What’s Happening at NJNA 6/18/22


You wanted to be at this month’s meeting !!! The bargello projects were amazing to see. People are working hard on all kinds of colors and patterns. Cathryn put up a picture to show how it looks when it’s finished and then the pictures submitted of the WIP’s. So creative, so colorful, so imaginative !! There are several that finished (Turbo Stitchers) but there is still time. The September meeting is the last one and we are all waiting patiently to see the progress and other finishes.

Contemporary Bargello by Susan Hulme available thru Needlepoint Now magazine

Debbie Stiehler, the designer of the Bargello Ice Cream Cone that many are stitching for the NJNA Bargello project is going to be at a 3 day retreat in September. This event will be in SC at the Stitching Fox if you would like to have a get away in a warm climate. www.stitchingfox.com 

The Rehoboth Beach Historical Society is having it’s 10th Annual Rehoboth Beach Needlework Exhibit. It will take place between October 1st and November 6, 2022. If you would like to send in a piece of your work they will be accepting entries between Sept 15th thru the 24th. Check out their web site for more information. Rehoboth Beach Museum

FOMO ALERT ! The Embellishment Squad has put together their first book !!! They had so many stitches to share they had to do it in 2 books so there will be a 2nd edition coming. The first is about to go to the printer so contact your LNS and get on a list ! Meredith Hahn Willett of “The Meredith Collection”, Suzanne Howren, “Stitches To Go” and the always interesting and masterful Tony Minieri have been teaching for years and have created wonderful works of art with their amazing talents. It should be interesting to see what they name each stitch !!

Tony Minieri has announced on Facebook that his famous “Back To Basics” course will be available again soon on his web site in Kazoo’s Store. There are 3 DVD’s telling you the correct way to make your projects look great. https://www.tonyminieri.com/tony-products?category=DVDs

Just in case you want to make notes as you watch the DVD’s or just need a cute grocery store list, go to the Needlepoint Clubhouse. So adorable and they would make a great gift !! https://wordpress.com/post/blog.njneedleartists.org/7439

A great way to start the summer off is to do the Northeast Canvas Crawl. There are events and sales at the participating stores. Keep our brick and mortar stores going to help preserve our art along with all the talented artists they showcase. It’s also fun to explore the stores in person as each is unique as to what they carry. Check out the participants for what they have planned. https://www.canvascrawl.com/

Members of the ANG Main Line Stitchers chapter are having a needlepoint exhibit featuring Orna Willis. Starting July 1 at 5 PM in the Media Arts Council Gallery in Media PA they will be displaying the colorful designs of Orna Willis for one month. Check out the the web site for details. https://mediaartscouncil.org/calendar/mac-art-show-orna-willis-and-mainline-stitchers/

Tips and Tricks: This great idea comes from The House of Needlepoint in CT. We all know that we should keep the tag from the fibers we are using on a project but…. (those tiny DMC tags get lost easily) you can write them on the tape at the edge of your project and always have the name and number at hand !!

So let’s not forget the Father’s Day holiday !! Do they still give ties any more???? Find a trunk show for Pippin and see if you can choose just one canvas – a hard thing to do ! They have a great selection to choose from:

Who was the Famous Stitcher ????? Hopefully you guessed Shirley MacLaine !!

Can you guess who this Famous Stitcher is?

Let Summer Begin !

Snoopy by Charles Schultz

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