What’s Happening at NJNA 12/4/21


How much fun the Festival of Trees has turned out to be. This is our first time exhibiting a tree at the Environmental Center in Basking Ridge and I think the ladies did a wonderful job. A big thank you to all the members that loaned ornaments for the occasion as we barely got all 50 + on the tree. If you have a chance visit the Environmental Education Center at 190 Lord Stirling Rd. Basking Ridge NJ. It’s open 7 days a week until Dec 29 from 9 AM to 4:30 PM except for Dec 24 & 25. The suggested donation of $5 helps the center and they have a cafe for a hot beverage or sweet treat along with live music on the weekends. Come out and see our tree !! http://www.somersetcountyparks.org/

Nancy B, Cathryn C, Janet, Linda M

It’s December and you know what that means – It’s Time to PARTY !! The holiday party this year is going to be a combination of in person at the library for the first time in many months along with zoom. Several members went to the library to try out using the equipment to bring the party to those on zoom and incorporate those that can come in person. They had success !! Now whether you participate in the Yankee Swap at the library or watch on zoom with your favorite food/cocktail we can party together. Remember, you have to join to participate in the fun and we encourage everyone to come join us for next year’s exciting line up of projects and talks. Yankee Swap – Rules and Gift Ideas

Today is National Cookie Day !!! Who ever thought that up is genius ! What better way to celebrate than with a new canvas !! My Pink Sugar Life on Etsy has some small but cute ideas, after all, with the holidays everyone is rushing and there is little time to stitch. NO – I did not say that ! It just feels that way – sorry !!

And So – What do you want for the holiday??????? Ready for some FOMO?

Fireside Stitchery is having a sale – One Week Only (thru 12/10) on South Beach Buttons & Needleminders (can’t have enough) http://www.firesidestitchery.com/fs/accessories/index.cfm?fuseaction=getAccessoriesList&CategoryId=147&utm_source=BenchmarkEmail&utm_campaign=Dec_3_2021_Email&utm_medium=email

Try some new threads in your favorite color – the Needlepointer has a Winter Thread Pack with several colors to choose from and each comes in a matching zipper bag Winter Thread Packs – Assorted Colors – (theneedlepointer.com)

Maybe a new way to store your floss, check out The Fox Collection for this beautiful cabinet https://foxcollection.innovations.co.nz/p/accessories/organisers/31980-crafters-6-drawer-thread-cabinet?fbclid=IwAR2s-clUPg44sG1pxS2BESh4y0K1rYiCQL2OqoSE4mS8BaqrMtNS4zpSHsQ

Maybe you would like to try sharpening your scissors, this same company has an easy gadget by Fiskars to get that job done. https://foxcollection.innovations.co.nz/search.aspx?w=scissor%20scharpener

If you travel with your project (who would leave it behind?) this item is a magnetic keeper from Etsy FiveNineteenFinds and it keeps you from being stabbed Cross stitch supplies by FiveNineteenFinds on Etsy

They also have the cutest small scissors

If you want a quick gift then Poppy Monk has an array of self finishing belt buckles for the Howard Wolowitz in your life https://poppymonkneedlepointkits.com/collections/needlepoint-belt-buckle-kits

If you have a K’s Creation stand they now have an attachment that holds your tablet https://www.theneedlepointer.com/product/ks-creation-tablet-adapter/

Check out The Needlepointer for this item.

Do you have a darling Doodle Dog or even a Demon Dog?? Check out Canvas & Thread – they have dog canvases , national parks, birds and lots of different choices to look at https://www.canvasandthread.com/

Tips and Tricks

Diversions Needlepoint – Denver CO Diversions Needlepoint | Denver, CO 80113

Famous Needlepoint Stitchers:

The last blog I gave 2 famous stitchers and I’m sure many of you got Lucille Ball but the other one was difficult – he is Kaffe Fassett, a designer for Ehrman needlepoint but he has a fascinating career – read more about him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaffe_Fassett

Can you guess these 2 Famous Stitchers ??

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