And now for something completely different


This time I’m not going to show you pictures of one of my projects, but instead tell you about a cool stitching tool that Sue Reed found at Staples. They are called Magnetic Notes and come in a variety of sizes. They are kind of like Post-It notes, but instead of sticky stuff, they cling using static electricity. Sue handed out 8×4 rectangles for us to use to cover up the diagram we were NOT supposed to be looking at. Very cool!

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  1. Hi, Jill. My name is Liz, and I’m the CCO for Tesla Amazing. I came across your post and it made my day. For anybody else who is interested, the product is called Magnetic Notes. They can currently be found at a few Staples stores in Massachusetts, but we’ll go full chain by this time next year. Meanwhile, you can buy online at

    • Liz, i just went on Tesla Amazing website and saw the video. Your product really is amazing, so I ordered some of the middle sized notes. I had gone to Staples in NJ without success. Looking forward to seeing them in stores but will purchase as needed from your website until then!

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