What’s Happening At NJNA 5/7/22


This month we are lucky to have Laura Smith. She will be talking about the Seven Ways of Color Contrast. She is known for her painting techniques and layering stitches to create beautiful designs without counting. This should be an interesting new way to stitch a project for most people. She is also going to be one of many teaching at EGA’s Broadway Bound Seminar this summer. Of course the only way to get to hear Laura Smith will be to join NJNA and experience all the fun and interesting things we do.

Laura Smith’s class at Broadway Bound

The Woodlawn & Pope Leighey House 3rd Annual Virtual Needlework Show is online until May 31st, don’t miss it. This week is a special presentation of “Passing on the Tradition of Needlearts: Community Conversation”. http://www.woodlawnpopeleighey.org/2022-virtual-needlework-tickets?fbclid=IwAR19N6u9BPrgX9i_OUAOS4zC-CCAfc3dpdkPuVOrE57fdSOQ4tIgm4hEwH4

Just a reminder that ANG has moved:

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and we all know what you would like as a gift for the occasion !! Here are some hints to drop:

Stitch By Stitch in NY is having a special where you buy a gift certificate and they increase the value by 10% – a good deal and you get to pick what you want. They always have great suggestions with all kinds of self finishing items and Grab and Go bundles. Their new class is beyond adorable, Kate Dickerson’s “Llama with Cactus Plant” . The eye lashes and fur are just so pretty !! Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

Stitch By Stitch class

It just so happens they also have a Trunk Show going on right now with JP Needlepoint. JP Needlepoint has a beautiful compliment to their Chinese Lantern canvas – this time it’s Fans. What a great canvas for embellishment.

JP Needlepoint – “Fans” canvas

The other thing we all love besides a new canvas, be it for Mother’s Day or no reason at all is gadgets !!! Can we have too many ?!?!?! Ruth Schmuff, owner of Bedecked and Bedazzled has some beautiful new laying tools. She has a new artisan making them for her and they look like they are a dream to use. https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/2022/04/tools-of-the-trade/?mc_cid=e5c02630e6&mc_eid=15cfca0a49

She also has a colorful new set of accessories that were designed by Kimberly. The collection is called My Gypsy Soul. The set has 6 hand painted canvases and comes with stitch guides. https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/2022/05/my-gypsy-soul/?mc_cid=f70d00277b&mc_eid=15cfca0a49

My Gypsy Soul thru Bedecked and Bedazzled

System 4 announced that they have become an official distributor of the entire Stella Light line. They have an accessory for their stands that allows the Stella light to clamp to their products. We all know how important lighting can be when stitching !! https://www.needleworksystem4.com/products

Another great gift for all of you handbag lovers – Etsy has a store making a cross body bag with a window covered in plastic – perfect to display a canvas. It comes in numerous colors – makes you think there really is a spring season !!! https://www.etsy.com/listing/1028917317/classic-small-crossbody-ita-vegan?click_key=c71c19bffeed24fae46b599849b2bf48a633c4eb%3A1028917317&click_sum=cc721b6a&ref=shop_home_feat_4&frs=1&bes=1&sts=1

Etsy cross body bag

Not enough choices for your Mother’s Day Gift you say !!! Well, how about a Yazzii ?!?!? Yes I spelled it right and when you go to the web site you need a cup of coffee and some time as they have so many things to look at ! They have numerous colorful storage and organizing bags. You name the craft and they can organize you or, think outside that box and use their bags in your own way. Yazzii Craft Catalog – US/Canada Yazzii Craft Organizers & Bags

Tips and Tricks: Have you ever had your white background look dirty or stripped?? Some people’s skin can react to the nickel coating on needles – AH HA !!! Try changing your needles to gold or platinum to solve the problem.

Talk about a problem – Chilly Hollow had some BREAKING NEWS !!! Mindy Patterson is selling her store. She has been in business for 48 years and her first grandchild gave her pause as to life priorities. She says she will continue to design and sell her designs even after she retires. I am sure we all wish her well. http://www.mindysneedlepoint.com/

It’s already time for this year’s Needlefest !! Next weekend is the annual stitching festival put on by Needleworker’s Delight out of Metuchen NJ. I can’t wait !!! The event has become so popular that they even added a 2nd day this year. I hope to see many of you at this fun event.

Needleworker’s Delight

Who was this Famous Stitcher???? Why our beloved actress Mary Tyler Moore

Do you know who they are????

Everyone enjoy Mother’s Day tomorrow and with luck the rain may let up !!

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