Serengeti on 18


Serengeti image image

I didn’t intend to jump ahead of the group but after putting the canvas on stretcher bars, 17×17, I realized I wasn’t going to be happy doing this as a travel piece. So I thought I would check out block number one and that led to block number two and three and four and I couldn’t stop myself!

There was a sense of discovery associated with each new block.  Even the repeat areas created a sense of excitement as to how it would add to the overall design.  I was a little disappointed with the bottom row.  I found these blocks to be lazier than the earlier ones and block 44 is charted one thread off, some stitchers will be challenged finding a correct way to stitch this.  I made a mistake early in the row and was one thread long……which gave me the correct number of threads for that block!  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!


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