Silent Auction, Teacher Expo, Excursions, and Expo


Yesterday was a non-stitching day. Originally I had signed up for the Frank Lloyd Wright by Bus tour through ANG but got a call a few weeks ago that it was canceled due to not enough participation. Luckily we found out through someone from California that we could do the same tour through the Chicago Architecture Foundation and it was actually cheaper than through ANG. So Joanne from CA, Heidi, and I caught a cab yesterday morning up (down?) Michigan Ave to the CAF. The bus took about 1/2 hour to get out to Oak Park during with a docent gave us some background on Frank Lloyd Wright, which was very interesting. In Oak Park, we first spent about an hour or so touring the inside of Wright's home and studio. As familiar as I thought I was with is designs, I was amazed at what he put into his home and studio – the openness, little nooks, high ceilings, interesting use of materials on the walls and floors, lighting techniques, and overall flow from room to room. Unfortunately, we we're not allowed to take pictures inside. We then spent an hour doing an outside walking tour of homes he's designed in the neighborhood. Several you weren't sure if they were his because they were deisned around old Victorians – they didn't tear down and rebuild the way we do today. We ended at the Unity Temple that he designed and incorporates the principles of Unitarianism. We then took the bus back to the CAF, which is across from Brant Park and Millenium Park.

Bean statue

Being such A beautiful day, Heidi and I walked back through the park ans saw the reflective Bean statue.

After a late lunch we decided to check out Navy Pier, which is an entertainment district about a mile from the hotel overlooking the lake. After dinner at Seasons52, which was fabulous, we headed to Expo. Expo is 2 hours at Seminar where about 25 or so vendors display and sell their wares! I have to say, it was a bit overwhelming! I did purchase 2 sets of Rare Earth magnets and almost bought several other items but decided to wait since many vendors did not take credit cards. I did get to say hi to Susie from Stitches From The heart where she had A La Mode on display, which is a new Jean Hilton release that they have a one-year exclusive right to. I had already ordered it from her (she told me it's probably waiting at home for me!) so it was wonderful to see it worked up – the photos don't do it justice!

Tuesday night was the silent auction. There were probably a hundred canvases plus charts plus finished pieces. I put a bid on several but was outbid even over my 2nd bid! You could tell the popular ones! Many canvases could have been purchased for as little as $5.

Monday night was the Teachers Expo, where the teachers display their work and the classes they offer. It was interestingly o see and talk to them about possible workshops for NJNA. We'll have to see!

Today, it's back to NJ for me. It's been a lot of fun – some minuses but mostly pluses. I'm looking forward to Myrtle Beach.

Happy stitching,



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