What’s Happening at NJNA 6/4/22


This month our needlepoint adventure is Bargello Part II – How Far Did You Get?

We will be checking out all the Bargello projects. Is anyone is having difficulty or suggestions for a better experience. We will also see who the turbo stitchers are ! Of course you need to be a member to check all this fun out.

We also have a new workshop starting in July with our favorite teacher – Vicky Witterschein. She just completed all 3 of her NAN certifications – never a doubt we knew she had it in her. She does such pretty projects and this one is Embellished Heart. It includes beading, laid filling stitches, ribbons, etc. The suggested finishes are a sachet, a hanging ornament, pillow, needle book or what ever you can think of. It’s 3 zoom sessions with no stitching to stress about and it will be recorded so you can go back if you have an issue. Get a seat while there are openings – it’s $100 for the kit and 3 zoom classes. (I saw it in person and it is stunning).

Vicky Witterschein – Embellished Heart

Have you been watching all the pomp and pageantry for the Queen of England’s Jubilee? That fly over in the formation of “70” for the number of years she has been on the thrown was amazing. Louie tried to steal the show but it’s all about Elizabeth. Of course that means that the needlepoint world has to celebrate her also. Moore Stitching has some lovely canvases to commemorate HRH.

While on the subject – 150 years ago the Royal School of Needlework was founded. With 20 ladies it opened up above a bonnet shop in 1872 not only to revive the art that had fallen by the way side but for the purpose of providing employment to educated women that would have had to live in poverty without a suitable livelihood. They have come a long way since then and have employed up to 150. They have degrees in embroidery and teach not only in England but the US as well. Check out their web site for some of the amazing things they have created. Royal School of Needlework | Centre of Excellence in Hand Embroidery (royal-needlework.org.uk)

Needlefest for 2023 says they are almost sold out already! Get your tickets now !!! Melissa and Megan from the “Pointing It Out” podcast had a retreat about a week ago. They had 60 spaces and received 212 responses! They did it by lottery to be fair and from the You Tube video it looked like a great event. I am sure the next one coming up November 11 – 13 is already piling up registrations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg1Dx4-KxE0

Another interesting event coming up is at Stitch By Stitch in NY. They are having a “Stitch A Monogram” evening. Krista from Penny Linn Designs is going to be at the store on September 20th from 6 PM to 8:30 PM. You will be stitching the monogram of your choice on her canvas design of your choice which is all included in the price. Threads are extra. Call the store for pricing 914.834.1886. Ny Needlepoint | Stitch By Stitch Larchmont, NY | United States (stitchbystitchneedlepoint.com)

Stitch By Stitch NY

While your at Stitch By Stitch check out the latest and greatest self finishing item – a fanny pack! Do you need something to hold your phone while you walk the dog or to make life a bit easier now that we need an extra hand to carry bags into the grocery store? They have several fun canvases that fit in the plastic covered window in the front. Such a neat idea ! Ah – but there is more !! They are also having a sale, buy a canvas and you get 20% off the threads or 20% off the finishing of that canvas. Can you ask for more???

The calendar says summer starts on the 21st – but it’s never to early !!! Chaparral Needlepoint in TX is certainly all ready:

On the other hand… they and many other stores feel this is the time to stitch winter canvases. Chapparal has a new Penguin Club-6 penguins by Danji Designs and they will start shipping in Oct thru March 2023. https://ndlpt.com/products/penguin-club?_pos=1&_sid=82fb832e9&_ss=r&utm_campaign=emailmarketing_122475479179&utm_medium=email&utm_source=shopify_email

one of 6 Danji Designs

The Queen Bee – Ruth Schmuff has paired up with Mary Legallet on a Max and Oscar poster done by Painted Pony Designs. Mary was at the Bee Hive for an embellishment class on this canvas and by the number of threads it has to be terrific. Now to make your choice that much harder Mary Legallet also did another class and stitch guide of a Christmas Angel – flip a coin – one is prettier than the next.

PLD Designs has some great looking new designs – something for all tastes not to mention seasons. The jars just are so iconic for the winter season.

If you would rather stitch summer during summer (I don’t blame you) then check out Kelly Clark’s Beach combing Country Sampler thru Colonial Needle. You have to love the colors. So many things you could do with this, so many textures to create. https://colonialneedle.com/

By Kelly Clark

Tips and Tricks Check out the new labels for Kreinik – hopefully this makes it easier yet there is no color coding for size – win some…. lose some.

Some sage advice from Louise’s Needlework about what to pack when your getting ready for a trip and you bring your needlepoint with you (like you wouldn’t?!?!?) https://media.rainpos.com/530/News_Blast_March_2022_Final.pdf

Who was that Famous Stitcher? None other than Mary Queen of Scots. During her 18 and a half years of imprisonment she stitched day and night to pass the time. Some of the embroidered panels are still in existence. V&A · The Prison Embroideries Of Mary, Queen Of Scots (vam.ac.uk)

Who is this Famous Stitcher ?????

Lauren Bloch Designs

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