Radishes Day 1


For love of root vegetables! Jennifer Riefenberg has designed a series of 3 pieces around carrots, radishes and beets. She has taught Carrots at many stitching events and Radishes is being introduced here at Seminar. Beets will be offered next year.

I am one of the fortunate stitchers to get into this class as it went to lottery and many who had requested it did not get in. Jennifer is a wonderful teacher, generous with her time. Also very organized – the kit for this class is an indicator.

As you can see, we worked on two of the three radishes on Day 1. Day 2 will bring stump work on the leaves – this is a technique I have never used before so I have some trepidation about how my leaves will come out. However, the three dimensional effect will be great. There will be shadow leaves stitched into the canvas and the stump work leaves attached to it.

Day 1 progress

Well, off to see what needlepoint adventures today brings!

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