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Goldwork Ram


What a great class-I learned so many new techniques. Thursday we started with black work in gold with lots of shading so compensation was required often. At the end of the morning, I was so discouraged at how my piece was starting out especially compared to my classmates, many of whom had taken the gold work lion earlier in Seminar.
Things picked up in the afternoon when we couched the padding for the ram’s horn.
Today we couched pearl purl and began chipping beads to cover the horn. Very interesting techniques having never worked with gold like this.

Goldwork Ram — Progress at End of Class

Not sure how well I will love this piece when it is finished but I will have learned a lot.

Looking forward to the Awards dinner tonight and then it’s all over
Happy with what I learned, sad to leave my wonderful needlepoint friends

Busy Wednesday


Today, Robin and I had two classes . The first was Yugoslavian needle weaving. The technique was completely new to me. It was created by the peasants who were forbidden from embellishing their clothes with lace which was reserved for the nobles – so they made their own embellishments with the needle weaving. It was my first experience with cut threads – scared me to make the first cut. The class was great!

The second class was Susan Reed’s Harmony Sea. Lots of interesting stitches, inluding a very helpful hint for Jesicas. I have had to start a few things over but hoping I will get it right soon. Susan is a wonderful teacher so a very good class. I had lots a personal attention for my struggles

Met my son who works in Philadelphia for dinner so really the best possible day.



We just returned to the Marriott from my favorite quasi-dive restaurant where we enjoyed awesome margaritas, burgers and fries. The camaraderie was great. Thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the classes everyone had already taken since I start tomorrow – then I’ll have my own stories. Can’t wait!!!