City Lake Conclusion and More Seminar


Today was Day 2 of my two-day class with Gail Stafford. I really enjoyed this class; I learned a few new techniques that I will be able to use on future projects. Gail is a great teacher – very relaxed – and her instructions are comprehensive.

We stitched the gazebo today as well as some of the greenery. At one point during the day Gail passed around puctures of some of her attempts during the design process showing different stitches and threads she experimented with before finalizing the design. She even had a photo of her doodle canvas showing thread combinations. It was a valuable insight into the design process.

We also cut out the “trees” (they are crepe myrtles which I think of as a bush despite their size). While I won’t attach the trees until more stitching is completed we did practice with some scrap ultrasuede.

I really like this piece and plan to finish it soon. Here’s where I stand as of the end of today’s class.


And here are my trees, ready to be attached to the canvas.


During  lunch Sharon B and I visited the Exhibit and saw all the wondrful pieces that were entered. All of the entries are fabulous and the ribbon winners are spectacular. Be sure to check them out when they are listed in Needlepointers magazine. We also saw the new Chapter Project Book and Group Correspondence Projects, as well as the projects being offered for the 2019 seminar in Houston. I’m already thinking of possible choices. There was even a hint for next year’s SOTM – it is another mystery piece, this time a collaboration by four designers (I believe the same ones who do the annual mystery retreat).

This evening I attended the Cyberpointers meeting and ran into two stitchers from CT I know from the Stitchers Hideaway retreats. Their ANG Chapter folded so they were looking into joining Cyberpointers. I also attended the Teachers Showcase at which I saw a number of pieces that I woul love to stitch. At what age do I finally not need to sleep more than a few hours? Surely I must be gettinng close!

Tomorrow I will be volunteering at the Hospitality Desk in the morning. Mr. M will meet me after my shift to tour the Exhibit after which we will do some touristing. Tomorrow night is Expo!, which I’ve been told is a must-see shopping event.

We will be leaving DC on Sunday to return to NJ. I have really enjoyed my first Seminar and have met quite a few new people. I even met Lorene Salt, the designer of our current SOTM Autumn Kaleidoscope! She told me she has been following our progress and was really impressed by the different colors. Great praise for our talented stitchers!

I am sorry to be leaving this Seminar and hope I can attend next year in Houston.

Happy stitching!


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