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Serengeti on 18


Serengeti image image

I didn’t intend to jump ahead of the group but after putting the canvas on stretcher bars, 17×17, I realized I wasn’t going to be happy doing this as a travel piece. So I thought I would check out block number one and that led to block number two and three and four and I couldn’t stop myself!

There was a sense of discovery associated with each new block.  Even the repeat areas created a sense of excitement as to how it would add to the overall design.  I was a little disappointed with the bottom row.  I found these blocks to be lazier than the earlier ones and block 44 is charted one thread off, some stitchers will be challenged finding a correct way to stitch this.  I made a mistake early in the row and was one thread long……which gave me the correct number of threads for that block!  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!


Set the Table


Last night we gathered to celebrate the end of a successful year at NJNA.  I am grateful to the members for voting me in as recording secretary. I look forward to working with the executive board and I thank Sue C for the information — and the decadent bacon.  The other food items and baked goods were delicious and did not help my diet one bit.  The gift exchange brought lots of laughter AND fear to those who really wanted to “keep” what they opened, but alas the steal was in play three times. I congratulate those who got what they coveted; I hope everybody enjoyed the thoughtful gifts that were brought and shared!  Happy New Year! And happy stitching, Rona Goldberg



Changed my stitching life


hello fellow stitchers, 

I pointed pics of my newly installed elfa craft storage system from the container store. My BFF shared with me her research on comprehensive storage for needlepoint. I realized that my supplies, WIPS, charts, stash, canvases, magazines, et al were clogging up four different rooms in my home. I needed to get organized. I decided it was worth the time and expense to get this going. One of the best decisions I ever made. The use of vertical space is genius!  The components are completely modular and can be rearranged easily.   

One of the best features is that all the tracks and supports as well the peg board are galvanized –they take MAGNETS!  Which means even more storage options.


anyone who wishes a tour is welcome to contact me!