African Images


Hi Everyone —

Here’s  my progress at the end of class.  As Jill wrote in her earlier blog, we used a lot of new and interesting threads for this project.  This afternoon we did a stitch called the Cretan stitch with a random pattern.  You can see it on top of the blue area on my canvas.  I can’t wait to add the Tagua Nut slices that form bird’s nests overtop!

I think it can also be said that I am unable to summon the patience to color inside the lines — so you will see all of the bits of color on my trees in the tree panel.  In fact, I obliterated the branches and have to stitch some before I can add the rest of my leaves.  Also the green stems on the leaves were not supposed to be painted — but I lost it with the stencil and the paint dabber!


I signed up for this piece because it was so interesting.  I wasn’t disappointed!

Opening Banquet tonight!

Cheers!  Rosie

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