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First Class at Seminar


imageI arrived in New Orleans on Friday, excited at the prospect of three classes as well as the opportunity to get a feel for a city. After a superb dinner in the Arts District, I went to sleep anticipating my first class, Florida Palm with Gail Sirna.

I Ioved the tropical theme of this piece, done in wonderful silks .  Gail is a very patient and well organized teacher.  We made great progress in our two days of class, working on every area of the design.

Tomorrow, Jill and I head out on a sightseeing tour of the city, going to the Garden District, French Quarter and who knows where else.  More tomorrow!

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon!


For the stitch retreat before Seminar, I started a nightlight for my cousin's first grandchild expected in January 2016. Well, the little girl arrived January 25 so …. The pressure was on to finish the project. The stitching was finished so I had to tackle turning the canvas into a shade.

The canvas was sold as a package with the light so I had the major parts. I had a consult with a kind and generous expert (Sue C.) and some input from the internet – what did we ever do before?

Here is the finished nightlight which I will send to the new parents. Hope they like it.



Patches Day 2


We had a great time stitching on Patches, the Patchwork Penguin. He will be beautiful done in shades of blue, purple and black. Debbie Fourney has little hats to dress him for different seasons – could be fun to see what I can come up with.

He now has two blue eyes so he doesn’t look so blank.

Sadly, today is our last day in Myrtle Beach. The time has flown by with three classes, shopping, feasting and beach time (before the storms). I will be leaving tomorrow morning at a very early hour so I can get back to NJ by the evening. My hope is that the rain will not be too bad and that it will keep some of the crazies off the road. Well, I can hope!

Patches the Penguin Day 1


After a day of shopping and relaxing on Wednesday, it was “back to school” today to begin work on the piece that made this seminar a must for me. Patches the Patchwork Penguin is an adorable fellow. He is about 8 inches high when finished and is in shades of blue, purple and black plus white.

wpid-Photo-20151001174856993.jpgOur teacher, Deborah Forney, shared how she had the idea for Patches. He is based on a Christmas ornament she had made. The colors are based on a blend used by Kreinik in one of their braids.

The threads Debbie has put together are wonderful – very rich colors and plenty of sparkle.

Here is my progress today. My penguin only has one blue eye but I hope to give him two by tomorrow.

Now we are off to dinner at the fabulous Croissants

Radishes Day 1


For love of root vegetables! Jennifer Riefenberg has designed a series of 3 pieces around carrots, radishes and beets. She has taught Carrots at many stitching events and Radishes is being introduced here at Seminar. Beets will be offered next year.

I am one of the fortunate stitchers to get into this class as it went to lottery and many who had requested it did not get in. Jennifer is a wonderful teacher, generous with her time. Also very organized – the kit for this class is an indicator.

As you can see, we worked on two of the three radishes on Day 1. Day 2 will bring stump work on the leaves – this is a technique I have never used before so I have some trepidation about how my leaves will come out. However, the three dimensional effect will be great. There will be shadow leaves stitched into the canvas and the stump work leaves attached to it.

Day 1 progress

Well, off to see what needlepoint adventures today brings!

Myrtle Beach Seminar Day 2


Seminar is now in full swing! Classes started on Friday but my first class was Saturday: Hark the Herald Angel by Susan Hoekstra. First order of business was correcting the class sign – we had a “Herald Angle” – and getting all the lights working.

It is great catching up with Susan. For many years, we were fortunate to have her in our chapter. But now she has moved north so events like Seminar and Needlefesr let me see her again.

We made great progress on the angel. Work was done on her sleeve, wing belt and bodice. More to come on the rest of her dress.

Day 1 Progress

It is really terrific that the angel can be finished by the stitcher (with some help from friends in stretching the canvas). Susan and her husband have made the wooden angel form, trumpet and stand so I should be in good shape (well, maybe just ok) to finish her.

Day 2 Progress

The Little Yellow Basket


Hi, all

Monday and Tuesday were spent in a wonderful class with Margaret Kinsey. She is a very flexible teacher who gives lots of attention to each student. It was a smaller class (12) that Dee and I took together..

Monday was spent building the basket and Tuesday we began on the bling. The memory wire flower (there will be two) and the flower on the left side will be filled with purple chipped beads. There also will be lots of beads with spangles. I wanted to wait to add beads when all stitching is finished so nothing catches.

We started the background which is a combination of pulled work and darning stitches.

Today is a cruise on the Chicage river to get a different perspective on Chicago architecture.

Here is Little Yellow Basket so far


All the best!



Chicago Blues-Second Day


Our second (and final) day of class was very busy. We learned how to do our Waffle stitch and background, worked on two buildings and couched down the ribbon on the third piece of organza. Because the organza is very bowed, it makes the ribbon look crooked but I swear the stitching is straight!

There is still lots left to do – like chords and musical notes. But Joni gave very detailed written instructions and reviewed them thoroughly before class ended.

Last night was the opening banquet – got to meet some lovely people and ended up with one of the special award winners at my table. She was sooo excited!

Here is my progress on Chicago Blues.

Today starts Little Yellow Basket




First day with Chicago Blues


What an amazing first day! The photo in the seminar brochure did not do this piece justice – the threads are gorgeous. I have never ironed fabric onto a piece but did it today. Now we are working to couch the fad own the fabric with multiple layer of stitches.

We also started stitching a couple of the buildings – really a break from the challenge of the layered crouching stitches.
Love the food and the people watching. We had dinner outside tonight and saw 8 twenty-something ladies ,all in pink with high heels that were unbelievable.
Here is a picture of Chicago Blues so far.

Chicago Blues 1st Day

Best, Carol