Autumn 3 Ways – Day 1


I’m taking Toni Gerdes’ class called Autumn 3 Ways. Believe it or not, we did no stitching until this afternoon as we spent the morning learning to attach fabric to the canvas and needle felting today. Just picking the fabric to use for the leaf on the top left was an experience! Learning to needlefelt the leaf on the right meant picking what colors felt roving we wanted, then figuring out placement on the canvas, as well as learning to use felting needles with the felting block (hint: the needle must go in straight!)

Learning to Needlefelt

As you can see, I haven’t made much progress as I’ve spent a lot of time frogging both the blanket stitch around the fabric leaf and some of my needlefelting.

Day 1 Progress

I’ve definitely been outside my comfort zone in this class but Toni is an excellent teacher. Her instructions are very clear, she repeats instructions, and she is more than willing to answer questions. I’m looking forward to Day 2 of this class.


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