More American Plains


Hi Everyone —

I have a day off today — sort of.  I have a two-hour volunteer stint at the exhibit later today.

Let me start by saying that I updated my first American Plains post by adding a photo of Toni’s inspiration for the project.  So please go onto our full site to see it!

Second, here is my progress at the end of day 2.  Hopefully I’ll have even more after my “day off”!


American Plains — Day 2!

Third — Both Toni and ANG gave me presents for being the class angel.  The pin on the right is from ANG and the magnet on the left is from Toni!  I am getting quite a collection of stitching angels!


Finally, as Marge indicated in her Facebook post, I will become the Correspondence Course Chairperson for ANG after seminar.  It may be more work than I’ve been led to believe!

Cheers, Rosie



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