Welcome to 2016! SOTM!


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was our first meeting of 2016 SOTM.  This year we are doing the ANG SOTM created by Susan Hoekstra.  We now have twelve members attending this once-a-month stitching Saturday.


Only half of our group!  But you can tell we are having a great time stitching together!

Our group meets at 11:30 and breaks around 1:00 for a BYO lunch session!  Then we stitch some more!  Since this was the first month on our new project, some of our group finished early and started work on other WIPs!  We also have a rule that previous members can continue to come if they are still working on prior NJNA SOTM projects.  It is amazing how much we all learn from one another!


Here is our progress near the end of the day!  Won’t Susan be surprised to see all of the different color choices?  Blue (albeit different families) is the favorite choice, but greens, reds, and golds are all represented!

We are very happy to have another ANG project because it keeps everyone working together (i.e., it forces the fast stitchers to stay even and not run ahead!).

Here, without captions, are some of the other WIPs!

Cheers and Happy New Year!


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  1. Many members of my ANG chapter in Delaware are also doing this and we too plan on stitching in each other’s homes throughout the year. But first there’s an upcoming road trip to purchase threads, etc. On with the fun….

    • Brenda, where are you going to shop on your road trip? If it is within three hours of our area, we may make a road trip there some time! Sue

      • We’re going to Fireside Stitchery in Frazer, DE on the 21st, but lunch at Nudy’s Cafe first! How far is that from you?

  2. Sure hope everyone has a great time stitching the SOTM. I really wanted to do this design in teals when I designed it. I think it will be beautiful in ANY color! Have fun stitching. Susan Hoekstra

  3. It’s so helpful to all be working on the same project, and it made me feel so much better when I wasn’t the only one who didn’t put in the last stitch of each arrow correctly.

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