Two Finishes, stones and beads as well


In my last post, just after Christmas, I said that I had finished stitching Jasper, the Toni Gerdes design. I still had the stones of jasper to place on the stitching. On Wednesday I tested several selections and placements and finally sewed them to the piece. Toni gave us many stones to select from, either leopard or autumn varieties of jasper.

jasperI also put the last bead and bicone on A Different View by Kurdy Biggs, the year long SOTM piece that NJNA was doing in 2014, and completing in 2015 if needed. I did not select one of the offered color ways so picked my own. I decided to use green and white on a light jade or turquoise canvas. As I was selecting threads a friend suggested that I add a bit of apricot as well which I did. The apricot led to the use of the copper Kreinik which I really like. So mine has a much more limited palette than the others in the group, but my stress level Was lower as selecting the color and thread I wanted to use for each stitch was always much more limited. When it came time to putting on the beads, I again used a limited variety, white seed beads, a few copper colored beads, 3mm and 4mm bicones mostly in a very lightly colored crystal with a few clear colored crystal bicones as well. Diane directed me to where I was able to find the bicones that I ordered. With the advice of Sue R. I used Fireline to attach the bicones. It is opaque and barely shows when carried from place to place on the back. It took me much longer to get all the beads and crystals attached with all the flipping of the canvas from front to back. I am interested in seeing what the framer suggests that I do.


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  1. I think both canvases are gorgeous. I like the limited colors on your SOTM because you see the design more clearly. I think both canvases are very successful. The rocks seem to organically growing out of the first canvas. Thanks for sharing

  2. I should have edited before posting. Either “the rocks seem to grow organically. . .” or the rocks seem to be growing organically. . . “. That corrects two errors. I’m getting lazy and splitting infinitives!

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