Sedona: Cathedral Rock complete!


This was a class that I took at the EGA Seminar in Phoenix last October. Sedona: Cathedral Rock, a class taught by Lois Kershner based on a photo that she took several years ago.

Sedona: Cathedral Rock

Shading was done in a variety of ways. The river used thread blending as well as overdyed threads. The ripples were created by a second layer of the same overdye as the clouds as well as a strand of Bijoux. The red rocks were created by both several different overdyed threads as well as blending two or three different threads. The clouds and the sky were all stitched in a Gobelin stitch and where they were started and ended created clouds, some white and some light blue. After SOTM on Saturday, I only had the sky left to finish stitching and those long stitches covered the canvas quickly! Last to do was apply the painted ultra suede rocks in the lower left. That was difficult because it was hard to get the needle through side of the ultra suede. Good thing that the hemostat is a part of my needlework tool kit! Still have three more seminar pieces to complete!



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