Myrtle Beach Seminar Day 2


Seminar is now in full swing! Classes started on Friday but my first class was Saturday: Hark the Herald Angel by Susan Hoekstra. First order of business was correcting the class sign – we had a “Herald Angle” – and getting all the lights working.

It is great catching up with Susan. For many years, we were fortunate to have her in our chapter. But now she has moved north so events like Seminar and Needlefesr let me see her again.

We made great progress on the angel. Work was done on her sleeve, wing belt and bodice. More to come on the rest of her dress.

Day 1 Progress

It is really terrific that the angel can be finished by the stitcher (with some help from friends in stretching the canvas). Susan and her husband have made the wooden angel form, trumpet and stand so I should be in good shape (well, maybe just ok) to finish her.

Day 2 Progress

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