Day One of Color Play by Jennifer Riefenberg


She is the designer of the Carrots, the Radishes , and the Beets! This piece is fascinating in the way that the underlay of paint on the canvas changes the thread and the thread changes what you see. Add onto that the use of variegated thread, Wildflowers, and it is amazing. I should have taken a picture of the unstitched canvas.

Note the canvas colors


If you just look at the small top hexagon, you get an idea of what we are doing to the colors you see. When you realize that the area it is covering was once the same color as the other hexagons, it seems as though you might be looking through smoked glass.

Today we began the stitching on four of the hexagons with the more difficult (read careful counting required) before lunch and the easier stitching after lunch. Later this morning we will begin the last hexagon as well as the background stitching and learn about the outline stitch we will do. Jennifer loves explaining about color and the various features of what we see as well as the why and how of what we are perceiving.

Robin is also taking this class and enjoying it. I am sitting next to a woman that Rosie and I spent much of an afternoon with when we were in. Phoenix. It took us about half the morning to recall how/where we met, but it was long enough to recall a number of facts about each other. She is a pleasant stitch ing neighbor as is the woman on the other side of me. Once I returned in the afternoon wearing my winter weight sweatshirt jacket, I was comfortable!

End Day One



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