnet – having sat thru Laura Smith’s talk on color – what better way to always have a color wheel with you than the new item from Accoutrements, and yes it really does work !!!

AND – just when you thought you had seen and heard it all – The new Needlepoint Now has an article on Vegan Taxidermy ! Wrap your mind around needlepointed taxidermy.

Tips and Tricks: Which needle to use??? Here is a guide from the John James web site that will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about needles !! Needles Guide (jjneedles.com)

Another interesting item – Tesla Amazing Magnetic Notes. Great for if you are following a charted design. These notes have no glue and stay in place by a static charge. They are also dry erasable so if you write on them you can change what you wrote. They come in several sizes and colors. Here is a review: https://droidhorizon.com/tesla-amazing-magnetic-notes-review/ You can buy them from our favorite place – Amazon.

Thank you Brenda’s Blog post and Jane at Chilly Hollow

Who were those Famous Stitchers???? Those women in the painful looking shoes are Nelly’s Needlers ! They are an all volunteer group that have supported Woodlawn for over 50 years! Since 1975 they have raised and donated more than $1 million dollars to help preserve Woodlawn as an historic property. I understand they also make a great ginger cookie too !

Do you know who this famous stitcher is ????

By Judy Tasch

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