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SOTM 2016


While I was unable to join the group stitching this month since we decided to spend the weekend at the lake, I did get to spend the day stitching due to the extreme cold which kept us inside. And I actually finished this month’s stitching today – 2 months in a row is a record for me!

I was grateful that Linda had shared her progress as I was confused about the compensation on his month’s sections. The picture with the directions seemed to conflict with the wording about not crossing the lines for the section. It looks like Linda did what I did following the words rather than the picture.

I was surprised when I started stitching that last month’s and this month’s blues area more different than I realized when picking the threads. I’ve done enough playing with colors and have decided to stick with my latest choices! I did decide to go with my darker blue Kreinik even though Susan’s was a lighter one in hopes of blending better with section one. I would have liked some suggestions from Susan on picking colors as part of the SOTM info.

This is why I love stitching as a group. All these decisions can be done via group-think versus me on my own!

Here’s my progress for this month.


Diane’s Feb progress


Welcome to 2016! SOTM!


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was our first meeting of 2016 SOTM.  This year we are doing the ANG SOTM created by Susan Hoekstra.  We now have twelve members attending this once-a-month stitching Saturday.


Only half of our group!  But you can tell we are having a great time stitching together!

Our group meets at 11:30 and breaks around 1:00 for a BYO lunch session!  Then we stitch some more!  Since this was the first month on our new project, some of our group finished early and started work on other WIPs!  We also have a rule that previous members can continue to come if they are still working on prior NJNA SOTM projects.  It is amazing how much we all learn from one another!


Here is our progress near the end of the day!  Won’t Susan be surprised to see all of the different color choices?  Blue (albeit different families) is the favorite choice, but greens, reds, and golds are all represented!

We are very happy to have another ANG project because it keeps everyone working together (i.e., it forces the fast stitchers to stay even and not run ahead!).

Here, without captions, are some of the other WIPs!

Cheers and Happy New Year!