Ten “Frankies” now entered in Woodlawn Exhibit!


Today I drove down to Woodlawn with ten Frankies wrapped and ready to enter in the Woodlawn month long needlework exhibit. It was a very interesting process to enter a piece (or many) Into the exhibit. I could not enter all of them at the same time; each person's piece or pieces were done separately so that the line of people waiting to be processed did not get stopped at the first step. The first woman checked the piece and the entry form. Our work was called “canvas” not needlepoint and the type was multiple stitches. On to the next station with the entry form, the piece and the entry fee. This woman assigned the entry with a number, recorded the number in a notebook along with the entrant's name as well as something descriptive about the piece. With Linda's and Rosie's pieces–two each–she distinguished each by color. This is also the station where the fee was collected. She then passed the sheet on to the next woman who typed the information–name, number, type of work–on a laptop and then printed it on cards: a receipt card and an entry card. On to station four where the frame was examined carefully and any mark or discoloration was noted on the receipt as well as the measurements of the frame. The last woman gave me the receipt as well as a free admission card for that person.

It was time consuming, but the women doing the work as well as the others working for the exhibit were so nice and helpful. I did not need to go to the end of the line each time I got a new piece out of one of my bags or boxes, but was permitted to cut in line. They found a place for me to leave the box and bags as I went through the stations. Each one expressed how happy they were that we had thought to exhibit at Woodlawn and hoped that each of us could come down to see the exhibit. With each piece they would exclaim over the color choices and how beautiful, each looked. Each said it would be hard to pick their favorite color. After the last entry, I sat with the woman in charge of getting together the background information for the guides to have. She took the sheet that I had written and recorded all the entry numbers. If someone asks a guide about all the pieces exhibited by New Jersey Needle Artists, the guide will have more information to give. They hope that it will be possible to exhibit all of these in one room.

I will say, I am happy the weather was good and the traffic nothing out of the ordinary for the drive down and back. I came home with a trunk filled with all the wrappings to give Diane for her trip down to pick the pieces up in April. I hope that many of you will be able to make the trip down to Woodlawn to see the entire exhibit.


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  1. Thank you, Sue, for taking all those pieces to the exhibit. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your adventure. And I’m checking calendars to see if we can get down there for a visit.

    • It is such a worthwhile experience that I hope you can make a trip down there! There are so many beautiful pieces in a variety of techniques. It stimulates you to keep on stitching!

  2. Hi Sue —

    I was so happy to see your blog post and know that you had made it back safe and sound. Thanks so much for taking all these pieces down for us. I hope they will figure out a way to exhibit them as a group! Can’t wait to see for myself!



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