What’s Happening at NJNA 10/22/22


We had a very interesting meeting this week. Cheryl Christian is both a NAN and EGA certified master judge and appraiser and she spoke on what a judge looks for when you enter a needlework competition such as the Woodlawn show. (I will never drag my thread across the back of the canvas again!) She spoke of little things we would actually know (but did it the “easy way”) and things we never would have thought of. It was a wonderful eye opening talk. She also left us with the thought that “Color gets the credit but Value does the work!”

Welcome to our newest member, Janice L. from MO. This is a great time to become a member, you get to enjoy the end of the year celebrations and your first in line for all the exciting things we will be doing in 2023 ! Don’t forget – any member can put out some information on the blog. If your not sure how – several of us can walk you thru it. Just another reason to join in the fun!!

Needlepoint Shop News:

House of Needlepoint is SOLD !! The lucky people in CT now have the new Stitch Stash in it’s place. This store has been in business for 30 years so it’s no wonder the owners were ready to retire. The new name of the store is “Stitch Stash Darien”. The employees of HON will stay on and now we get to see all the creative things that Stitch Stash of Delaware has to offer. The DE store is going no where – yes the owner is going to be back and forth so hopefully you catch her in either store.

Beyond Knits and Needles has OPENED in their new location in Verona NJ. Good Luck Anne Marie and Alaina !

Stitched Up has opened in CA. and what a cute looking store. A friend has already been there and is checking it out – sounds and looks like we all need a road trip !!

Stitched Up in CA – how cute does that store look?

Best for last – Edwardian Needle – Tony is coming back !! He was here for a whirlwind 4 days this month but he and Luis will be back in the spring and wait until you see what’s coming. Tony is going to do “Back To Basics Part II” along with a canvas embellishment class and a project that he hasn’t decided on yet. Luis is going to be doing the Shibori Ribbon Butterfly AND “Lady Gaga” !!!!! That is a fish with attitude! Dates are March and April – check with Pam for details.

Lady Gaga by Luis Nunez

So – Today was LNS DAY. Did you help out the LNS in your area today ?? Did you hear about the big give away by System 4 ???? Let’s hope that the same offer comes out next year. If you didn’t hear about it, the offer was, if you make a purchase thru that store you can be entered in the national drawing for a System 4 stand and accessory of your choice. How great is that ?!?!?

System 4 Needlework equipment

While we are buying not looking – or is it the other way around?? Colour Compliments is having their Annual Sale. If your a “threadaholic” I am sure you have been thru their web site. The colors are so stunningly vivid it’s hard to stay away. If you have been looking for a reason to get something now is the time. https://colourcomplements.com/product-category/sale

New – New – New – from the Reunion Show in TX

Eye Candy has something I have never seen before – a Mexican Nativity group. How colorful !!

Eye Candy – New for Fall 2022

I was checking out the Wool and the Floss web site and they had a bunch of new canvases from the show. Apparently bar carts are a new “thing!” They come in various holiday formats. Some of the others are just plain pretty:

Best of all on their web site is this needle minder:

Someone gave me a copy of an interview with our own Vicky Witterschein in the Fall edition of NANthology. Vicky is a newly certified NAN teacher. Who knew she has been working at the Edwardian Needle for 9 years already. She also use to be an elementary school teacher. Such a talented person who loves garden themes in her designs. She has a new class at the Edwardian, it’s filling up quickly so if your interested you need to sign up soon. It’s called Shining Sea and has some challenging and interesting techniques to it.

Shining Sea by Vicky Witterschein

Wrap you head around this – Absolutely Needlepoint in Miami FL has a customer that has just finished her 2nd Jean Smith RUG !!!! The only thing you can say is WOW ! So beautiful. Now that had to “Take Forever”

Thankfully it is going on her wall !

Tips and Tricks: A picture is worth a thousand words

Who was that famous stitcher? Erica Wilson “America’s first lady of Stitchery. She graduated from the Royal School of Needlework in London and went on to become a designer based in New York. She also designed wall coverings and greeting cards.

Can you guess who this famous stitcher is?

Happy Halloween !

Yikes – 63 more days until Christmas !!

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