What’s Happening at NJNA 3/13/21


The next meeting of NJNA – everyone will be Irish as it falls on St. Patrick’s Day ! Bring all things Irish to the meeting which this month will be a stitch in.

I read Brenda’s Blog today and she came up with an interesting gadget called a Graph Gripper. I have been doing a complicated background stitch and I’m referring back to the diagram often. This handy little gadget allows it to sit on my canvas so it’s easier to look at. Of course I had FOMO and it should be here in a day or so !! Thank you Brenda !!

Yarn Tree Graph Gripper

Another favorite blog, The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure let us know that we have another new shop opening in our area. Needlepoint By The Bay is opening on 4/1 in East Greenwich CT – sounds like a spring road trip to me ! Thank you Jane !!!

If you like music and musical instruments have a look at Robbyn’s Nest Designs. Very interesting and rich colored canvases of instruments. They have lots of other subjects as well just as colorful and detailed but the instruments are eye catching.

So – how many ways can you use a belt canvas other than as a belt??? This week, everywhere I looked I saw another interesting idea. I read about someone using a belt canvas as the straps to a tote bag. Then you can have flip flops made with one as a friend of mind did. How about a tray made with one or 3 !! Wrap a fun hat for the sun or to hold your sun glasses. You can also have it framed and hang it over a doorway. A perfect stitch for traveling and using up stash. The uses seem to be endless ! Have you got one I didn’t think of? Comment and let me know !

Needlepoint – Yoga for the Mind !!

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