Need Another Project?


I’m sure you are all looking for another project to do…Here are two I found that might interest you.


Laura Perin is offering her “Ribbons with Monogram” as a cyberclass, in five different colorways. Registration is open until January 18. Go to for photos of the colorways and to register. The class starts at the end of February and runs for a month. The complete kit is $58.

And then there is a Kathy Rees mystery class called “Starstruck” offered by the Shining Needle Society, also in half a dozen scrumptious colorways. Registration is open until January 3. You have to be a member to do this class, but membership is free. Since it’s a mystery, there is of course no picture of the finished piece. But it IS Kathy Rees. The class will run from February 1 through June and the piece is large — the cut canvas is 16 x 20. Instructions only are $100, the complete kit (with 22 threads) is $225.

I’m attaching the PDF of the class announcement which includes photos of the colorways. (Note that the announcement says December 31 is the last day to register, but they have extended it to January 3 for people who wanted to pay in 2015.)

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