What’s Happening at NJNA 10/8/22


This month’s meeting should inspire everyone to clean up their needlepoint acts! We will be hearing from Cheryl Christian, she is a certified NAN needlepoint judge and appraiser. She will be telling us what judges look for when they evaluate a piece.

The new Needle Pointers Magazine is out and Melita G is in it again ! Starting on page 36 you will find the beautiful bargello’s designed by Gail Stafford with Melita’s stitch guide, diagrams and models. The magazine this month has so much more though. The Tale of Two Stitchers is such a contrast – amazing how 2 people can see things so differently. Don’t miss David McCaskill’s article “Tips When Using Watercolours” . There is a lot more to read after that. Get a cup of tea or coffee and relax over a great magazine.

ANG has also release the matrix of classes for the 2023 Seminar in Atlanta GA. I have yet to find any pictures of the projects but at least you can see if one of your favorite instructors will be there. https://ang.informz.net/ang/data/images/ANG%202023%20Class%20Matrix.pdf

ANG 2023 Atlanta Teaching Matrix

And we are not done with ANG just yet – the new 50 for 50 project is out – Toni Gerdes  has created a special Stitch Guide design for this fundraising campaign called “Heartstrings”. So pretty !! I can’t wait to see what the next item will be in the campaign.

Heartstrings By Toni Gerdes

LNS News:

Beyond Knits and Needles has postponed their grand opening in their new location – stay tuned.

Stitching Fox in South Carolina is opening another store, this time in Morganton NC which is in the western part of the state. Good luck on this 2nd store. Also, check out their web site for an interesting new club – 12 Days of Christmas Candy Canes by Danji. Over the next year you get a new project a month along with stitch guide, beads, ribbons, thread etc and it all starts Nov 1. https://www.stitchingfox.com/products/candy-cane-club?_pos=4&_sid=3fc43b58b&_ss=r

Stitching Fox’s new club

A new store is open as of Friday in the Bay Area of CA – can’t wait to see what they plan to keep us all on the edge of our seats with! Check out their web site, it will be live soon. Stitched Up Needleworks

House of Needlepoint in CT is having a contest – a turkey of a contest ! Ask for a canvas in either 13 or 18 count and “Anything Goes!” Return by 11/16 and there will be a vote ! Be imaginative !

House of Needlepoint also is having a trunk show with some new and different canvases. They are featuring PLD Designs for the month of October. There is also another offer – any series of 8 or more canvases is also 20% off. They have quite a few to pick from but check out their web site – they do some great projects. House of Needlepoint – Needlework and Stitching Services in Darien, CT

Uh Oh – Bargain Alert !! Old World Designs is giving 50% off all tote bags. I want one of each! Old World Designs Needlepoint Menlo Park Bay Area

Old World Designs Menlo Park CA

We all have seen the wild and crazy stitching concepts that Ruth Schmuff is known for – and they always have to have beads !!!! She has a new club that is so not her usual Bedecked and Beadazzled. The artist that created the canvases is Emily Garces and the stitch guides were done by Mary Legallet. The club is called “Tea Cup Birds” – so different and adorable. https://bedeckedandbeadazzled.com/product/teacup-birds/

Local Needlepoint Shop Day is coming up quickly – Saturday October 22nd – the day to get out there and support our brick and mortar stores!! Stitch By Stitch is having a truck show by Alice Peterson/Gayla Elliott for this month but they have even more than that in the store – new totes! Check out some of the new things they have to offer:

There was an exhibit in Tarrytown NY called “Women’s Work”. It was an historical look at how the domestic craft tradition’s influenced contemporary women artist’s. On display was one of Martha Washington’s needlepoint cushions along with antique quilts. Unfortunately it finished in late Sept. but you can watch an online tour done by CBS TV: “Women’s Work”: Art by women, known and unknown – CBS News

Tips and Tricks:

Do you know and understand about “thread nap”? Per Diversions Needlepoint: A thread spun from natural fibers will feel smooth running one way and rough running the other.  If one runs one’s finger down the length of the thread, and then turns the thread around and runs it down again, one way will feel smoother than the other. One should always thread the needle so that the needle is pulling the thread WITH its nap (as opposed to AGAINST ITS NAP) through the canvas. Primarily, if one is pulling the thread against its nap, the increased friction will gradually pull fibers from the thread. By the end of the thread length, the thread will be diminished in volume and this will show up in the stitching. Canvas coverage is adversely affected. Additionally, the appearance, sheen, and even the color of the stitched area may also be affected. What if I have trouble finding the nap? Gently pass the thread underneath your nose! This area is very sensitive (assuming one doesn’t have a mustache) and can detect even the slightest difference in nap. CAVEATS: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS METHOD IF ONE IS WEARING MAKE-UP OR HAS RECENTLY DRUNK FROM THE TOILET. 

Finally: Which threads should one check for nap? One should check anything that contains spun thread made of natural fibers: SIlk and Ivory, Appleton wool, all silk and cotton flosses.

Who was that Famous Stitcher?  With that giant blue hair who doesn’t recognize Marge Simpson ?!?!?

Can you guess who this Famous Stitcher is?

And along came a Zecca spider who sat down beside her …

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