June 2015 SOTM — Ruby Razzle Dazzle


Hi Everyone —

The SOTM group made good progress on “Ruby Razzle Dazzle” by Ann Strite-Kurz yesterday!

Ruby Razzle Dazzle Progress -- June 2015

Ruby Razzle Dazzle Progress — June 2015

Our goal is to have all of the Smyrna outlines done before Tina returns in July to lead us onward!  This part is a bit tedious, but we are enjoying seeing the different color combinations emerge on the canvas.  Robin, of course, is changing both her colors and the shape of the outlines (pink)!   Rosie and Nancy are both doing the original green colorway — with different accent colors!

Dee is continuing to work on “A Different View” and is making some good progress!

It’s always fun to stitch with friends!

Cheers, Rosie

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the progression of everyone’s piece with all the different colorways.

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