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African Images Progress


My second class doesn’t start until this morning (Thursday) so I’ve had lots of time to work on my first piece–in between sightseeing jaunts, that is. It will be nice to go home with more stitching completed than usual!



Posted by Jill


African Images


Hi Everyone —

Here’s  my progress at the end of class.  As Jill wrote in her earlier blog, we used a lot of new and interesting threads for this project.  This afternoon we did a stitch called the Cretan stitch with a random pattern.  You can see it on top of the blue area on my canvas.  I can’t wait to add the Tagua Nut slices that form bird’s nests overtop!

I think it can also be said that I am unable to summon the patience to color inside the lines — so you will see all of the bits of color on my trees in the tree panel.  In fact, I obliterated the branches and have to stitch some before I can add the rest of my leaves.  Also the green stems on the leaves were not supposed to be painted — but I lost it with the stencil and the paint dabber!


I signed up for this piece because it was so interesting.  I wasn’t disappointed!

Opening Banquet tonight!

Cheers!  Rosie

African Images


I’m in the same class as Rosie, and am really enjoying it. The one Terry Dryden piece I had done previously had a great assortment of threads that were new to me, and Terry did not disappoint this time! A YLI Ribbon Floss imported from Germany called “Shimmer” and something called “Straw Silk” from Silk Road Fibers. Along with Valdani perle cotton, apparently slightly heavier than DMC and providing just a little more coverage.

Here is one of the feathers I stitched using two of these new-to-me fibers.


New Orleans!


Hi Everyone!

Seminar is in full swing in New Orleans.  I arrived yesterday after a long night and three flights — from Anchorage!

I managed a power nap yesterday and joined three other members of NJNA for a fabulous dinner at Compere Lapin.


See our beautiful meals?  I had an heirloom tomato salad and steak tartare — what could be better than that?


Today was the first day of classes.  I am enrolled in “African Images” by Terry Dryden.  We have a fabulous kit with many interesting threads.  We started today by coloring and painting our canvasses.  After lunch, we started stitching!


Tonight, Sue helped me recuperate from my travels with a simple dinner at the hotel.  I hope that others will also post about their experiences.  Meanwhile, to quote my daughter Meg — it’s been an awfully long day!  Good night!

Cheers, Rosie