Serengeti Progress


Since I keep having other commitments on the 4th Saturday each month, I thought I'd post my Serengeti progress. I'm down to block 32, although as you can see There are about 8 blocks started but not finished. Between laying threads, the congress cloth, the stitches, and size of the blocks, I quickly lost interest in them and decided to move on and come back to finish them later. I have been marking in my directions when I've finished a block so I don't forget as I often do!

Serengeti 6/8/15

I haven't decided if I'm enjoying this piece or not. I would probably enjoy it more if I could make our stitching sessions. Some days I really enjoy working it and other days I don't want to deal with it. For now, I'm planning to finish it eventually. I do like many of the stitches and fibers. I DO NOT like Mandarin Floss or Tiara! I'm learning a lot and finding I don't mind working on Congress Cloth and I LOVE the canvas color.

I am glad we decided to do this piece despite all the little boxes!


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